Monday, November 3, 2008

Waitings almost over.

Finally! I’ve another appointment with another younger newly graduated Neurologist who’ll examine my head. I hear this Doctor is a young lady. Chance’s are 50/50 she’s better looking than my personal physician.
This next section is purely political. Read at your own risk!
During shop time today, listening to NPR voter lines are already backed up four to eight hours in states and areas where early voting has started to take place. I look at it record turn out vote as a tribute to GWBush and everything he’s done for our country: more government deregulation, continued Reagan economics, his lying to the American people, then killing of over a hundred thousands of peoples in another lands at the same time sacrificing three thousands of our own young men and women, offering denied care for injured and crippled veterans coming home, distributing millions of dollars saving multi-millionaires income bonuses and vacation expenses, all the losses to families forced out of their foreclosed homes, ignoring initiating a new affordable citizen’s comprehensive health plans, ignoring the problem of global warming, killing the electric car eight years ago for the exclusive development of alcohol fuels without proper research thus inflating farm commodity prices and expenses what will never come down, how about lowering taxes and dumping the costs of federally funded services originally federally initiated on the states, how about one time economy stimulus checks instead of public works projects what‘d feed earned dollars some seven times throughout our country strengthening our economy. And, above all this voter turn out is a living tribute to a man who has had no idea what has been going-on on the street passing out side his White House. Now, it’ll take a hundred years to undo the principles and actions and regain trust and respect of the rest of the world so carelessly (how about thoughtlessly) promoted by an appropriately titled Worst President in USA history. It’s my grandchildren who will be paying back all this wasteful spending. Saddest truth of all, I wont be saddened to see, as my life is almost over, what costly legacies so many RRR voters have laid upon all our kid’s’ shoulders.
Rant over!!!!
During shop time, I cleaned more tractor parts for painting next day or so? Fields wet my only haying today was bringing in hay enough to feed my ladies.
It was so good to have gotten in tonight and not worry any more whether I was moving to fast walking or standing up to initiate more spiking headache pains. For variety I’m taking a different pain medication each time I’m necessitated to find a substance to at least take the edge off my head pains.
Frieda’s always (continues) to encourage me my eating as the only solution to my discomfort. Sheesh, unless I find more comprehensive fat free heart friendly food lists I may have, I fear I’ll be as big a man as Burl Ives and John Candy combined. BGKC.
I googled, “acceptable heart disease foods” and got the following?
Veterinary Dictionary: acceptable daily intake
The amount of a drug or chemical residue to which an animal can be exposed daily for a lifetime without suffering a deleterious or injurious effect, on the basis of all of the facts known at the time.
So, am I an animal? I’m an animal!


Donna said...

Fern, rejoice! The Dems are going to get it by a landslide!

Alice said...

You can bet I read your rant. Bubba Bush would probably read all that and "think" with that goofy grin, "hmmmmm, I did all that?". Now maybe he can go on back to his room and play with his war toys. :)........

Paula said...

Hope your new Doc will be easy to look at but most of all I hope she can help you. Be sure to not eat any of those foods you googled.