Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 26 & count-n down

If you really want to get better at something, go back and take it up at a much earlier age.
No mediator to help me with my meeting the heavenly lookin’ thing, I chose to do the into-duck-you-airy thing for myself. It couldn’t/shouldn’t be all that difficult to do. This idear coming to me on a Sunday evening last I finally got up the nerve and round to-it the Thursday next. I washed up real good, shaved, dabbed on some stinky aftershave; all this so’s I’d look good over the phone.
Picking up the phone one of the girls I had been seeing was my operator for the moment, “Number Please?” The number given, the phone ringing, the phone answered, “Hello.”
“May I speak to a Miss Frieda please?” I asked.
“Sure. I’ll get her for you.” A moments silence. ”This is Frieda.”
“Hello.” I started not knowing what I was going to say next? I repeated my first word. “Hello, my name is Fernan (mumble mumble) I’m calling you, likely you don’t know me. So, I’d like to come over and introduce myself, If I may?”
“Okay, sure. Do you know where I live?” she asked.
“Oh yeah, I know where you live.” Truer words couldn’t have been uttered at that very moment. I happily answered her with an a, “Fine.” Another moment of silence, I came to from my mental stupor, and said, “Give ma a few minutes and I’ll be right over.”
I can’t believe I had said, “I’ll be right over.” Did I sound to anxious? I didn’t want to frighten her before I got to know her. Sheesh! I hadn’t been this nervous since dating girls for High Schools Proms or Christmas Balls years ago. I mean really. I was acting, being, unbelievably scared stiff shy. Oh Hell, what on earth was I going to say to her when I see her.
Dressed in a sweater to go see her, I took it off exchanging it for a light Spring jacket. It was something I could take off and put back on. It could by me time. Time? It was time I be going.
This time I drove my car. Who goes courting when there’s something better than a work dirty old pickup. How ever will I open my introduction, our first meeting? ???????
Chores done, swapping Ugly for Van I was on my way to keep an appointment with my cardiologist. Getting there it was said I was mistaken. Okay, I’ll recheck my appointment cards when I return home. And, sure enough I had two cards with the same today’s date and time written on them for last month. There ain’t nothing wrong with me, with me, with me!
No doctor’s appointment, I was facing a long useless drive back home; bunk, I used it to make few stops. First, I stopped by a day old bread depot looking for some soft oat bread. Nada, I picked up a couple cinnamon raisin bread’s for a couple breakfast treats plus a jar lidded mug of apricot jamb. Yum, the bread and jamb were half price anywhere else. Second stop Home Depot to check out storm doors. Saw two I liked and priced them. Ho boy, I need to salvage or make me an outside entry doorjamb. Forth, I stopped by an Ace hardware store looking for Frieda a backing pan in either glass or stainless. They put me onto Kroger, where I picked a Pyrex backing dish for my primary cooker. That could have been a mistake. She get’s mad at me I might miss seeing it coming or clearly wondering what had hit me. Sixth stop was by a distanced drug store what was interested in carrying the products what were useful in making peoples well. there I picked up a hot or cold, micro waved or freezer chilled, gel pack for less than a sawbuck. Seventh stop was by the super market. Need little more than some milk, a couple angel food mixes plus some needed laundry soap and a couple other products. My eighth stop was buying the old woman’s beer. Could be I keep her happy maybe she’ll keep the new backing dish busy cooking something in the oven.
Shop time saw the 18.4 X 38 tractor tire mounted, the wheel ready for mounting on an Ollie. Then wet or dry I can get into making up corn-stover.
The Shorthorn country weather was more miserable than yesterday. There was scarcely a dry moment all day, everything pretty much kept wet by an almost invisible mist. Humidity had to be classed at 100%.
Tonight’s supper is macaroni and cheese. This I like, this I’ll eat. Chicken parmesan can’t begin to sound good to me! Even worse when I’m supposed to cut down on cheeses. BGKC.


Paula said...

Still here waitingzzzzzzzzzzz

Kelly said...

You sure made a lot of stops Fern! Running yourself all over town like that wears a body out. ;) Thankyou for your kind words about my Reindeer shoe post. :) Glad you liked reading it that much. Sometimes I am good for something I reckon. I thought our mist and rain was done, but here I sit now with foot in mouth because I just posted it was done, and now here it is, outside play for me right now. Its almost mud season here, how about there? ;) Love, Kelly