Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Good works

Myself, issue from parents starting out together during the great depression I learned from both of them the art of “making do.” Over all my years finding I could never throw anything away. I found myself pressed finding a need for what I was having to throw away. Liking having a loud of wood scrap from a new or rebuilding project. I used to call around in search anybody in need kindling wood. Contributing carpenter skills to a most recent widow who’s husband had died un expectedly from heart attack, his leaving so many do-it yourself projects undone around her home. How about hiding out a father behind upon his child support payments and sneaking home out of town and state? Or giving rides to people without means to shop. Or, giving somebody the means to pay for a diabetic’s insulin? Or sharing my freezer with a family between jobs. Stopping by the road side to change a female’s tire” And, offer my cell phone to someone more than broken down? How about taking folks to vote just the same my having already gone? Being there to calm a wailing wife who’s husband had accidentally shot himself, my sane enough in that situation to call Police and ambulance? How about bringing a man back into this world when his heart had unexpectedly quit? Helping Frieda deliver her home made baby blankets to hospital maternity wards for surprises and State Police Posts for infant baby accident victims, which may be just as important to a child as a cuddly bear. I see giving in so many ways rewarding, having shared in ways what we could.
And, another very important gift, calling, giving someone an opportunity to help out or volunteer their assistance.
I swear I’ve been given back more lately than I can remember giving.

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Paula said...

Yes it always pays to do good any time we can.