Saturday, November 8, 2008

Reminders repeating

I swear there is a select breed of renters who’re dumber than cows, three time caught skunks, calves what can’t find their way back through the fence they had exited. A squashed cat in the middle of the road what didn’t learn hurts when I tried kicking hurt feelings into them. Honestly I like reading about goofus tenants from where ever they are. North, south, east, or west; recognizable in there agreeable manner so long as they’re talked to, everything forgotten moment you leave. Unreformed in their minds whatever’s come next had to have been rules for someone else. Whatever the rules were at the onset of a lease for a select few, whatever was written, explained or pointed out obviously wasn’t meant for them.
Here’s some more good renters deals:
Here to tenants have been informed they’ve rented only the house and yard, hunting rights already reserved for our own hunting club earned membership privileges. And what of the membership requirements, explain them and theses same individuals find these hunting right’s requirements are irrationally beneath them. They immediately decide to skip initiations rights ignoring and honoring the same rights the membership had already earned voluntarily treading the everyday farm crap to those ends.
How about the agreeable hard working responsible single female parent, I’ve rented the best apartment in the building to. She’s clean, tidy and the rent is on time month after month. Then one day, jail’s let out, the boy friend shows up and the inconvenience of paying rent begins. The boy friend has needs: beer, cigarettes, get rich capitol for the card table, a fancy car, and the biggest GD gift dog what craps and pees, bricks and floods, inside and around the buildings for her kids. With that dog and what hangs between his legs he’s an indispensable hero making mama happy. He’s got the nonpayment of rent covered. Here begins the seven day notices.
How about the guy who’s gone all the time supposedly working two jobs and broke all the time who’s going to cover rent next month. Only next month never gets here. He’s deluded he’s getting a prestige position where nobody’s hiring and to good to take a lesser job? The little lady’s working just manages to feed the kids. I’m stuck keeping him (them) all winter so’s the house don’t freeze. Fuel bills out of sight for thermostat set 80* 24/7. When the oil’s burned out, they turn to using fire hazardous electric space heaters? His parents have cleaned out the house after the snot had picked up and moved without a word (even to his folks) back to from where ever he‘d come from. The father trying to make part of his kid’s debt right when his own job is in Chrysler peril.
How about the tenant who’s been kicked out the previous year and continues to come back for the continued denied hunting privileges. Excuse, he’s trying to protect the property.
Weekend already? Trying to catch up reading, I got a taste of renters seeing everything bigger and better in Texas.
I read somewhere Orgamy is worried if Katie Couric is ever going to get to the bottom of what dog’s moving into the White House to save the country. I don’t know who to cheer for on this one.
I still haven’t found Kelly’s latest new Chicken Chronicles site. I can’t believe she hasn’t surfaced yet.
I read a new word “lethargic.” something to do with last day, thankful for Friday and getting the boot after attending a book fair? I’ve learned “I’m tired and can’t sleep!” And, I don’t know if I want to know any more at this late hour?
Oscar & Meyer are still entertaining SE Texas.
And I read about a 8’ ladder, paint, beetles, what gets into shirts and enjoyed the pictures. Gonna say, “I’ll miss that crooked chimney” It had an honest straight up and down “L” in it, making the rest of the Earth look either cockeyed or tilted.
I didn’t get very far after “Opps” There was something about a Dave Barry in fine print? I saw something mentioned about a younger Doctor for Cliff. I wonder? I don’t want to read anything about another party’s eye strain.
Oh balderdash!
My face taken to aching again, I’ll take another Tylenol and lay it down……. BP 140/85 PR 55. That’s okay.
Evening same day.
I took it exceptionally easy this morning, listening to the repeated chorus, “I want out of this house for awhile.” she had said or demanded “I need some feminine conversation with another female.” What’s a man to do to keep a happy home? It was a crappy day any way with weathered fronts of rain and snow with a spot of sunshine followed with more rain.
So, sparing no expense I loaded the old gray lady into Ugly and took her to the welcomed hospitality of Loopy Acres. There I let Herr Clink enjoy her woman to woman conversation, two pots coffee, pumpkin pie and the last of Sir Loopydad’s birthday cake. I only remained there to see to it there talk about their men folk wasn’t over exaggerated. And, that’s my story.
Dessert out of the way, getting home, I dished up and nuked some more that casseroled chicken noodle soup. I don’t matter what it’s called as long as it’s good. I think’s I’ll pass on it this evening.
Just as I took up some wrenches to work on hay rake for stover making, get celled. Bro had decided we better install flywheel and clutch packs in the JD. Disappointment was to follow. Everything installed, the primary clutch had failed to engage. I don’t know? Had it been me I’d just have gotten the clutches refaced and the pressure plates re-spring-ed. Bro had all the surfaces refaced. I suspect to much metal has been machined away. This could get a bit more costly? While Bro’ contemplates what’s gone wrong I am not worrying about it. Meanwhile I can’t seem to find other fish to fry. (grin) And I don’t like fish sticks, my looking at them as the assembled leftovers salvaged upon a fishing factory ship‘s deck. Give me ocean perch or farm grown cat fish. A fresh salmon would be alright also.
Feeding the ladies this evening my day was done. One of these days when the weather starts closing in on us that routine’s getting moved up to morning feedings. If I should have an equipment breakdown, bury a tractor up to either the axels or the gear case, I have the day’s daylight to make things right before sundown.
Finally waiting out the taken rattlers I could fix me my supper. I hope I can find something heat and serve. BGKC.


Donna said...

Enjoy the rattlers. Hope you lose the headache. I've had very few headaches in my life, but I've had enough to know they make you wonder if life is worth living while you have them.

Kelly said...

Good morning Fern :) I shot you an email this morning about my absence around here. I also see you did find my journal. I had added myself to your Followers list when you got established here and thought you might just click on my picture and find me that way. Sorry I didnt send out a better invite, guess I should have done that, shame on me! Your renters sound like a headache and a half. I hope you can get them straightened out. Now I got some back reading to do on off I go. :) Love, Kelly