Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still out 20 days

Thank goodness it were Monday morning I a-woke from my harrowing Sunday adventures. Was Sunday real or was it all a dream. It was whatever I had been up to the first workday of the week. I had so much to do and I felt as though I had just fallen asleep. I knew I’g feel better after one of Mom’s breakfast’s. Down the stairs I went descending slowly my tired mind having some trouble keeping up with any hurried ascension. Coming through the stair well door Mom over a the space of the dining room between us said, “I want to know more about the girl you’re going to marry?”
Holy Saints preserve me. May they be many blessings bestowed upon so many broken hearts! Yesterday had happened? I had lived it for real. I had been out with a real funny lady, even havin’ takin’ her across a county line, then there was the fantastic looker over a dinner table, and lastly an over sexed late night creature who sparked between the stacks. “Uh what girl, Mom?”
“The one you said was going to be your wife? That’s what!” she stated at our meeting at the table, my taking a coffee cup from her.
“Uh, did I say something like that last night?”
“Yes you did. It was the most ridiculous announcement I’ve ever heard. With some one you have known for just one day, how do you know this?”
“Oh boy!” I opened, “Maybe I had better call her and apologize.”
“Apologize?” she grimaced, “What did you do with the poor girl?”
“Nothing, Mom.” I assured Mom, short swearing, “I might better just call her and find out where I stand.”
Whatever she wanted to know after this exchange I had no real common sense answers. I likely used my best growing up mumbles and evasive mannerisms I found had work getting to the age I was at that moment. Then it be I a lucky surviver her cross examination and worldly truths she was laying on me. Little brother said nothing, just sitting there slurping up his heated creamed cereal. Did I mention he had rolled his eyes a number of times…, both ways.
Oh I was so glad to get away from Mom’s inquisition. I had work to do, and a truck to load up for all I had to do that day and more besides. Two of the most important sides: I had to call a pretty girl thanking her I think and say yes to figuring the costs for submission the house building contract. Thankfully I had all day to think on both problems. One harder to dwell on than the other and one of them wasn’t the house. The house was merely three/four months material and labor undertaking. The other a lifetime responsibility.
I to am waiting 20 days?
Speaking of Flu shots
Quoting a smart alec, "i was told they were for the old and feeble"
I heartily deny resembling that remark!
Boss lady and I get ours every year.
It's important we get ours, for her I don’t know how I’d take care her and farm at same time, and for myself as I'm the only full time legs on this farm. Anything happens to me it becomes a so very trying time around here. The day my spirit loses this vessel is the day this farm dies. no body interested in it, it'll likely be sold off in pieces for the money. I've suggested if this be the inevitable case so let it be sold and the proceeds be invested in mutual fund stocks, the proceeds from the growth sums support a promising State FAA/4H member student qualifying for an agricultural coarse college scholarship.
This plan will serve all our issues right. They’ve all had there chances. A couple of them greedily more than enough, even to using the (suggested) old and feeble around here.
What a lousy morning’s start. Well, the chores went easy enough. It was when my bright idea to see if the rotary-conditioner could knock some snow off the cornstalks as well as windrow them so I could bale, without rake‘s use.
First off the tractor failed to start, I had to charge it’s batteries three times before it’d start. Manifold heater failing to work I’d ether-ed the tractor twice when I had finally got it started. And while the batteries charged I had noticed the flat racked hay wagon had a low tire. My trying air my portable air tanks the belt on my air compressor kept coming off. Just the same, scant on air I managed enough airing that tire I could eventually road roll it to the shop’s compressor.
Tractor started I figured I could finally get on mowing. Hah! When I had gotten tractor and machine up on the road, tractor rolled rather oddly. Dad-gum-it, The right driver had gone flat. Looking for fluid leaks I saw none on tire, rim, or wheel as well as checking ground where the tractor had been setting. Every thing appearing healthy and living how’d the tire leaked air and no Calcium Chloride. Had found valve cap been gnawed on by an animal. A rodent of some kind likely. And a big and, I don’t think that tire was even loaded, our using that tractor almost as it came from the last owner.
Darned if I hadn’t felt like I had run in circles all morning, accomplishing nothing. My physical fitness walks all over both farmyards aught to have earned me in a passing enough grade shape for exercise today.
Spaghetti and meat balls for lunch for afternoons body energy I did finally start making corn stover. The R-M behind and off to exchanged sides I had cut about three acres. Then I called Bro’ asking if he’d race stover for me. Theoretically he was supposed to have been out in that field a couple/three hours earlier to heroically save the day. I tried baking, making corn-stover and found myself having to figure it out all over again as to how it’s done (grrr). The first bale I made to large, the second bale just right, the third bale to small, and two more attempts were plugs (frown). Bro’ called onto the scene he had raked the whole three acres while I hadn’t made a single complete round (disgust). It’s supposed to be nice most the day tomorrow. Hopefully……naugh……nope……I’m not mentioning any projected expectations for tomorrow’s feed making efforts. Ooh no, not me…!
Now quitting writing for my beloved Shorthorn country I’m going to pull in my belly put on my almost starved to death look for Frieda’s, “Feed’s me look.” sympathy. Ah, what fresh air can do for a healthy appetite. BGKC.

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