Friday, November 28, 2008

11-28-o8 10 days counting down

Opps, my counting down days has been numerically wrong again. Nonetheless, I’ve almost have always remembered Frieda’s big day. But that is another story I may only tell one day after the vital upcoming fact.
Ooh Lord, what had I done? One thing! One simple little act what should have been my business alone had been broadcast all over the community. On that day I learned to ever do business in the same community a body grows up in! This statement was to become my motto for the rest of my life. On the other side of the coins spent, non of my friends made it a topic for discussion when ever we were either run into each others or got together for social events. I had learned a great deal about true friendships.
That loose lipped bitch in the back of the jewelry store had no right invading our privacy with her big mouthed announcement. All of a sudden I had a lot to answer for. Holy crap. My sitting at that kitchen table an unsettled question what had not yet even been properly asked nor properly answered, loomed before us. the be damned town was abuzz over the matter what should have been very private between two people. Gossip mongers are an ill-moral scourge of the earth.
Excusing myself for the moment, I told Frieda, I’ll pick you up later. We’ve (I’ve got a lot to talk about.” As from then on, what anybody else thought I didn’t care what nor who’d be saying it, our lives would continue going on. But that day’s events needed talking about between us, and a whole lot of issues needed to be discussed and settled upon, before there were to be any official announcements‘.
I was glad the busy bodies didn’t know it all, or did they? I might have been described as an uncommitted Blue Beard. Busy body’s be damned………….!
Chores, haul home corn-stover. Ugly was just making it in and out of the fields, and that was with the help of extra stover bale blast in the cargo box. And to add something of Murphy’s adventurously following me today, the gasser Ollie ran out of gasoline along about a short eighth mile from return trip home. So it was a two way evening walk for a funnel and gasoline can to nourish the Ollie enough to get it home.
Oddly enough, tonight’s supper reminded me of yesterday. BGKC.

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Paula said...

That woman should have been fired but I bet she wasn't.