Sunday, November 16, 2008

2nd out of pocket offering

My interpitation, what’s going on around the cyber block.
Misery’s people are entertaining relatives. The Mr. hold close relatives for his old breakfasts payoffs.
Somebody in Texas is reading epic Outhouse stories. And, mixing in a few Santa Claus fantasies. Worse yet a she’s taking spiking Alf hair styling’s off the top her head. I’m imaginatively seeing some interesting repercussions when the domino king husband walks in seeing one these new wave fair cuts?
Sounding like kids ditched (grin) a couple went history sightseeing in the New England states. There’s got to be a lot to see up there where I’ve never been.
An Orygun miss is posting fair warning via begged, borrowed, and stolen web sites on and off hot computers. LOL. (not really!) Hurry back miss notable. You’re missed when I’ve an open day.
Loopy Acres is under Loopy mama’s heavy house cleaning and flea patrolling upheavals fire . She’s rearranging her furniture with the bearer’s of testosterone using an engaging manner. Do-it guy‘s or else. Been rumored she’s not accepting any more Turkey day dinner reservations. Not only that there’s rumored no table topped entertainment this year. Seams the primary artist has retired.
Holy Antibiotic, I’ve heard of staff infections. Always thought this germ was something picked up in a hospital? Frieda says being to-clean opens a person up for this problem’s entry into the system. Dirty children build up an immunity to some infection problems protected them.
KC: I wish I could help you with some of your animal problems. I could recommend an electric fence to improve Derby’s behavior. BUT, I have no idea what such an electric fence would have on you poultry.
An electric fence requires a fence charger, wire, insulators, and a ground rod, if you‘ve the use for one. Suggest, you might look up electric fences on the net. A warning. Be careful where and how you set it up. 10,000 volts at one amp sure bites when touched.
hope everybody's had a good day. BGKC.


Donna said...

I love when you do this kind of entry, Fern. It always makes me smile to see your take on our tales.

Paula said...

Yeah just proves to us you've been lurking around nice guy.