Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Be thankful we all have an election day. So get out and vote and you’ll have earned your right to complain if your other less favored candidate is given the White House again. Does anybody know if Chad is counting the votes again?
Holy smok’ems, I slept from 9:00 evening last until past 7:00 this morning, that’s 10 hours unassisted. Son of a gun the fire went out over night. But it don’t mater. I’ve still got that old old spark. Unfortunately, stilled for some time, I’ll need matches to really get it flaming again. But, it don’t mater. In the middle of Indian Summer, the outside temperature are completing with the indoor temperatures.
Backing the gurney up: When Stef called me with some important medical news yesterday, she had asked, “Do you want to come to the office or take your next neurologist appointment over the phone?” I should have suggested, “How about sending me a group picture of Doc, yourself, and the whole staff, so I may look at you all without having to come into the office for refresher looks.”
For breakfast I had one of my usual oatmeal delicacies. Rolled oats with a little water added, a pinch of salt, some raisins thrown in, and nuked. Nuked I added a bit of milk and powdered cinnamon.
Another breakfast oat choice is some sort of generic oat-O’s with a dash of milk added. I prefer the plain oat cereal rather than the flavored choices.
Then there’s four oat flour made bread slices naughtily slathered under gobs of butter chased with two cups decaffeinated coffee.
Fed up and nearing ready to get to it I had my fall jacket like shirt on, my cell phone in a pocket, still needing my glasses. I looked everywhere finally finding them on my face. “My the Saints preserve us!”
I did my patriotic part today. Handy called me looking for a ride to the polling place. Oh well, havin’ turned in my vote a couple weeks ago I gave him a ride. His vote counting, I took him. Delivering him, I was surprised there was no line, no waiting, and thought one of the poll workers rather rude telling me to get out if hadn’t come to vote. When did she get title to the process?
Shop time I sprayed three quarts paint primer on JD cab and related parts. Then beat it up the road for my place. I had hay to rake and bale. Dusk fading fast the cussed baler plugged. No time to clear it, I parked it, hauled the hay home and fed my Shorthorn country ladies. I got in an hour after sundown. Even with a crescent moon it was till to awful dark for my aging eyes.
It only just dawned on me. When I was growing up and I hurt in different places from time to time, Mom called them “growing pains.” Mom no longer around, I’m calling them aging pains. (grin) BGKC.

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