Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 27 and counting

However was I going to get an introduction. I asked around over the weekend finding I knew no one in her circle. Which was the wrong preconceived notion I’d learn later. This girl had to have been one of the best kept secrets in town. The parsonage roof job finished five days already, spending the last three seeing no help what so ever upon the horizon with this introduction conundrum, it looked as though I’d have to take this matter into my own hands.
I could handle this intro thing for myself. I was no longer the once shy bashful country boy anymore. An earlier year Wednesday evening viewer commented movie premier had changed me forever. Danny Kaye playing a Jew in the movie “The Sargeant and Me” both of them running ahead of the German army escaping France, Danny Kaye had shown me there was a 50/50 answer or solution to any question. The question if never asked could only be assumed negative. If the same question were asked and answered one-way or the other on a 50/50 basis it could well be positive, the inquirer either moving forward or sideways on his way. Yup, it was totally up to me. I weren’t going to waste a lot of time never knowing the answers to my questions. Negatively waiting, the fox never caught the rabbit.
Now, how was I going to handle this dilemma?
Good morning? I’ve gotten some checks written and off in the mail. Thankfully that’s all done; well, until next time……
More rain promised for the day with lighter periods this day with maybe yes or no possibilities the Sun may even, teasing, peek through the overhead gloom. Temps in the 50’s for a few days. Can’t decide which is better: painful overcast warmer wet weather; or, feel good clear skied freezing dry weather.
I put on my barnyard tux and suffered the over heat wear I had chosen for the day. Had my blood drawn for thinness check. Picked up some prescriptions turning down those neither one of us were no longer on.
Holy Pony Express! Time out! Even the US Post Office is talking early retirement buy-outs for getting rid of unneeded postal employees. I can just see each city postal carrier on roller skates replacing two flat footers, under these gubernment cuts.
On the farm scene, I …uh…. Woiked on some tidying up my truck and the shop floor of stuff dropped where it had landed over the last few days. Even put in some time cleaning and greasing an Oliver tractor driver rim. The tire’s half on, the inner tube laying on top. Not feeling like I wanted to finish the tire mounting, it’ll wait until I get back tomorrow.
Holy Ice Blanket! I finally found a drug store what not only knew of what I was talking about and wanted. They can get them next Spring coming in lunch pack kits. Meanwhile they have a flexible gel filled something or other for a mere sawbuck. I’ll try remembering to check that gel thingy out in my tomorrow‘s travels.
The goofy arsed physical therapist was out and caught me this morning loaded for bear. He wanted to put me through his passes. Again I refused. What is it with these odd ball doctors and their insistence I need training. We talked about my PB, about my physical activities, my range of motions. When we got to my range of motion I immediately wanted to become irritated. What held me back was my continued diet of my Wellbutrin calming mind altering prescription drug. Bottom line, my knowing the usable range of my arms and limbs I don’t need any goofy induced arms and limbs pains. My theory is very simple. If I find what it is what hurts me, I don’t do what yurts me anymore, period. I often walk a couple miles or more a day. I press half the 300 pound weight of a couple hay feeder rings at least twice a day and roll them over either rough or muddy ground putting them over fresh 5‘ round hay bales. I had one of them BIG tractor tires to work on today. I asked this guy if he wanted to take my place for a day? He turned me down. He admitted he hadn’t my strength. Wussee! If he couldn’t keep up with me, why would he or I want to be messed with? Lets get real where I need medical help! BGKC.

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Paula said...

Can't imagine what you figured out but I bet it was a doozie.