Saturday, November 22, 2008

Counting down 16 days

Saturday morning ,at a burr 17*, between the cold and more freshening breezes, The weather’s gonna freeze my umm umm umm off my out there making a liven hay for a lot-a unappreciative ladies in my neighborhood. Speaking of ladies I owe one particular lady in my neighborhood an apology. I had un-respectfully called her Loopy yesterday when-whereas I should have shown more respect having said MISS Loopy.
BP 143/92 PR 74 and I’ve got one Hell of a headache. I thought this intrusive beast was supposed to go away and leave me alone. I had gotten along without for years. An hour later BP 147/95 PR 74
Just 16 more days.
Getting back to lives changing Monday was one whale of a busy day. I had so much to do work wise. Dressing for dinner was an easy no choice easy manner for a guy whoe only owned a couple piecs what might make a suit. I wore a gray-white wovern material sport coat over gray trousers. My tie selection was a stripped thing leaning towards the blue. Gray socks and my oxfords polished hard brightly black. The dinner dance scheduled for 7:00 PM until when I called my day at 5:00 o’clock. An hour to shave, shower, and dress and an hour’s drive I had plenty of time. Mon had sillily asked me if I wanted something to eat? ESP inclined, she knew I was in trouble.
On time to pickup my date, I was a bit nervous. This wasn’t another date. It were a lady and gentleman dress up date. An no nonsense evening out for adults. The meticulously cleaned and polished chariot (car) parked at the curb, the front porch light on for a change I anxiously walked the walk, taken the step, rang her bell, the door opened wide. Entering the house I exchanged pleasantries with her folks until she came into the room. She just didn’t enter that room. Whether she had known it or not she had made an entrance.
I was locked jawed speechless upon her entrance that evening. She was absolutely drop dead gorgeous. My standing there likely open mouthed, I could feel my heart pounding on my temples, I had quit breathing wondering if she were heaven. I’d have died if it weren’t for her speaking first, “Shall we go?” as she took my arm and pointed towards the door.
Are there such a thing as lope jawed recovery aftershocks? Until tomorrow, A detour.
I don’t know about these headaches. The one what comes on me isn’t anywhere as interesting as the one I sought some five decades ago.
BP rising, headache laying heavy on my eyes liking a rock slide waiting to rumble down, Couldn’t take a physical and mental road block. I found out I’ve been taking a recalled drug, what was replaced today. Plus I’ve been prescribed another drug for my headaches to try. Of course it isn’t covered by my insurance and had to pay it out of pocket. Already stoked to the hilt today I’ll start the new medication tomorrow.
While I was waiting for Doc to turn me loose, I had told him, “Wish I could get out of here, Doc” I was his only patient, “I got some ether to sniff starting tractors to ride on; and, to ride on the tractors I got to sniff some ether.” This is true. I had some stover to bale.
Doc keeping me all morning, druggist keeping me near an hour, a called ahead quick lunch I was on my way. The drawbar bolts I needed had been laid upon the seat. The bolts set, climbing aboard, tractor started, I was on my baling way. What a delightful afternoon. Sunshine to warm a body’s soul. Quiet airs so light I knew I weren’t going to be blown away. Dressed lighter for the season I was so comfortably dressed right.
A field start earlier than mine Bro’ had mown and raked enough stover to keep me busy what afternoon we had left. It was a good day in spite my delay. And, this the way it was in today’s Shorthorn country. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Your love for Frieda brings tears to my eyes. Will Frieda dictate her story to you and let you type it here? Sorry about those headaches.