Sunday, November 16, 2008

27 day out counting

Loosing track my days count, I think I might have the correct number now, maybe?
Well, at least the girl had started making conversation, crazy conversation nonetheless. This date could be interesting. Having looked around the junk shop (antique) twice , we quickly dashed for the car my assisting (watching) her get in. Mmmm, easy to look at.
From this first shop stop I drove us down to the new recently completed free beach parking lot, to draw in more day tourists. The lot empty likely because Lake Michigan was covered or hidden from view under a cloud of fog. So turning around I took us back to Saugatuck, picked a street going through a residential neighborhood. Old houses lining the block likely built for the first stinking rich community settlers. It was liking the banker, enterprising lumberman and tannery owners to express their social position in the community. I parked the car amongst some of the finest representations old Victorian houses plus as an added bonus the Anglican Catholic Church. There was nothing modern in this neighbor hood save for paved street, electric lights and I’d venture to guess a modern bathroom in every house. This was where I brought the picnic basket up to the front seat between us. Ohh, my mom had outdone herself: fried chicken, potato salad, apple sauce, cheese, baked beans; plus napkins, plates and silver for eating. We talked about a great many things: dreams, ambitions, priceless thoughts. Telling her about a proposed contract, offered me to build a possible new client’s house, she encouraged me to do it. “Who’d you hurt if it went wrong? She reasoned, “Only yourself?”
Lunch packed away, I took us down off the bluff into the town’s central business district. The town was slowly opening up for the summer tourists season. We visited more junk shops, art galleries, the local corner drugstore what had an original soda fountain. We laughed at each other over cokes. Walked both sides of the street hand in hand as if we were old friends. She was of good mind, charm, and surprisingly displayed a sense of humor. And when she smiled her whole being smiled. The after noon flew ahead of us in such speed the inevitable time to take her home had come. Reluctantly having to escort her to her door, I asked her, “I may see you again?”
Back in my car, I headed for home in a most miserable rain, and wondered when it had started. The rain didn’t help my mode, for I felt loneliness for the first time in my life. Yet, I was committed to what was to happen next.
Slept good last night, had to wake up for one of then cussed habitual water hauls. Sitting down for a moment before laying back down, the gosh awful headache slapped me one up beside my head. Took pain and health pills early. An hour later I went straight for the oats breakfast cereal drowned in milk.
Letting the fire die last night I cleaned out wood stove ashes and restarted fire.
That inevitable hour coming around it was time I fed my ladies this AM. Taking care of them four calves were out or not exactly where they belonged. Checking fence charge it was good west side , dead east side. An on /off wire switch was broke requiring attention. Fence back on, it still wasn’t up to full strength. Well I had to get the calves back where they belonged any way. Back out to field. Calf getting had to wait. I found more fence to fix. And morning was all to quickly shot. Took lunch and saw afternoon trading tired rims on Ollie. Then it started snowing. Bro’ whimped out loading tractor tire for a little snow might get wet open pump motor. So, his eyes might light up. That’s his better’an mine. BGKC.

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The story is getting sweeter and sweeter.