Monday, November 17, 2008

21 days to go

Having had just dropped a lovely creature into her home, driving away, I felt the first pangs of loneliness. One thing sure, I had to call her on the marrow and tell her I enjoyed her company.
Meanwhile, I had a dinner date with another young lady to consider. I had made this date with her long before my meeting Frieda. Somehow, I knew we’d go out together only one more time (that‘s another story). Getting home, I had to change duds: clean shirt, tie, sport trousers and sport coat, and a quick spit polish job on my shoes.
Parked in front of my second date’s place where she was a guest, I stepped into this her sister’s home. I told her sister where we were going and about when I’d be bringing her home. I likely took her out for dinner on the near south side of town to one of them in between muckity muck type restaurantee‘s.
Settling in our chosen booth, we chatted, and ordered our meals. I must admit it was not easy keeping my mind on this second young lady showing her the attention and courtesy she deserved. Spending an hour or two, likely a bit more, with her and took her home earlier than I had previously suggested, walked her to her door and thanked her sister for letting me enjoy this sister‘s company.
Getting home, I gave up my coat and tie for a sweater. I had another date with a telephone operator getting off at 11:00 PM. She was much happier to see me than I her. I never had a chance to open the door for this one. She wanted me to take her somewhere and neck. I wanted to take her somewhere and talk. I took her down by the black river and parked us between the coal and stone piles on the north side the river. She generated some amounts of steam gettini in more necking than I did talk. I was never to see her again on a social level. It must have been after 1:00 AM when I had given up on any talk. So I took her to her door.
On getting home and havin’ tried walking into my Mom’s home as quietly as I could, it didn’t work. Even knowing who it was by name, Mom called me, “Fernan.”
“Yes Mom.”
“Come in here a moment.” inviting me into her bedroom. “Do you know what time it is?”
“Uh, after midnight?” I guessed with some measure of targeted avoidance,
“Where have you been all day?” she asked, my knowing the look on her face even though I could not see it.
“I’ve been out with the future Mrs. Goofer!” And from where the Hell that admission had come from only my subconscious could have known.
“Okay.“ she drawled. “Who is it? Mary, Joanne, Carol, Dorothy, Alice, Bonny…..” and there were a few more. Oddly the names Mary and Joanne were popular enough there had been four Jo’s and three Mar’s. And Mom was doing her memory best to ask which one it was.
“Uh Mom, You don’t know her. I had shared that picnic lunch with her only just today.“ I explained, adding, “The chicken and side dishes were the best.”
Her voice flustered, either way she might had meant to say it, it came out a statement and/or question. “You’re nuts!?”
And I asked, “What?”
“Do you know what you just said?”
Short on selective memories even in those day’s, “No what?”
And Mom remarked, “Let me get this straight. You have just announced you are going to marry a girl you had only had a first date with today?“ Then with a disgusted tone in her voice, she instructed me, “Go to bed, now. We’ll talk some in the morning.
And I climbed my stairs to my solitary rooms. Oddly enough I didn’t just lay my head on my pillow that night, I hugged it while poor Teddy took a Hell of a castaway beating, my finding him under the bed collecting dust-dust-bunnies for alternative adventures. What’s next?
We’ve got snow. beautiful wet refreshing cold white snow. How much better than this can life get and be in Shorthorn country? It is so purrdy outside this morning. This snow so wet and heavy is not a sweep away snow. This one’s going to need a scrapper. Either that or it isn’t going to last long.
We haven’ made up our minds yet?
A-side from this year’s the bargain turkey price influences we've other choices: venison, beef roast or steaks. Pies are already made. I wants some of all the things I can't have, even if only a sneaked taste, liking whole berry (no-no)cranberry sauce, (iffy)apple pie, (no-no)pickles, (no-no)selection olives, a (no-no)lettuce salad, and hot (no-no)buttered rolls.
If it should happen to be the big bird I make the more imaginative stuffing.
In general I want's anything what tastes good, I can't have.
And, how about Including a breakfast menu: (trickily)poached eggs on toast with (iffy)sausage links, and potato (no-no)fried patties.
My day’s shop time was getting and/or setting up the tools and tractor so’s bro could load the Ollie tire. Bro’ taken car of I tried some field work making corn-stover. Downed corn stalks to wet to handle like to started breaking up the finely tuned hay rack, my having to give up that idea. Meanwhile, Ollie (tire loaded) was hooked back up the the 445 Vermeer silage baler. To feed my lady’s I hauled home three bales hay from other end good for next two days. What we need is a break in the weather. We’ve had almost a continual rain fall last ten days adding up to better than three inches. My driveway is liking greased as I’ve never seen it before. Mud’s sloppily deepening every day in the yards and winter pastures. I hate’s mud, particularly in Shorthorn country. BGKC.


Paula said...

Wow you were a busy young man!

Alice said...

What a story book romance you two have. Enjoy your snow and remember to keep it up there :).....

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hey Fern, seems you have been having some fond reminicing!