Thursday, September 30, 2010

Could have been better

Today would have been a bore to any one else beside me. This morning's activity was mypreparing for Cushman reassembly. Today’s afternoon I assisted Chip in cutting up the fallen tenant house tree. He is something else to watch the way he moves around up there in the air liking a little monkey.
Then this evening just as I was getting back to the Cushman…
…..I was ambushed by Bro’ to move some concrete blocks blockings for a couple moved concrete bunk feeders. My lower back in extreme pain I couldn’t do any thing with my buggy. I closed up shop for home and lots of ice on my lower back. One slight detour before settling in with my ice pack I took care of the laundry and damned near fell backward down the basement stairs. Gosh darned late afternoon weight lifting, I plainly may no longer do. BGKC.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Stress tests:
In plural, I have had two stress tests. The first one was during the healing the femur Shiner (2400# bull) had broken for me. It was during all those weeks and months convalescing I had my first stress test. Leg in no shape for the tread mill run I was perched on the side of a bed whereas they pushed what looked like a tricycle fork in front of me with handles for pedals. So I was to hand crank that thing for so long for so fast until my heart rate had gone over a predetermined number. When the results comeback it was all in mumble jumble. I had no idea what they were talking about. As it was hospital ordered. The final explanation which it was like would have been as I was receiving the broken leg treatment through the Hospital out patient clink. Why had I no idea I should have expected more from interns who if they hadn’t had they should have had some bedside manners explanation training. How was I to know what they were talking about? Then followed a few days later I was injected with some radio/radar/radium active something or other that only a person who’d not reached his or her maximum level was still within a safe mode to inject me. This stuff was for tracking my blood’s circulation through out my vascular system(?). I didn’t understand that test either only I was alright with no apparent problems. At least not then.
Just a couple years ago I had another stress test, this time on the treadmill. It started out easy with five gorgeous women for a working audience. On that treadmill slowly starting I was to increase my pace against a predetermining increase of an uphill climb against a gravity run. It proved to be a bust. I couldn’t break their required 100 blood pumping rate let alone sustain it. They finally got me off that thing. I was given time to calm down and rest for the alternative approach.
Looking around the room I had notice three of the women had left. Leaving me in the hands of only two. It wasn’t near as scenic a situation as it had been but I was in no condition for any thing any more strenuous than my merely sitting or lying down on my derrière, and remember a more youthful life. I started sorting these gals out. Those who’d left one must have been an overseer the other two an EMT team, their equipment hidden behind one heck of an abnormally wide door. I was supposing their stuff out of sight was kept out of my mind’s worried eye.
Next step either I was either coming back or detoured right into a medically stressed heart for the recorded tapes. Now, there’s something to screw up the senses, emotions, feelings, lawd help my mind. All said and done after the cardiologist was thought to have looked everything over, my assuming included all my asked for paper work over and over again, he started prescribing and set an appointment for a rotor router trip from my groin up to the heart.
It’d not be in several weeks later but rather six months I found I had been triply medicated through three separate individual doctors. I was so screwed up, over medicated; it’s a wonder they hadn’t put me under. I haven’t been back to that cardiologist since. I can die an easier much less painful death without any more of him. Thank You very much!!!

Noon’s writing
One full morning it had been. I put in some seat time on the digger to no avail again looking for the elusive buried power line. Doing that I even managed to slip in some Cushman engine time, enough breaks it’s ready to swing back into the truckster. I even remembered the Leland’s flat-tire jack and the woodstove’s stack fan lubricant. It has been one heck of a full morning after yesterday’s three hours napping and last night’s eleven hours sleep. Spose I needed it? One hour more that shut eye stuff I might become adversely nick named Winkle, leaving off the Rip Van.
Getting back to the lost time digging no find wire, Frieda has always said when we’s got a power or phone problem Sparky’s the one to call, the man in the know. Rechecking the distanced real-estate between Bro’s house and barn with a freshly rented even newer rented electronic up to date technology. Via the latest scans it seems I’ve been digging twenty feet to far south the newest re-established buried underground route. Still looks like another full afternoon filled with fun, fun, fun.
My afternoon’s FUN started with digger moving excavated dirt back into the useless hole. Figuring I could make better time with little Case skid-steer I switched seats. It was probably the four approach to the eight foot deep hole the loose earth I had filled into the hole with the loader-digger gave way for a slid FUN filled ride straight down into the hole. Oh boy, More FUN looking for fitting clevises and a chain it didn’t take long to bring the runaway machine back up on top where we both belonged. Remaining undeterred I climbed right back into the little skid-steer and tendered my holes approach with a little more finesse. Several hours later the hole filled my bones feeling out of whack if not out of line I had finished my day at quarter to six, enjoy a crooked man’s FUN filled walk. Shop closed I was home doing my rattler thingy. Now, that’s been most my day with an evening yet to come? Ate supper and paid bills. BGKC.

On Batteries
We're using 8 diesel tractors: A Leland using the biggest single 12v bat lasting about 10/11yrs (each) twice, a 4010 JD using 2 6v bats (still a hard winter starter), a 2150 Oliver using 4 6v bat wired 12v going on 6yrs, 4 1850 Olivers two still on 12v bat they came to us with (ok for summer) and two changed over to 2 6v bats each for sure enough winter starts.
Three advantages in using deep cycle batteries for a couple extra dollars they last longer. Two 6v bat easier winter starts over one 12v or even 2 12v bat. Two 6v bat last (yrs) much longer than a single 12v bat.
One single drawback more terminal corrosion.
Believe me, we're always looking out for the best/longest lasting bat use for our bucks.
Note, anytime you've an unexplained battery failure, set it aside for a time. Given a rest and recharged chances are it'll likely come alive again. I learned this during my charter boat days, keeping two extras in replacement reserve. Any bouncing about a battery may stir settling's up from the bottom a piece may lodge between two plates temporarily shorting the battery out until that particle has burned out.
My $.02 a couple three times.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feelings better

What a difference new shoes make.
I knew I should have gotten them sooner. I had mistakenly just kept putting off shopping them. Not good as I haven’t given them any proper break in time. Just the same, the old ones so bad breaking up from the inside out, these fancy looking work boots are getting broken in on the get go.
Rain here today. Have two projects in mind for my immediate attention today. The Cushman of course, of course, to the point I may even have it running before sundown. The other one just as important the likely will only take a few minutes, clean and oil the stove pipe fan on the living room woodstove. That thing’s motor coming on day’4’yesterday is in some great need of TAC. Properly equipped I want to also use some compressed air in conjunction with the vacuum cleaner hopefully trying to keep this appliance’s accumulated dust from blown all over the house deeper than the dust already is. Have I ever mentioned I hate house work almost as much as MUD?
I’ve gotten me another comfortable work making idear. As uncomfortable as it, they, them, hurt, pained, my knees find themselves involved in making contacts with floors, earths, and concretes, I’m thinking sewing padding into/onto my bibs where I need it when I‘m down and feeling sorely low.
While straining my mind with thought Handy made call needing ride. Frieda said, “Better go. Looks like I’ll stay home.” She was actually looking forward to another ride, and graciously passed in Handy‘s need. It was a smaller circuit drive this morning yet eventful. Took care of Handy’s picked up and dropped off prescription. Then drove on into Mt Morris for my forgotten spark-plug. Returning I stopped us by my favorite seamstresses, presented my padded knee idear and was immediately surprised one of them knew exactly what I wanted (quilt stitched knee patches with two layers batting sewn in) and suggested it be ready for my field tests in a week. The other girl suggested I try taking Glucosamine to ease my knees discomfort. It works for her, adding an in depth testimonial. So, I stopped by a drugstore and sought some plus the pharmacist’s opinion. He gave me a strong recommendation, adding it’d take two/three/four weeks to take effect. I carried out a two months supply. I guess I’ll find out. Before I knew it was lunch time. Where do the day go.
Lunch passing the weather continued heavy my resting my eyes for a moment, that moment lasted some three hours. Upon waking as if I were timed I’m called, and informed, “There’s still a short in the fence.” I spent the next two hours in chore boots muck-lucking and mired a time or two locating three shorts. Two of them I fixed, the third I wound exhausted wire over my arm for eventual replacement. That is if and when one of us brings the new wire home.
What little I accomplished I’m letting it do for the day. Returning home I took my rattlers plus a couple Tylenol. Then realized I had forgotten to bring home lubricant for the smoke stake fan again. Balderdash! Perhaps if and when I’m hurting less, than I’ve felt today, I’ll have it all (at least some of it) back together again. BGKC.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Whatever good….

…lists are for, they at least remind me of what I’d forgotten. Some of an itch if my brain hadn’t remembered the every first thing I needed to do this very Monday morning, my walking out my door. It was I must go and resupply the shelled corn wagon, then check feed wagon for resupply. And, I was in such a hurry to get into cutting next winter’s firewood. Well, all that was taken care of and more including a stop by the elevator for a weight slip and supplements on one my way’s home. Along with that I had lunch
The programming flying by to fast for my overly taxed mind to comprehend, my watching this very morning’s ABC network medical part, I was either informed coconut oil is good for the fight against Alzheimer’s or was nature’s vegetable packaged fountain of youth. I’d be damned if I would mind trying it on both counts regardless to witch use it was pointed. I sure could stand another better feeling knee that the other one what I had felt some fifty-some years what had eventually got me into a lifetimes miserable happiness.
Okay, I had done finished the early part of my day about as far as I could go. Then I discovered the very tractor I was about to use for the grind had a flat tire. Oh doo doo, Needing shoes I might just a well make it a full circled drive: shoe store, hardware store, auto parts store, and grocery store. Why now? I’ll tell why! Because my right shoe isn’t doing my disposition a bit good making my right foot sore, I‘ve got-a make a change. Oh Happy Day!
It turned into just what I thought it would, a full circle shopping trip, and blessed be the back roads. Snuck into a couple communities and got my shoes, a single wrench I didn‘t really need to make my wrenching easier, a couple needed air chucks, some nuts and six bolts in two stops (only needing two the right size), and a stop by the grocery store. I didn‘t do to badly, I only forgot the sparkplug, the summer window screening welt(?), and tomatoes.
Getting back, the barn compressor worked just well enough, long enough, to air up the Leland’s front tire. That tire held its air all during the grind and all put away. I’ll still have to fix it another day. I had ground the feed, delivered it, and made a roadside stop on my way home for the tomatoes Frieda had asked for more than once. LOL, risking again my loosing my man card, I admit her nagging had paid off! Lastly as far as I was concerned my day was done my making myself comfortable under darkening skies at 6:30 PM. Weather forecast calls for rain tonight and tomorrow. The forgotten sparkplug I failed to buy today I may pickup in Otisville come morning my not having to venture again into one of the suburbs. Whew.
As for cutting any firewood I’d have to admit it weren’t going to happen this day and it also wont happen in a rain. BGKC.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What today had brought

Fur openers, neighbor come over and helped put old TV aside and set up new one. Wow! What a difference a bright pictured new viewing we got. Okay, new TV up and running, lunch, And I was off to the shop. Once there I could literally screw something up, going like this……
In jeopardizing the sanctity of my man-card, in stead of a duct tape fix my folding windshield’s pivoting, I went and replaced the old torn vinyl with a bolted in place piano hinge.

The animals fed at the other end, looking for nothing new to do, I come home to bring in some wood. I knew I should have brought in more wood, but for a low pressure system hanging over us my joints were dramatically paining me joints everyone. It’s bad enough when one’s knees are silently screaming out in silent pain, but does it have include one’s head and fingers? Now what could possibly bee in MY head that might cause it too hurt?

On Black Walnuts gathering/cracking:
While we had walnuts closer to home, only I had rather gather them already hulled after traffic passing over them fallen under walnut tree canopy over the road a mile from home. Mom saved what onion bags she gotten from friends who'd save us them for us, then I'd hang them off nails driven into the basement's overhead floor joists.
It wasn't until I had a family of my own did I figure out how to crack them without the shells flying all over the floors for late not fancy stepping finding the lost pieces. I had either had cut or found a four inch piece of steel pipe two inches in length I'd set on another piece of half inch flat steel preferably on the floor. It was where in these pieces of combined steel the walnut was placed. By and by as time went on I fearlessly let the children have all the fun with a ball-peen swat-ski (hammer), even to separating the meats from the shells. Kids thought it great fun. And me, I unselfishly enjoyed sampling a many a the Christmas and winter candy and cookie Frieda showed the boys and girls how to make.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

About Theories

I’ve finally put together two theories having had argued with Herr Clink over all our many years together. I’ve also found out neither one of them works.
Now onto matters of a less serious nature. Almost all the Cushman’s clutching parts were here this morning. Still missing a pilot bearing. (sniff) So. I had wanted lash the valves. Only I had a problem. I didn’t bring the book of instructions with me and I wasn’t I had remembered the clearances correctly. Food! By myself I decided to haul in hay. First things first I took all the wagons to the shop for airing tires. I found myself suspicious something had gone wrong; for, every last tire was holding air. (????) Two trips to spot all three the wagons first I traded truck for skidsteer loader. The wagons loaded I switched machines back. To bring the loaded wagons up. Checking last bales baled they weren’t going to keep. Only three days old I opted for wrapping them to save them and have them come out better summer fresh after a 90 days pickling. Then it was getting onto 1:00 o’clock lunch time.
A good half day put away before lunch, planning on hitting the other end anyway for some more Cushman engine work, I was also summoned to make more dig looking for that elusive buried power line to the barn. On that scene and kept waiting I delved into the engines valves until some were ready for me. A bale of hay put out, I was then back to emptying dirt out of a hole full. And as pattern would have it I clipped the waterline again taking a longer piece to repair it this time. This project curtailed for the time being until a powerline wire finder may be begged, borrowed, or liberated this project stands at an impasse. Parts and tools stuff put away I returned to my engine and went as far as my available parts and mind would let me. Yup, A couple hours earl off, they’d been earned.
Lets gopher ride
The distanced property line is about the most colorful fall display of color we’ve got so far.
The pastures are abounding with meadow mushrooms and puff balls some coming other going.
This an emergence of both species.
If I weren't so depleted evenings I'd bring some home, cut up, blanch, package and freeze some. But, I've only got so much energy. BGKC.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Where does time fly

While working on Cushman engine, just beyond a little to the left sets the azzkicker. Where has all my spring and summer time gone? It’d only take one day’s tinkering to finish it up including setting it out/up for use. Then again one not enough I need to get busy upon a second one. Why, even out in my own backyard I can easily use three such contrivances. And, I’ve only enough materials enough to construct but one more.
Story time…..
Once upon a time a many lived years ago…….
A knight in dirty armor visiting a place of disposals, recycling, a [place of silent trades and priceless deals over questionable treasures come and gone, some even lost forever. One day, catching eye upon the distant mountain ridges there covered with iridescent colors marking the sky line with the brilliant colors sun’s refractored/reflected greens and blues off of millions of blue bottle flies. Blesseded be what I was about to see where I had stood but moment to take in the scene. Standing there I spied a rare and notable treasure to be rediscovered and its priceless value depreciated by the masses, for I was one to share, not one to selfishly keep its benefit for me alone. Oh, how my thoughts had run, perhaps even run true should I present such a treasure to the one I loved.
To have meant taking my well being serious, it meant my climbing some foot hills to the mountain, that distanced ridge beckoning me on, to see for myself a truth if it were there what could put me into good stead with thee lovely lady of my old dreams. I carefully plodded on. Picking my steps to find a safe trail to the top I had taken seriously my quest. My also hoping my quest was real.
Oh yeah, by its image under somewhat closer inspection I found it to be real enough. Digging it up out of the dirt I had an idea what I had. It’d only be upon closer cleansing and closer inspection once the over burdening be washed away should I know my found treasure’s worth for projected value and use. Suddenly my hands full I knew my retreat off the mountain must be ever more carefully descended to keep my find intact if I were to ever benefit its promise of renewed priceless use.
Home’s arrival I took to preliminary washing my find with a short piece of garden hose to wash away the sins what had covered my treasure’s beauty for I didn‘t know how many days? In somewhat presentable form I entered my domicile with a great expectation I might again be appreciated for my thoughtfulness. I could hope? My love seeing what I held in my hands before her very eyes eagerly took it out of my hands to place it in the kitchen sink with soap and water the elements of neglect to wash away. Washed and rinsed rising out of the ashes, mud, and sorrow a-rose in her deft hands a gloriously all together most fashionable fired clay bowl. The kind ideally suited for making and letting bread dough rise.
Remarkably the Knight didn’t look so all that tarnished and dirty any more. For in no way what a shower and laundered duds could not fix. The gift regardless from where it had been gotten, come from the city’s dump, was welcomed for the thought behind it rather than it’s worth lasting a reminded memory for likely twenty five/thirty years. Sadly one day the bowl’s magic running out it collapsed into a mound made up of hundreds of pieces.
Uh, how about somebody lending me your knee replacements for a few days? A trial run don‘t you know.
Mine are like paining me something fierce, particularly the left one, like crawling on it groveling for Herr Mostess’s forgiveness.

Rolling up from working under a machine to kneeling on it for the last bit of pushing myself up with my knuckles I'm experiencing growing pains daily worsening in calf and/or both thigh, plus when walking the occasional feeling of almost being let down, if you know what I mean?

Any way, I've been thinking it may be my time to start thinking bionic? Ouch!
Had a good day’s work put into the Cushman engine. It is about ready to go. The valves need lashing and the timing set closer for an easy first start. Clutch, pressure plate, flywheel parts are supposedly coming home from Lansing this evening. There seems to be a problem with the throughout bearing. I hope it is a readily easy fix without my having to wait another week for the last part. It could be in the stars I may have my Cushman started and running by tomorrow night. I hope a hope.
You got wind?
We’ve had some wind this morning:
A portion of a tree along side driveway come down just missing house:
A couple chunks of trees come down in barnyard:
My road has managed to have itself blocked:
Looks like I'll be cutting and splitting next winter's firewood. BGKC.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What be my Luck……

…….so much to do I’m saving my list until I’m done with it one way or another. One thing sure I can use a break in the weather.
Wow, what a moon rise we had evening last, so big and low in the sky it imaginatively looked like it could have rolled right over our house flattening it like a pancake. With a little bit of meteorological luck I may just enjoy seeing that great big early evening old man moon rise again.
I remember some wonderful days of old when I had courted my best girl. I liked to occasionally stop on a Lake Michigan bluff over looking the lake waters the moon hung out just right to shine over us from the southwest. I remember once telling her, “I’ve those diamonds spread at your feet just for you.“ And that kiss what followed steaming the windows had me continuing my taking her home before I had done something I’d not want to explain.
As circumstance would have had it Red the tom cat having had bodily failed to stop traffic has nearly left Sweetheart alone with but three exceptions. Fuzzy Wuzzy’s disappearance has either left or orphaned three surviving kittens down in the barn. The lot of them coming closer to me everyday I’ll have a leather gloved hand on one any one of these days. Why must each of them be so contrary to a hand reached out to them?
Eh! So I lied. IF I write them down my day’s plans I’ll better remember my them like: change the ladies pasture over, grind grain, rake hay, find Cushman engine problem and correct, and lastly bale the raked hay.
A frost we had so light last week has failed a wholesale change our foliages color disposition. It was last year if I remember correctly our seasonally fall heavy frost was almost two weeks late. As warm as it has been we could possibly see a repeat.
Walking down to the barn our having had a lot of rain lately I’m still walking up stream to cross the creek. The very same creek I’m seeing frogs in it where I’d never seen frogs before.
Exhausting my listed plans one by one with moving right along just as if I knew what I was doing, I had me one fine day. For example……
Driving out to the hay field I run into the darnedest wild turkey conclave if there ever was one. Between 40 and 50 birds taking off, their numbers perhaps even beyond my estimation.
GOOD GOLLY MOLLY! I’ve finally got that Cushman engine’s crank, rods, and pistons with rings rolling thru and over just as sweetly silky smooth as they’s supposed to! Halleluiah! See, the third time is the charm no mater how many third times it takes to det it right. {;^))
…….by evening’s 7:30 darkening skies I had finished my list in today’s good time. Hmmm, good times really. It was liking a Hell’s reversal of bad luck my finishing every thing for the good in a timely manner.
Back home it were beer time for any mild mannered embroideried day.
I am one happy camper.
I remember my mother’s sewing material’s barrel. It were a great big 50 gallon sized heavy paper barrel. I remember for she was always in and out that barrel looking for the right material for any spur of the moment project or refolding the many pieces material to move the folds. Something about cloth may wear-out on the folds whether used, worn or not. Living in the country my folks weren’t the spur of the moment kind to run to town whenever an idea hit either one of them. Thus when all was said and done that occasional monthly or once a week shopping trip to town Mom was always watching for the bargain. Many of those bargains were the bolt ends from department store's sewing departments. It was absolutely wonderful all the winter shirts she’d either found or seen in the barrel of many colored cloths. BGKC.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st day Fall

Written answer on a thread:
“Why don’t you retire?
Oh good Lawd. Already admittedly retarded, what would I ever look forward to if I weren't playing in this 600 acre sandbox?
The ladies behavior paralleling child like behavior. Doing, finishing a job well done. Breakdowns requiring immediate fixes. Looking forward to an overhaul running and working again. That’s the Cushman these days! So many tractors and implements to play with. Watching, enjoying the elements plus the meteorological surprises.
Springs a-field watching the trees leaf out while planting. The whole rebirth of another year’s spring waiting watching calves born, sometimes personally involved with putting my hand in. Summers taking in the sights ALL insects, song birds and water fowl flights north, and all earth bound wildlife. Falls bringing in the crops while watching the foliage changes into glorious color. Dreading the loss of those colors to winds and rains. Hearing the crunching of snow under my feet in the silence my walking on a Winter’s deepening white blanket. Taking delight in the sight of snow covered driveway cleared. Winter’s slower time spent in the shop fixing right everything what was delayed the last summer. I’m already looking forward to making fix my favorite most useful hay-rake, the Allis Chalmers, for the next season’s haying. Let me not forget the required fixes three tractor hydra-drive transmissions. Hopeful we’ll finally have all the tractors on line this next year. And most of all experiencing all those irritating pains letting me know in their absence those days I really feel invincibly young again good.

As for the medical issues, they are conditions, we must just fit them in.

As for the one day's trip the other day, we hadn't planned on the roads being so devoid of traffic. We lucked out upon that trip that particular day. We can't luck out always having a back-road going everywhere.

What else would I (we) ever do?
A wet morning here, I took a few minutes more than my usual and caught on Kelly and Regis’s morning show Kelly’s high heeled run-a-thon. OMG, safely this side my TV screen, all them dangerously heeled wimmins limbs, running, coming at me looked like an out of control stampede. Whew!
By golly I believe I’ve got all my Cushman engine parts together. At last it will be my third attempt to assemble the Cushman engine. Be it the charm? If I should get to it this drippy, rainy, afternoon?
*&%9%*&)*98+ Cushman engine. I managed to have nearing together, slipping the flywheel onto it, the engine would not completely roll over again. *&%9%*&)*98+ engine, I get to take it apart again. The pistons are a-okay this time. I may have a rod bolt issue. *&%9%*&)*98+ Sooner or later I will get it right. All gaskets and seals salvaged twice should be usable once more. Ahem, the one smart thing I did do, when I had found the proper replacement locking rod nuts I purchased enough extra I’m still in good shape for on hand parts. Will I ever get the *&%9%*&)*98+ thing right?
Sheesh, yesterday afternoon it was a stiff wrist pin what took some time to loosen. What’s going to be next.
One Lady on the ball, seeing and/or hearing me come home, she sounded out the news. I could hear the news repeated all the way out to the Duck Pond. I was only moments and thru the voids in the fauna growing along side one of the fences I saw them coming. In for my rattlers I’d had to get back outside and check fences for tomorrow morning’s pasture change. Darn it, I miss my Cushman!!!!
Oh yeah, I guess we had a heck of a storm blow through here last night. Both of us right on the ball we slept though it. Keeping our empty returnable bottles in a two bushel tub on the back side of the ramp the winds picked up some of the bottles scattering them around some of the yard in front of the same ramp. I can attest to our receiving plenty of rain. Going down to the front barn this morning when I got to the barnyard creek, it filled with water, I had to go up stream to cross it. All said and done, my wanting to nap this afternoon I might come out with this day better than it finished, Cushman wise. BGKC

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A lazy crazy day

For the day’s openers after the usual chores I found myself be-seated on top the digger-backhoe. Watching others make dig in hole I was destined to keep cleaned out while the lot of us looked for some elusive power lines. Three quarters the day spent on enlarging that growing hole and all I personally managed to do was I cut the main water line, which of course that pipe eventually required my expertise patching it up so the mamas and their calves would have water.
Surprise, surprise, I got in a couple hours making fix on Cushman engine replacing the pistons on the connecting rods. That was fun. The repair manual suggested I needed a special tool for working on the wrist pins. Me no got, I improvised. Using an oak 4x4 with a notch cut in the middle and the ten ton press I made squeeze the old pins out the new pins in.
Oh yeah, I did three loads laundry and delivered a four box care package to some one having less to eat than us.
So it was all this fun what caused me to enjoy my exclusive Shorthorn country day. BGKC

Monday, September 20, 2010

more of today by golly

It was when I had finished my grind Terry come waltzing over after all that work was done. While he was here though and likely the only help I might get for who knows how long he agreed to help me struggle the cap off my Greene machine. Lighter than imagined it wasn’t to difficult. We took our time with plenty of breathers, until we finally leaned it against an outside wall. Then I got him to go with me to bring the mower home.
I made it to lunch an hour early so I could get into the hay field as soon as it was dry enough. I did and near plugged the mower, at least a half dozen times, managing to stop, back the machine with the cutting edges close to the ground dragging the mess off to clear the cutter bar, knives and rock guards. Terry wanting to pick up some corn grindings (or screenings) I had waited to put away the grinder mixer until mid afternoon. AND, Then with nobody to witness it, I had backed that Leland and grinder-mixer all the way down to the barn, through the creek, across the front barnyard, and into the barn without so much as a single correction, and that’s not even a sneakily coasted one. I’d bet it has been a year or longer since I had done that the last time. Most likely nobody seeing me do it that time either. Then I checked the mail as it was tea time. And wouldn’t I know it no lottery check nor moneys owed me in the mail neither. Good golly molly, I only wanted a glass of tea, not a whole quart. I managed to put half of it down. The other’s going back in the ice box for supper or a drink later.
Out again picked up Tom to help me load the spent rear-end so I could et rid of it. At the same time I tried to collect a core charge from the same fellow who had taken care of my purchase only last Friday. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. A couple moments passed we both laughed while I just happened to mention, “There are days a guy just can’t get ahead. The whole place laughed at a very old joke. (smile)
BULETIN: Just arriving half way through my rattlers settlings wait Nr. Brown has just dropped off my buggy’s overhaul kit’s missing brand new Cushman engine pistons. It’ll be some kind of liking a snowballs chance to stay afloat all this week my getting a chance to do something, anything, with those pistons tomorrow. Ohhhhh shucks! Why me? I’ll tell you why!
Sparky assisting Raymond they brought a couple power cords out into the yard along a presumed line marked on the ground the other day when they had marked that power line’s under ground path. Today with a homemade ground rod driven in the earth, that broken leg turned on, they used a sensitive low voltage meter to pick any stay voltage that last Spring’s damaged underground leg may be emitting. That power line emitting low voltage from “O” > “O.1” until they hit a place the meter plainly read “4.1” > “4.2” volts, it is thought that is the place to dig. That’s my job come morning. Whooppeee. And just to show I harbor no hard feelings over this power loss calamity I bought a brand new fiberglass handled Panama shovel for tomorrow’s hand digging part of the power line search. Well, that is that!
Well now, my rattlers’ hour passed, I had gotten our trash bundled, tied, and set beside the road. I’ve also dressed down, making myself comfortable, and smelling my supper while writing and waiting for that hour to pass. An early lunch has made me ravenous.
So now, here I sit tired wanting go bed and still light out. So tired I don’t even want to write nor edit a thing. To heck with it I gotta go bed. BGKC.


I’m sure I’m unsure what day it is! Counting backwards, and recounting the days forward its got to add up to Monday morning, I think? I awoke this morning with aches and pains in places I didn’t know I’ve got. One or two things sure, I’d not gotten Greene’s fixed, if it hadn’t been for Tom and Barry’s assistance exchanging the rear axel housing. And at that we had merely remover the old broken axel and re-hung the stripped down replacement axel between rain showers. Alone yesterday I crawled in and out, rolled around tis-way’n’that under Greene all day, and I mean all day. While Tom had removed the brake assemblies from both axels assemblies, I put them back together again yesterday, without the common everyday ordinary brake tools of yesteryear (1950’s and 60’s). It was an odd pair of extremely long needle nose pliers what were my ally behind yesterdays brake drum what I near lastly beat on last think. Well, not really lastly, Just that the words “Beat the drum slowly” come to mind, perhaps reflective of the moments I had finished Greene and had picked up put 80% of the tools and excess parts away, unceremoniously celebrated as I was all alone with nothing stronger than an emptied root beer can to toast myself for a job well done..
Greene’s gloriously done in time I get to go to elevator for pre-grind fixings. I’ve got to grind grain today. Whoopee, nothing like getting right back into the throws and thrills of full time farming chore today. My celebration short perhaps I’ll luck out with a one-way ride to bring the mower-conditioner home for one more hay cut.
Damn it. I’m cussed sore all over, if I were to take a pain reliever, I wouldn’t know where to send it for its benefit first?
Good morning for now. BGKC

9-19-2010 I got to do’s

Yuk, yuk, yuk; between a lot of writing, loading lots of stolen and my taken pictures about our recent fractured day trip's fictional story, I'll hopefully finish a serious repair on our new (to us) truck what had broke eight miles from here that trip, our just making it home. Today I must to sit on a stool or chair between rain showers without reservation and finish the fix.
Rainbow day indeed?!
During yesterday’s shower’s; I been, doing, sorting my ridiculous paper savings, cleaning, sweeping, to move old TV for setting up the new TV. One of the best parts all this sorting and shoveling, I found all manner bits and pieces of many a short story writings, and two written manuscripts I had completely forgotten about. Hot-dam, I’m having a good time. Inside/outside this house. Eureka!
The weather changing we’ve got more flies in the house everyday these day’s. My aim with the sly-water’s as bad as it has been with so many near misses, I’ve simply got to find some time today to re-sight-in all both them single twisted wire barreled fly smashing guns.

9-18-2010 A trip postponed

I don’t know what I’d done without them. Tom supposed to take wife north to see her mother Tom and Barry helped me switch Greene’s kaput rear axel housing. It would have been a Hell of an exhausting push and pull day by myself if it weren’t for their help.
This written and added 9-20-2010 Thank You, Kathy!

9-17-2010 Well spent day

As best I can remember I fretted over Greene’s inevitable breakdown the rear axel about to lock up. Spent good portion of the day on phone seeking truck parts. I finally found a source for replacements with the only choice I had all day. Take it or leave it. Taking my chances I drove into the edges of the city for my junkyard need.
The drive into town uneventful. So far, so good. The clumsy junkyard apes handy with a torch removed from another donor vehicle had dropped it smashed and clogged all the open pores with dirt. The brake lines were crushed, the studs bent threads destroyed and every open bolt hole was packed in junkyard filth.
Getting it to the shop was a fun drive. Three time Greene’s rear end had tried to lockup. Once for a stop sign, once for a traffic light and again for a head on school bus stop. Greene’s return tripping was just that, a real trying it catching tripping.
This a catch-up writing, it’s the best I’m allowing myself to do. The last three days (three days?) some of it a blur. It’s the best I’m allowing myself to do, my dragging ass three days behind.
This written and added 9-20-2010. So, sue me!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Re: Speaking of Malls

I’m thinking some malls don’t want our senior citizen patronage. For instance once upon a time I knew of only two malls furnishing electric three wheeled scooters for the handicapped and those powered rides were not easy to get to. To begin with mall parking lots are normally enormous. Handicapped parking for what there is usually some distance always the other side of a minimum three vehicle wide fire land around the facility.
Okay, these malls had the electric chairs. To use one the individual first had to find his or her way to the malls security offices hidden somewhere within the bowels of the complex. I had found when I had needed a chair by the time I had found it, after the distance I had bravely covered just to get there all I wanted was a ride back to the doors I had originally come in through. I was exhausted. I haven’t been to a mall since. Now that my health has been restored somewhat, for any extensive distances I might have liked to cover I can’t do it. I may still occasionally require a powered scooter. Frieda’s ability to comfortably get around has slipped even further away from her. So, we don’t go. It has been some time since I’ve ever stepped inside a mall, with but one exception and that is only because that merchant I wish to do business with is one of those with a handy outdoor entrance, Sears for their tool department.
Thank goodness there are some very open minded accommodating super stores furnishing powered ascooters right inside their doors. A couple/three of them I patronize are Lowes, Home Depot, Meijer’s Thrifty acres, and the VG’s super grocery, These are some stores around the Flint area’s suburbs. AND, if they haven’t one for you, they’ll find one.
A rainy day, unable to make hay, waiting on parts for the shop projects, I took a vacation day. Frieda and I took a drive up around the perimeter of lower Michigan’s thumb. Just a few miles north of our home, crossing our county‘s line, the differences in roads was strikingly different. Our goal was to see as Lake Huron, as much of the country and towns making up the thumb’s peoples. Wanting to avoid traffic we moseyed east over country roads to avoid traffic. Anxious to see the water I pressed us on. When we had reached the US highway tieing the thump peninsula’s commerce together was practically devoid of traffic and was worried about getting into traffic situations over my head. The whole drive was so unreal. Most of the (heck, all) US highway had been recently rebuilt and updated what looked like within the last ten years. I suspect it was to make the road more attractive to out of state tourists. We had traveled many a mile between meeting another vehicle on that road the whole trip up and back.
I took a many a picture as well as many not near enough. I’ll post the pictures another evening when I’ve down and up loaded them adding my impression’s comments about what we saw and the people we met. It was on Hell of a day! BGKC.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Speaking of Malls

When we were younger we liked going to the Mall. We can't walk them halls anymore. Was the time I took the family, turned them loose, find myself a very comfortable centrally located seat, watch the teenage heifers chewing their cuds on the go wearing winter coats over their cropped tops and hip hugging mini skirts, and reminisced what I hadn't seen in my time, and inspired I chased Pretty around the house until I was caught for umm mmm yum......
Farm scenes
First thing out of the house, down the drive, entering the front barn yard, looking left last night’s bloated calf was looking good. Alert, ears erect, bright eyed, and shown me a trot. Passing through a couple gates to see him closer up he scurried across the corral for mama’s protection. Yup, he’ll be alright now!
Wanting to park Greene close to the shop I had to move the JD with the rotor-conditioner on it out of the way. In as much as I hadn’t tried the it out, I put it into gear this morning. What a lot of noise it was making. Tom standing by me cracks, “A lot quieter ain’t it!” As I didn’t thing so I used the air pressured grease gun on the pivot pin until grease came out the ends. No help with the squealing I went for the chain oil liberally skirting it up the cutter bares driven end. Ah ha, the noise had been found and quieted.
As I ate my lunch, poor Greene was setting up on blocks in front of the shop awaiting this afternoon’s delivery of new parts: two calipers and one rotor. I had gotten the pads yesterday. Next Greene will likely need rear brake shoes. I’ve no complaints, I bought it as is expecting some fixing. Was still a lot less money than had a slick talking “horse trading” auto dealer had been involved. I’m still happy with it. Just think, I haven’t had the truck a month and I’m already using TOOLS on it. Until later!
Lunch hour wasted feeding my face, A run into town for Greene’s parts, and putting Greene all together again, priceless.. My Lard, the parts prices totaled were a sezematic shock to me. A rotor, two calipers, and yesterday’s pads all were less than half the price I used to pay a few years ago just for onr rotor. Unreal, they’ve got to have been imported. What can I say? Took three fillings Dot III fluid before the calipers were bleed out. How sweet it is hitting the brakes WITHOUT hands having Greene come to a complete stop in a straight line. Enough on Greene’s repairs for now. While Raymond and Tom looked over an put in some considerable thought, no one has yet come up with fix for the Tall Ollie’s leaking distributor pump. I on the other hand pulled the rods and pistons out of the Cushman engine. I hope the pistons come faster than it took for the rod bearing. I made me a new parts want list for Me, the Cushman, plus Greene, and the Farm.
Sneakily I palmed my chores off onto Tom. He never knew what I had done to him. I drove NE for Herr Mostess’s finally filled prescription. Having picked Handy up for the original intent we then proceeded over to the Crossroads For his mom’s scrips, and hungry as I was, I walked the grocery isles filling a cart with all manner of foods we didn’t need. Oh well, TV snacks fill out any unplanned occasion. BGKC

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3rd time’s the charm

Off and running before Her Mostess was up and navigating I had finished my chores and on my way. A stopped by the shop to optimistically picked up some the Cushman’s tired old service parts for on the parts store scene replacement. Optimistically I brought home a new fan felt, a new oil filter, and a new air cleaner. I mean optimistic!
Putting the mower-conditioner together for the 3rd time this AM with the correct bearings picked up this same morning had to have been the charm. It was nearing lunch time when I had finished.
All done making fix the Mower-conditioner pitman arm bearings except for putting away the tools.
This was a good time to break off the repairs whilst I had at least one project done to the good. Besides I had some of that hay to bale, the same hay I had cut the other day up until the M-C had quit.
A cold lunch and I was headed out back with the hay rake. Took me a shade over an hour to rake what was cut. What it boiled down to “Waste not, want not!” A three hour drying period it’d be ready to bale. Then it was back to the shop and the Cushman engine. I had left it alone since the other day when while assembling it locked up failing to rollover. As much as I disliked the idea of taking the engine apart there was little else I could do. Essentially with the jugs removed, installing each rod and piston one at a time, turning the crank everything was working, clearing fine, and hunky-dory.
Cushman engine was going together nicely until………..
Both rods and pistons installed, juggling my protective sock covered pistons in my hands, I turned the crank shaft again, right up until both piston skirts come locked up tighter than the hubs of Hell against the throws of the crankshaft. Disappointed, discouraged, at a loss for what’s next, it was tea time. On arrival home I got on the phone and called the Cushman engine rebuild kit provider for advice, an inquiry as to what had or hadn’t done right or these parts to work? Discussing my problem with a gentleman on the other end we determined I had the wrong piston. Fact was I didn’t have the pistons I was supposed to have gotten in my engine rebuild kit. The gentleman apologized and assured me my pistons were on the way.
What had happened the piston pin hole in the pistons had been move down an eighth of an inch for crankshaft clearance. Now, I’m hopping to have this Cushman back together and running again before it becomes my coffin. Where had today’s time gone. Rattler time had snuck up on me as well as it were time I go out and bale my hay. It’s clear, I need more to do!
Fixing to bale hay found tractor radiator screen a mite plugged with weed seeds…
……The radiator cleared of seeds and stuff (stuff: technical term) I went out back and did my baling thing the hay I had cut right up until the mower-conditioner had broke, the other day. The first bale I rolled was close to moisture tolerances. Rain predicted for this evening, they were going to have to be close enough. I continued baling. Next to the last roll it started sprinkling. Okay, bring out the umbrellas, I wasn’t quitting my baling for nothing. I was all most done. And I wanted this finished. Luckily the rain drops as big as nickels and dimes drying as they lit on the tractor; and, they up and quit before I had finished that bale. Hey so, the last bale was moistened a wee bit as liking only a light dew. All was copasetic. Well almost!
On the way back up front we’ve got a calf bloating. Barry already here, Keith rolling in, they went out to bring up the cow and calf for the calf’s treatment. I went after a halter. Seeing them coming I detoured back to the barn and opened the corral. Then joined the troops making sure the cow with calf didn’t loose her way into that corral. An hour later Raymond and Keith reappeared without my knowledge. By the time I caught up with them they were wrapping it up. They had tube-ed the calf (hose down the throat into the stomach) to relieve gas. Calf’s distress relieved and medicated, it was figured the calf would be okay come morning. BGKC

Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Day for Cussing's extras

I mean it! It has been one Hell of a Good Day for cussing. I honestly feel like letting it all out. Everything I worked on or at was either jinxed or jeopardized by circumstance’s coincidence’s. The mower-conditioner was shop delivered bright and early. Pieces measured, noted, and carried away for bearing replacements. The M-C needs looked after I turned my attention towards the Cushman engine. Myself morning fresh the mistakes in yesterday’s assembly were quickly taken care of. The day’s work involved my completing the engines final assembly. About the time I was fixing to set the engines timing, Raymond called me away to put the varied parts together upon the M-C. Doing some more disassembly I managed to steady the pitman arm for easier taking the old off, putting the new in. Old bearing races removed, the new ones failure to go in, they measured .020 oversized. A phone call was made where as where the $6.00 bearing will not go, whereupon, tomorrow morning’s $21.00 bearings will surely fit better. Oh the value of the inflated $1.00 (buck)!
When it was discovered the M-C repairs were defeated for today I turned my attention back onto the Cushman engine. Putting a wrench on the flywheel nut, giving the wrench a twist upon the flywheel nut, I found I had but only 180* stop to stop crankshaft rotation. Oh Crapola! The crankshaft had freely turned it’s 360* on initial assembly. It has got to be that extra ¼” throw on the cranks rod journals has caused a rod’s hitting somewhere inside the crankcase shell.
No fix the M-C for the wrong bearings, then the connecting rod hitting itself on the crankcase’s inside’s I was about to spit nails upon freely demonstrative spillage of so many extra naughty words my Mommy would have surely cuffed me a week sure over their addition inclusive the first and second dilemmas. It was time I called it a day. I come home put the trash out, checked my laundry, hayed the ladies, and eventually had supper. I’ll take the Cushman engine back apart tomorrow or the next day provided I have time. BGKC.

Thunder & Lightening

“Early to bed, early to rise.“ Yeah, near as exhausted as the last four or five days getting to the last one I still went to bed early. This could become habit forming. Whatever will be my gay blade loss excuse. I awake (1:00 AM) to see flashes of white light flashing across the windows all sides of the house. Our house was sitting in the middle of a thunderstorm. I got up, turned on the outside light, and what I saw was a wet deck. What the “H” was this? I was supposed to have had four days clear weather. What is this? I had seen these four days coming as hay making days. Curses, as if I haven’t had made enough freaking dumb luck mistakes for one day. It’s had to rain upon my plans, as well? Perhaps I may get some more done on the Cushman engine. I’d like that. The Cushman’s help is surely missed on my part. Cushman down, I’ve been getting in a lot more walking exercise than I think I want to become re-accustomed to.
On another front I’ve got a neighbor bringing my more firewood to cut up. Wonderful, will there ever be a day I may catch up. Okay, When I couldn’t open my email, for a snafu, I called my cable provider and learned we’re all ready wired and equipped for HD TV. So, all I got to do is get rid of the old tube one and set up the new one. Darn it, near broke again. It’ll be a few months till I may make a couple new book cases. I’d like to see my (our) library table cleared off and my computer on it. Thinking about it. If I should just become overly ambitious this station could be down for a few days. Something to think about for sure. Making changes?
Meanwhile, while I was up any way, had me same cheese and apple juice, maybe something fattening in my tummy I’ll sleep. And may just as well put drops in my eye. These ones may make up for the one out of four I usually manage to miss everyday.
Just the right hours later I awoke again yawning as if I were going the wrong way, away from rather than to the bed. So I was up, counted out my rattlers and took them, place ice on my lower back, then set here like a big stupid-ooo, and without any display of any intelligence yawned some more and scratched my beard and neck like a naked ape that I am. Assuming I wasn’t to sure what day it was I looked it up. By golly it is a Monday. A new day has begun, one where on I put my trash out to be picked up and hauled away again. Is there any significance in this last act? I doubt it. I’m just practicing some melancholia. I could not have written all this paragraph’s drivel without it being good for something. (hehe) I can laugh at myself. Shish I might better get the news channel to see and listen to all the network lies. That’s better, now I’ve something outside myself to look forward to.
Frieda on getting up inquired of if I ‘d been up all night, I assured her I hadn’t. I had only just gotten up in time to sort and take my rattlers. And, now I was trying to look intelligent. The big help that she is all ways imaginable, “I would not no an intelligent look upon you if I ever saw one.” Now, what would I ever have done with out her all these years. Now, I’ve got what she’s just said to figure out what she meant by that? I think I’ll can this and start a more inelegant writing for the day later. Now BGKC while get ready to figure this out.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Still more catching up

Was 1st Fire
The house feels so cozy, for last evening’s first fire of the heating season lingers on this morning. Holy smok’ems, Last evening’s fire so widely welcomed around here, by all both of us, I’d best better be getting some kindling and/or fire starter in the house for some easy starts. Yeah, some of both would be good.
Lets see what would I like to do today? 1st in (on) my mind I want to work on the Cushman while I’m morning fresh. Most likely haul in clover hay. It’s going to be a couple days before the next hay cuttings push. Whatever I do It won’t hurt if I were to find and have handy for use a couple stretched out socks to protect my Cushman’s pistons and rings during the engine’s assembly.
Sunday AM
Looking at this morning’s weather report I had thought I’d be cutting more hay by 11:00 AM. Temperatures predicted all up and down the weather thermometer these four days drying may be at the mercy of the breezes and hay rake. Oh joy. It looks like today’s alfalfa cutting wont be an easy one to put up. But I’m going to give a Shorthorn country try.
I doubted I’d see anything of the Cushman it was going to be later in the day. Well that’s what I had also thought. I tightened the hay wagon lug bolts, fed the ladies, untangled the only gate wire I open off a skidsteer wheel, and put it back up where it belonged. Thinking again, was this the way my day was going go all day, as I loaded my carcass in Greene and headed out for the shop?
Holy smokes, I actually got to work on the Cushman engine for three hours. Getting hungry, coming home I could see the grasses were still wet, to wet for mowing. What a disappointment, I guess I’ll just have to settle for working on the Cushman for awhile. }:^) Oh, I feel so badly. };^)
While I did manage some headway with the Cushman’s reassembly I found I had put it together wrong having left one of two very important parts out. Nuts! So I loosened one jug from the main block. After I had found a correct “O”-ring I slipped the part into the jug from the ar side. Okay, the first one was easy. And, that is where I quit,
Having finally gotten dry enough and late enough into the afternoon it were time to mow another hay field. Lucky me Chip had been at it again. He an Bro’ made these goofy arrangements what mean more work for me. While trying to mow through the supposed cleaned up area where Chip had dropped a couple trees the mower-conditioner broke a knife blade on a piece of overlooked brush. Unable to run the machine without that blade means nothing but continuous plugs. So, I had to take the machine up, go to shop for repairs tool box and assorted parts for such a task. The M-C repaired I went back out to the field and half way across the field the pitman arm fell apart a weld breaking the pitman arm shaft near lost a bearing differently lost. Nut’s! My mowing for this day was certainly done. To late for ordering a part it was definitely quitting time meaning an extra early start in the morning finding a number and ordering a part for after dinner’s delivery.
Nuts, what a whole freaking day it had been. Didn’t matter what I touched it had to have something go wrong with it. I certainly hope Monday is a much better day than this one had been. BGKC.

More catching up

9-11-2010 tired rain day
Each word in the title is a wee story in it self. First word “tired” is the way I came last night, and hadn’t improved much in spite of long night’s interrupted sleep. Up and down all night long, thankfully I had no trouble re-falling to sleep. The second word “rain” is what we got after I emptied out Greene, gone by the elevator, we (tom joined me) had ground grain, had individual lunches, and put a new tire on the hay wagon. Already started to rain at shop I had just gotten the wheel back on the wagon when it started coming down. It has been raining steady ever since. Now, I must remember to tighten the lug bolts before moving it. The third word “day” means little other than I’m happy to have seen another one.
Once the rain started my spirits were dampened enough I gave up doing anything more for the afternoon and that included working on the Cushman. Humidity dampening the air all morning the rain didn’t do anything to improve. Besides I decided to consider it a few hours I could devote to other pursuits. Strangely enough one of them was a nap. Waking from that I put on a trashy candidate for the trash or ragbag shirt. I put a wrench for lug bolts on the floor’s hump. Then moved (drove) out to the hay yard and fed the ladies. When I got back unable too take it any longer I built us a fire. It smells kind-a funny, that first time firing the old parlor stove up smell, but that’s okay. We’ll soon get used to it again. Besides it feels oh so durned burned good Then it was, THEN IT WAS, while sitting here, WHILE SITTING HERE, I remembered, I REMEMBERED, I hadn‘t shut the gate, I HADN‘T SHUT THE GATE. Whew, that’d be all I need, a bunch of ladies gone out for a walk scattered all over the neighborhood in the dark. And, I told them about that not going out alone in the dark, even if they’re all together. Whew!
I just hate these short order memories. They are the pits. Meanwhile the fire feels oh so good, my sitting right here in front of it. Oh phooey, I’d forgotten to cover my wood piles before this rain. I guess I get to remember to do it all over again, what! BGKC.

Trying to catch up

9-10-2010 Hope time helps
Have wakened last three mornings with backaches. So, having a few extra moments this morning I leaned my low back into an ice pack. Ain’t nothing to worry about as it seems to go away soon after I’ve busied myself with the farm does. I suspect my mornings discomfort has been cause via the tractor seated hours I’ve put in twisted on the seat watching whatever implement I’ve got the tractor running. Hmm, as much baling I’ve go to do today I might better do more standing on the tractor’s topless open station.
On the sudden season changes. Hot and cold, cold and hot, how does a body dress? I’ve taken more chills the last four days, I suspect if I were to relax even for a moment I’ll come down sick. With that in mind how might I head off my present pessimistic attitude? Cough syrup? I’ve four five gallon jugs home made stuff in the dungeons. When I get off a tractor this evening for three days expected rains, dare I indulge myself taking sums preventive medicines? Ooooo! The healthy worry of it all!
Getting this far so quickly into the changing seasons, I’ve been caught wear an extra shirt either to light or to heavy. Yesterday taking a forty-five minute drive each way for my baling I chose to don my barnyard tuxedo. I might have looked ridiculous to some but I was warm. I don’t really want to give into the tux just yet, yet I’m thinking I might better stow one inside Greene’s roomier extended cab. Just in case, mind you, only just in case?
Glory be, with youngest Son’s telephoned help, Greene’s (new pickup) Four Wheel Drive actually works. He had instructed me, “To engage your pushbutton FWD you must backup you new pickup.”
I asked him, “How far?”
He added,” Ohh, about a hundred feet or so.”
Me, “WHAT?”
He, “Ohh, well, maybe ten feet will do it!”
Me again, “What if I’m stuck??”
He comeback with, “Good Luck!” and the little bugger laughed. Lawd, I love that boy.
Very interesting. When I got out later I tried Flip’s words. Truck running, just shifted into reverse, I pushed the 4-high button, moved the truck and had FWD. Okay, alright, then, and how do I get 4-low? Greene stopped, in reverse I pushed 4-high button, put gear shift in neutral, then pushed the 4-low button. Putting Greene in gear, Greene moving forward I had FWD low, Greene just a creping along. Why isn’t this trick printed somewhere. Like I’ve always said, “Not everything is in the book. I’d never thought this truck would have a built in secretive quirk???? What? The engineers stay up nights avoiding such a secrets problem only a select few people may hear of before they spent buco bunches of money to fix for a built in quirk?
5:40 PM
I’m in my house and if I make no sense it may be I have exhausted all my energy baling hay. This morning had to have been the worst morning’s haying I have ever experienced in my entire life and what’s left of its future. Out of seven bales coming out of that baler to were premature. The poor baler left in such straights I had to bring it home for some sesseriousen opening and closing not once but twice. That crazy baler bad twins. Enough was enough, It was shop time for parts and oil retrieval. Getting back I again replaced that troublesome “O”-ring in a proportioning valve in the baler. I added another couple gallons of lost hydraulic fluid to the 1850 tractor. Checked all the fluids while I was at it. Even the hydra-drive needed a quart and got it. The baler cleared and as ready to go again as it ever was I went to lunch. High noon by the sun’s position I was hungry anyway. I was ready for a more than well earned break.
After lunch both baler and tractor operated flawlessly. Evidently I’d finally found some good mojo. The machines behaving themselves I was afforded to opportunity to pick up the pace and most likely finished my baling better than an hour, maybe even two hours sooner than I had estimated this evening. What a day.
Hooked onto my hay wagon. Having a flat tire pulled it a few feet and lost the valve stem. Oh well, I guess that wagon is getting another new tire tomorrow.
And all the mess what came out of the baler? Using the JCB skidsteer I fed those taste morsels out to the ladies. Got to add that last field had a low spot Spring time impassable. Well, I had made it across it with the mower-conditioner a couple day’s ago and I again made it across that normally wasted land to bale up some delicious timothy, brome, and quack-grass for the ladies tastes today.
I swear, I’m what may be known as an unsung hero to these ladies not one of them aware what I do for them, their welfare, their comfort, their bellies filled?
Gosh, I’ve got to get back outside and take that flat tire and rim off the hay wagon for an early morning fix. Even if all I’ve got are the engine parts now, I’d like some time to put more of it back together again. But, I’m almost positive somebody’s about to tell me another grind is needed tomorrow.
Could be a tie here? Me and my sick authorship sliding into a deep snozzzzzzzzz at the same time. BGKC.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Hay Day

Hey, I hayed all day. Well most of it. The mornings start only took two hours to get Frieda moving. It was her idea she needed to see our doctor to confirm the one yesterday’s treatment and prescriptions. I wanted to be a-field when the dew had burned off. But first I had drop Clink off at our Doc’s clinic at the appropriate time for more delay. It was 11:00 AM my getting started raking the hay over a two hour time span. The very length time I had told Frieda it’d take/I‘d be gone.
I got back to Doc’s office just as he was going into mean dissertation about being informed of all of a sudden of a long list medications he may no long prescribe jeopardizing his medical license to practice medicine. It was un real all the drugs seemingly okay a couple days ago. Forgotten today, most of them around for years. Then he was on the phone with our local pharmacist for some clarification. Now the pharmacist must look int this grand FDA dropping long list can’t use drug. It’s seeming as if what was good for us last week have instantly made illegal this week. Next stop three more prescriptions for Her Mostess. One to make her go all day, another one to hold her…uh…er…..all-night.
Finally home our out going mail had been skipped. It happens. Home by 3:30PM. Lunch was the quickest happening all day. At 4:00PM I was off on my not quite perfect green charger. Balling took all the rest of the after noon into evening, my returning home for daylight chores in front of bunch of disgruntled ladies un happy with the fare I had set before them. Tough!!! The sun wasn’t even coming trough the tree tops anymore and it was dark. Far more to bale tomorrow it’ll be another long day.
Backing the tractor up to day before yesterday my approaching today's balled hay field my eyes before me saw a sea of Queen Ann’s Lace blanketing the field of clover just underneath those blossoms. The field mowed all those flower stems crushed passing through the hay conditioner, the sweet smell of carrots infiltrated my nose along with the sweet sent of the clover. The way I was figuring it, if the ladies scarfed up excess carrots the way they had behaved every time I had fed them out the ladies would surely like the tops. Then again, my giving the ladies a sample this evening, they might not?
It having been a long day, my memory perhaps missing some more the interesting particulars, I’ll close before I foul it up. See ya all tomorrow about the same time, same station. BGKC.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hay misery

A-woke 4:00 AM with a stuffed up nose and itching eyes. Must all had to do with my yesterday’s adventures: Cutting clover. raking alfalfa, baling Sudex, and baling the raked alfalfa. Some stiff breezes out of the west steadily hitting 30 mph and above was a big help. Of course the baler created the dust the winds blew about me keeping me in a rolling dust storm traveling east on the tractor that baler right behind. Of course I did the usual hacking, coughing, sneezing, running nose, and an instable urge to rub my eyes. Two eastward runs I cut them out, making all my third runs running west against the wind and north and south the wind keeping the airs cleaned between the two machines. Hey, so much for this boring dribble. But just the same whatever I had just mentioned has made me feel the way I continue to suffer awaked at 4:00 AM.
Today’s rather fixed up to keep me busy. I missed one pass in the Sudex I must bale this very morning first after chores. As breezy as it has been I must check the clover for raking I’m sure must be done. I must be cutting some more (more like all what’s left) Sudex for day after tomorrow’s baling. And with in all these bits of first’s doings I must fit Frieda’s medical appointment in. Arrggghhhh. Looked like a minute by minute day was ahead for me. O, what’ll I do first? Laundry maybe?
Weather turning cooler, last night, Frieda was suggesting she’d like a fire. What a mess we’ve got around that stove. The new TV remains boxed immediately in front the stove doors. I haven’t finished clearing of the old library table a temporary stand. Then there’s the two large sized boxes of fire starting papers and cardboards from junk mail to be tidied to establish a safe heating zone about the whole stove. Yup, the laundry will be easier.
Oh balderdash, I miss some of the old days when as newly weds we had a choice of two TV channels if I could place two hand saws leaned upon the two antenna wire mounting screws, the TV having balanced on a bucket so those handsaw handles from the floor could reach those screws. We were still in the honeymoon clutches each other those days. Frieda’s lingerie choices were nil while I had her wear my pajama top while I wore the bottom’s for scandalous sham of decency if anyone had the voyeur’s urge to watch us. This was our evening garb those days when we had an evening. Who cared whether the TV worked or not, had a picture or not most likely not. After the dishes were done it were the meeting of our hearts under a sofa blanket. It was about then I liked Frieda’s pajama top’s wear. Sylvie.
Now time maybe take rattlers and grab a short snooze until sunup.
Out early I had a lot to fit into today. My first task was to finish up the baling down the road, for one lousy bale made up of the single pass I had cut a couple days ago. Next I attacked more of the remaining standing sudex. When I thought I had cut enough I took to heart the need to rake the clover. I had two hours to do it in so I’d be back in time for Frieda’s told lung doctor Setting out with the little Ford tractor it took me an hour to get there. That’d never do. Not enough time to rake zip I mounted the JD with the mower-conditioner on it and headed home. The JD bit faster tractor I was back home in 45 minutes. I passed our car and driver. Getting our act together we were all off.

After sitting for some time I inquired about our turn. By 4:00 PM we’d been sitting two hours. I’d come to find out Frieda had gotten the time and hour mixed up. When pointed out I could have put another two hours into haying she started blubbering at that moment the doctor come in. Now there was a domestic scene to share with a couple professional men and a busy body tech laying into me for upsetting my wife. Well, she was my wife and my wife is demanding my attention unvarnished. The nosey intruder I set her straight I explained I had a hundred and sixty five head to feed and it wasn’t any of her business how I managed my time or my wife‘s ideas. If I didn’t want my time wasted, that was my business. Truth be known Frieda will shed tear at the drop of any emotion. I didn’t like busy body’s sticking their noses in between us. If she was unhappy she needn’t have tried pushing herself her unhappiness between us.

Getting back home Frieda making plans to call our Doc for confirmation on this other Doctor’s prescriptions. I on the other hand still maybe enough time finish making something of the day. Yeah sure, I got home just in time to find the troops to bend up some of the bale wrapper. I had to holler at them to stop, And when I wanted to set things right for the moment hey stood there, just stood there. I don’t know? I see no sense in continually destroying something if just a moment of time is taken if there’s a bit of cooperation between workers. Dummies!!!! Now, I’ve one heavy piece of steel bar to properly reshape.

Regardless what I’m thinking the sudex hauled in was finally baled. Almost three hours daylight left I hit the road to finish mowing the last of the present standing sudex I’ll bale day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll rake the hay I had cut yesterday and bale it tomorrow. Whew, The day modified twice, I still made something of it and beat sundown by an hour. BGKC.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

....three times day

I never liked school.
Fall‘s start never improved with my aging. Interfered with fall play at first, then picking grapes and apples, eventually messing up shocking corn along with fishing and hunting. Wasn't interested in whispering, smelly, funny face girls so I never messed or missed them oneway or anudder. Our city school got buses my 1st year high and mighty edmucationing. Bus stop a mile away, 20 minute ride to school, 2 hr ride back.
Spring school’s end took to long ending. I had a swing and a bigger sand box at home with little cars and trucks, I didn’t have to share. School got in way catching crawdads, snakes, frogs and turtles. Spring, no weeds and stuff so tall wabbits were easier to throw wocks at‘em. Missed early playing with newborn farm animals. Could run the fields and see where you’d come from and home to get back to. Had gone by stable exercising horseback riding. Interfered playing with barnyard animals. Was learned tractor operation, working the fields, vineyards and orchards. Was road driving same year I had to start getting on the buss. Girls still smelled and talked in whispers. School interfered with fishing and soaking up sun. Got in way of planting with planter. Wasted time could have been used for building tree houses, digging hole cave hideouts. School’s start ruined more end of summer bicycle expeditions,
In general, mean early grades school teachers got in the way of everything except sending me to the office for failure to read or write the funny figures tacked up high around the school room from picture to paper. I could care less about Dick and Jane. I wanted to do what they were doing, not made to read about it. In general I hated school. Must admit though it eventually worked out to be the place I had to be if for nothing else but for listening to what the teacher was trying to put in my head. It was all useful stuff by the time I got my first computer. I finally started to figure out all them stupid class room speeches. Look at me now. I have finally learned to read and write. So school wasn’t a total waste of time, just to long a-times.
Weather guessers had talked for rain all day today and the sun is shining. Yeah sure, like it weren’t supposed to rain after 8 AM yesterday. I’m gonna finish that hay cut, that hay raked, and some sudex baled and more cut if I hold up long enough today.
It was a 2 o’clock lunch. Hay’s been cut, hay’s been raked, hey I’m fed. Then Frieda wants to see Doc. And she’s got one them near instant Doc appointment’s for her lungs tomorrow. Got no idea yet how messed up my afternoon is going to be yet. And, got Sudex baling needing doing. Looks like another late night coming on to me. Leave it to me I arranged our ride into the city via neighbor lady. Frieda’s current paper work in her handbag, we’re all set to go.
New prescriptions filled, back home, it was late enough I down my rattlers, and then I was off. I not only almost got the sudex baling right, checking the neighboring field’s alfalfa I had raked earlier it was ready for baling. The worst part of the late afternoon’s working was my figuring a way I could do most of my baling into the wind. Some rather stiff breezes was raising all manner of dusts in my face driving down wind. I got me a nose full of hay fever again this afternoon. After I had baled the alfalfa I managed to make it home without any twi-light zone encounters. Probably just as well, catching myself relaxing to soon behind the wheel, I had to bring myself back to the real world. Besides as tired as I seemed to be, I doubt my imagination would have been in any working order an eerie bumpity bump. The drive home I was at least singularly blessed. The tractor I was driving had lights. Scratching my head I’m wondering what went wrong. Lights? Working? More than a half hour past full dark I managed to have my supper fixed for me. I wonder what she wants? {;^) Thankfully she hasn’t asked me about the laundry. Morning’s got to be soon enough. BGKC.
PS: I ain't seen a single rain drop all day long, along with I hadn't enough additional time to cut another single blade... Just put the bed under me will ya?

Monday, September 6, 2010


I should have known. My plan was to mow one field and rake another. Darn it mower-conditioner looked good leaving home. Made a few rounds and it started sprinkling. Made a couple more rounds rain drops drying on tractor hood, then machine started plugging. Darn, darn double darn bah, I must have hit a couple rocks. I heard the familiar sounds more than thrice to many times. And it was starting to rain. I took the machines up to the main drive an a place I might borrow tools. I also had called Tom telling him what and where the stuff was sitting in the shop. Repairs becoming more complicated with each new discovery I wound up removing the cutter bar. Laid on the ground a supplied grinder rivets on four cutters were ground of. Then I let Barry knock them out with an appropriate punch. I kept hitting my hand. Bolts for rivets the blades were easily installed. Bar ready I slipped it back into the machine, Barry and Tom adding more bolts. Also on the menu found a nut lost from an adjustment bolt what was designed to take up slack in an auger drive chain. So we fixed drive chain taking up the slack. Satisfied with M-C repairs it was seriously raining by that time. I opted out for a ride home. Crop to wet for an efficient cutting, a wait would be involved, I could do that best from home. Besides, it was dinner time.
Rained off and on the rest of the day. The weather guesser had gotten it wrong again, just for my benefit? He’d said this very early AM rain ending by 8:00 o’clock. I had waited until I had walk in like height grass, my shoes remaining dry. So, I must have miss understood the forecast. It became a good day to stay in trying my hand at house cleaning for which I’d never win any rewards. BGKC.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

weekend’s continuation

Big holiday weekend in Shorthorn country. Had to grind grain this morning. Then wind up the afternoon with a cut, a balin', a haulin', and wrappin' haylage.
For the big day (tomorrow), Shorthorn country may yet see some hay raked; maybe baled. Doubt be to much more hay baled, nor wrapped.
Then doing something entirely different, I may cut more hay first.
But lastly the chores continued treat. I've got all those ladies smiling faces gathering around me at meal times.
It's like living in a park.
8:15 PM I dragged my beat arse into the house. Obviously, the way I had thought it’d go, it didn’t. The pickup chain in the baler breaking was a bad chain break including time wise. It took an hour and a half to fix. Six master links in the near five foot are holding it together. My way of thinking I may have to totally replace that “60“ chain one of these days? Got Raymond with Tom’s help loading, hauling and wrapping the hay I had baled and that that I was about to bale when I got back to the field. baling finished lunch at 4:00 PM rather than postponing it I wound up skipping supper, (hehe) for a chocolate ice-cream soda, My plan had been to go cut clover. My time running short I’d never have had made twelve miles there, mowed, and gotten back before dark. So I opted for cutting more Sudex. Trading my time off, I’ll bale clover tomorrow in stead. The Sudex field a large one I opted to break open the front half most part I had passed up a couple days ago.
Come morning my new plan changed now is to cut clover when dews dried off. Comeback check alfalfa and rake if time’s right, then either bale or wait an extra day. Having many options there’s still two more alfalfa fields to go. The newest one will likely have to wait twenty ones days after a hard frost. I watch my timing right I should get a second Sudex cutting off the first Sudex field I had started with. The second growth that same field is already looking better than the first growth. Go figure?
If this weather break continues to last the next six days I just might finish my haying before turkey dressing time. Sure’d like the opportunity to bring another turkey home for dinner again. There’s more than enough of them around. The last one was all oh so very wild tasting good. The field crops harvest started some deer and in particular bucks are being watched and sized up. BGKC.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

B careful what U say

I might have been 17 yrs of awkward aged when I had said something about how much better the good old days had been, in Dad‘s presence. Wow, did I or was it however did I wind him up. He spieled it out as if the years had happened only moments ago. “These are the good old days we are living right now. Those suppose-ed good old day you refer to if I was lucky if I made $6.00 a week. Groceries cost $5.00 to feed four generations all having to live in the same house. A whole $1.00 left. A nickel could buy me a pouch tobacco. A nickel could buy me a single beer if I stopped off on my way home from work one time once a week. That $1.00 went further in those days my not having to spend several dimes on gasoline for a car we could not afford. Jobs were damned few and a many more of them out there. When I worked all day at picking up potatoes I was paid off in potatoes. And,….on and on he had gone.” And more, “I’m making a $125.00 a week now and that is good money. We spend a 1/4 of it on food, a 1/4 of it on housing, a 1/4 of it on car, 1/4 of it on cloths, shoes and other things. Life is good, we’re warm and well fed. Don’t tell me about the good old day’s.”
Mom had told me other stories how Dad had cut firewood to trade for lumber under peoples porches, in attics of sheds, barns, stables. I knew that house (cottage really) he’d built in my Great Grand Mama’s back yard. When I was a child it was from within that little cottage Dad brought out the hammock he put up between two trees he’d never got to lay in nor dream in all the time we stayed at Great Grand Mama’s. Mom had also told me of their finally scraping $5.00 together So Dad could buy 2 Maxwell cars sitting down in the river flats. Both pulled home by horse. He took parts from both of them to make one run. He cut one’s body in to and made a gypsy truck out of it. All the tires fixed to hold air for spares they loaded the truck with their meager belongings, drove from So. Haven to Detroit abandoning it (all the tires flat) on a city street somewhere close to a Marine buddy’s home where they lodged until they found jobs. Mom worked in a five & dime store. Dad walked to an auto plant gate every morning and hired in at whatever job was open that morning. I had heard the lived stories the good old days?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Day’s start
We’ve had a sprinkle this morning. I was belatedly tipped off I had to grind this morning. So, I’ve been to the elevator already. Tanya hadn’t been there for some time and I got a gloriously ultra fine hug. (sigh) If we both weren’t so well taken, I could fall in love all over again, settling for just one of her hugs.
Greene loaded with supplements, I stopped to pick up empty feed wagon. This was the same place Barry’s billeted. Barry’s promise to help me like some overnight clouds didn’t hold water.
Starting my grind Barry’s stepfather joined me for the morning grind. He had also treated me a drive on his new personal off road ATV. Tom’s insistence I should like his machine, I didn’t. To much machine, to fast, to big, to uneasy to handle. I’d rather have a smaller 250 4x4 ATV under me come Spring time when the mud’s up to a two footed standing jack rabbit’s eyeballs; and, we don‘t have jack rabbits around here. Power Steering wouldn’t make that 440 machine any easier to handle either. Boils down to if I should need a tractor I’d come home and get one.
10:00 AM it was tea time my having given up coffee. If it weren’t for one transgression the last four weeks I’ve been on a near perfect smokeless wagon. Tea over it was to stacking firewood. Darn, I’ve been supplied with more wood to cut up.
For some added thoughts, it was plainly cold here this morning. I had to put on an extra heavy shirt to stay outside wit out shivering up an earthquake. So ccc-c-c--cold, I’m ready to crawl under my comforter and start my winter hibernation. (brrr) Sometimes caught running bare around the house, give me my own den and I’d fit right in.
Just for the fun(?) of it, I mowed an herumpteenth cutting alfalfa field this very afternoon. Next, I longed for enough ambition to take the brush-hog off the little Ford tractor for a change over for the hay-rake‘s use. (yawn) I should never had come into the house. Sitting wrong for a rest-bit I sat wrong and if I didn’t move soon, I knew my tailbone would let me know I had goofed.
Hey, hey, hey! Just before dark an acquaintance has brought me a carburetor for Ugly’s use. Yipee! Now maybe, between it and a couple hard wires by passing Ugly’s own wire loom, J just may have it running right before another week is out? BGKC.

Friday, September 3, 2010

On older folks

We're getting there, in this neighborhood, the wife and I, if we aren't considered old already. I remember one very attractive young lady made sure I got to the city’s sawbones's appointments when after a pissed bull had broken my femur. How about all the firewood carried into the house for Frieda. Another neighbor refusing repayment bringing us a gallon of milk almost every other day without fail for weeks/months. Between then and now Frieda and I have fed some the hungry right here in our neighborhood without thought these trying times. I do my turn transporting another neighbor to two close villages for his three generation household now until he may be allowed to drive again. I’ve changed tires, fixed tires for those in distress, plowed our road, pulled a many folk thru the drifts and from the ditches. I’m sure we haven’t finished our share. Meanwhile, traffic inflicting concern upon one of my skills a couple/three more neighbors have been seeing to our making medical appointments where the traffic’s a mental hindrance to me.
All in all we had shared: food, firewood, gas, repairs, rides, emergency doctor and drugstore runs without thought of repayment. From our beginning, if I may say that, for those considerations we’ve gotten lately. It’s heart warming to not be forgotten. It’s oh so nice to be looked in on almost everyday, particularly when things haven’t looked moved. It’s also heartwarming giving where it’s needed for absolutely nothing in return.
Without knowing for sure, I suspect today will be another one of then cost cutting unpaid day’s off for many to save jobs and some agency’s money. Wow, a whole five day weekend few people can afford. I’m just hoping they’ve got the beef to throw it on the barbee.
What’s happening in tennis? Without McEnroe and Connors stylish little bickerings, audiences have taken to fighting in the stands renewing excitement and interest around the center court games!
Didn’t do much with the Cushman today other than studying the Cushman repair manual sets for the near future carrying-on’s. Been convinced to send flywheel, clutch and pressure plate to Lansing for rebuilds. Have decided must come up with covers for the bell housing’s top and bottom open areas.
Mowed some Sudex today. Not a lot, just enough to break into the back higher ground half the field. I’d liked to have cut more, but rain threatening…..
Back home was thinking about cutting wood. When I met some rather stiff northwest winds I dropped that idea. Myself reluctant another dose of vegetable matter in an eye had me seriously remembering that pain , lingering discomfort, and skipping the winter’s need.
Shucks, I researched the net and now giving it up. BGKC.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some rain.

Oh, it rained thunder boomed for a couple hours. Not knowing an official sum, measuring what we got, we got at least an inch and a quarter (1 ¼”) on our deck, and that is on a deck no bigger than our’s is. This rain is a welcomed event, finally getting here, to nourish our pastures. Heaven knows we needed this rain. Could have use half agin more then we’d gotten. Our having to be satisfied with what we got. Now I got to try and out guess the dirty crystal ball gazers for another shot at cutting more hay.
It’s a pain in the arse when I’ve written something to only have it disappear somewhere out in cyber space! (grrr) So here it is again, all over in content, should it never be posted where I wanted to stick it! I was saying congrats on a completed harvesting season to another working soul. And went on to call him a “Braggart!” Then expounded upon my five more assorted field hay crops to get in. One of them must be wrapped for sure. Possible some the others may need wrapping should our late season drying weather abandon us.
Damn, damn, damn! I dislike this being sent off into cyber space when I’ve made a comment then denied posting it. It’s happened again. {:^((
Okay, posting it here fur all you firewood cutters.
Hey, enjoy yourselves. I've done little more than bring cut up wind-fallen firewood home all this last Spring and Summer. Fact I’ve likely firewood cut well into Winter after next. Oh yeah it is going to feel so toasty good sitting by my warm fire this winter
It has been pointed out to me a young man we know had been given a ticket for speeding on a bicycle. I ain’t ever heard of such a thing before. A body can do this on a ten speed?
Shop time, me and my Cushman. A bit of more last minute cleaning the block halves laid on an up turn barrel plywood on it I commenced to fit some parts together. New bearings in place, journals oiled, the crankshaft gear lined up with the camshaft gear, a smidgen of sealant upon on the shafts loaded half. Before the sealant had time to dry I laid the other half down on the first half. Drove in the locator pins. Then flipped the whole thing over and run in thirteen bolts I think they was and torque them to 25 foot pounds each. This was about as far as I could go. I had two pair front crankshaft bearings, only one pair rod bearings. A phone call was required. And, another set rod bearings are on the way. NUTS! It’ll be next Tuesday or Wednesday before these rod parts arrive. Well, prepared the piston putting the new rings on them, canning them and slipping them under the same ‘T’shirt I’d draped over the assembled block.
What, with no more than I could in the shop I got on the phone. I won one, lost one over the phones. The lost one was over tricky telephone paper work. I don’t know how they can get away with it. (bah) This it for this day I still have to work upon another amends.
Rain totals here since rain started yesterday, 1 ¾” rain. BGKC.

Some pain

Me and my big mouth, I’ve put my foot in it again writing something about the Detroit area State Fair and the Detroit Zoo up the avenue, this time I didn‘t know enough about them to have spouted off. I apologize. So much for me writing upon hear-say. Sorry, omnificent. It’d been better had I visited the scenes in person. That’ll likely never happen as I can’t handle the city traffic like I used to and my avoiding it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It ain’t all fair

The state fair grounds surrounded by urban development has been in some trouble during recent years. Participation by out-state agriculturist has become cost prohibited by rising local tourists pricings. The people who should be there simply can't afford the city accommodation costs for week long fair participation.
My having not even been in the neighborhood for many many-years, I've heard from recent fair goers the area has become a modern slum. Just up Woodward Ave. the Detroit zoo is in similar (plight) trouble. People plainly avoid these (dangerous) areas for fear of thefts, violence and personal injury.
For the loss of revenues to cover operating costs it is (could be) a sad end to the nation's second oldest State Fair.
The manuals have arrived today.
LOL looking good, even enjoying them.
Already I can see all the parts in the exploded views.
I have to add after looking these books over, AC had yet manufactured a fourth version the #7 hayrake. Very interesting.
Our finances punishing us I worked all morning long on taking the sting out of paying off our dept. Whew, while our bills hadn’t effected my sleep, I’m fixing them so I don’t miss any good dreamers’ sleep. Enough of this. The afternoon was filled with do’s, accomplishments and readying another project for tomorrow.
I cleaned more Cushman engine parts (pistons this time), found my missing tappet cover (whew), it was right where everybody else had let me put it. {:^)) Having taken it off the engine another day, dripping with oil and sludge I had parked in a funnel I had placed in a five gallon can for catching inconvenient and questionable lubricants. Raymond came out and finished fixing my crankshaft damage. Whew again! That forged piece of iron is saved without machining or costly replacement. Then we went up the road with newly made tractor front-end drawbar. Between that Ollie and Raymond’s pickup we hooked the two machines together with a solid tow bar and towed it to the shop. Just about the time we’re on to finding the distributor pump leak it started raining hard, let up, started raining harder. We gave it up for tonight. Tractor going nowhere again we’ll look at it tomorrow.
No big accomplishments for today, the ladies happy giving me no lip, I’m still satisfied with my efforts, I’m calling it a day. BGKC.