Friday, September 24, 2010

Where does time fly

While working on Cushman engine, just beyond a little to the left sets the azzkicker. Where has all my spring and summer time gone? It’d only take one day’s tinkering to finish it up including setting it out/up for use. Then again one not enough I need to get busy upon a second one. Why, even out in my own backyard I can easily use three such contrivances. And, I’ve only enough materials enough to construct but one more.
Story time…..
Once upon a time a many lived years ago…….
A knight in dirty armor visiting a place of disposals, recycling, a [place of silent trades and priceless deals over questionable treasures come and gone, some even lost forever. One day, catching eye upon the distant mountain ridges there covered with iridescent colors marking the sky line with the brilliant colors sun’s refractored/reflected greens and blues off of millions of blue bottle flies. Blesseded be what I was about to see where I had stood but moment to take in the scene. Standing there I spied a rare and notable treasure to be rediscovered and its priceless value depreciated by the masses, for I was one to share, not one to selfishly keep its benefit for me alone. Oh, how my thoughts had run, perhaps even run true should I present such a treasure to the one I loved.
To have meant taking my well being serious, it meant my climbing some foot hills to the mountain, that distanced ridge beckoning me on, to see for myself a truth if it were there what could put me into good stead with thee lovely lady of my old dreams. I carefully plodded on. Picking my steps to find a safe trail to the top I had taken seriously my quest. My also hoping my quest was real.
Oh yeah, by its image under somewhat closer inspection I found it to be real enough. Digging it up out of the dirt I had an idea what I had. It’d only be upon closer cleansing and closer inspection once the over burdening be washed away should I know my found treasure’s worth for projected value and use. Suddenly my hands full I knew my retreat off the mountain must be ever more carefully descended to keep my find intact if I were to ever benefit its promise of renewed priceless use.
Home’s arrival I took to preliminary washing my find with a short piece of garden hose to wash away the sins what had covered my treasure’s beauty for I didn‘t know how many days? In somewhat presentable form I entered my domicile with a great expectation I might again be appreciated for my thoughtfulness. I could hope? My love seeing what I held in my hands before her very eyes eagerly took it out of my hands to place it in the kitchen sink with soap and water the elements of neglect to wash away. Washed and rinsed rising out of the ashes, mud, and sorrow a-rose in her deft hands a gloriously all together most fashionable fired clay bowl. The kind ideally suited for making and letting bread dough rise.
Remarkably the Knight didn’t look so all that tarnished and dirty any more. For in no way what a shower and laundered duds could not fix. The gift regardless from where it had been gotten, come from the city’s dump, was welcomed for the thought behind it rather than it’s worth lasting a reminded memory for likely twenty five/thirty years. Sadly one day the bowl’s magic running out it collapsed into a mound made up of hundreds of pieces.
Uh, how about somebody lending me your knee replacements for a few days? A trial run don‘t you know.
Mine are like paining me something fierce, particularly the left one, like crawling on it groveling for Herr Mostess’s forgiveness.

Rolling up from working under a machine to kneeling on it for the last bit of pushing myself up with my knuckles I'm experiencing growing pains daily worsening in calf and/or both thigh, plus when walking the occasional feeling of almost being let down, if you know what I mean?

Any way, I've been thinking it may be my time to start thinking bionic? Ouch!
Had a good day’s work put into the Cushman engine. It is about ready to go. The valves need lashing and the timing set closer for an easy first start. Clutch, pressure plate, flywheel parts are supposedly coming home from Lansing this evening. There seems to be a problem with the throughout bearing. I hope it is a readily easy fix without my having to wait another week for the last part. It could be in the stars I may have my Cushman started and running by tomorrow night. I hope a hope.
You got wind?
We’ve had some wind this morning:
A portion of a tree along side driveway come down just missing house:
A couple chunks of trees come down in barnyard:
My road has managed to have itself blocked:
Looks like I'll be cutting and splitting next winter's firewood. BGKC.

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