Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Hay Day

Hey, I hayed all day. Well most of it. The mornings start only took two hours to get Frieda moving. It was her idea she needed to see our doctor to confirm the one yesterday’s treatment and prescriptions. I wanted to be a-field when the dew had burned off. But first I had drop Clink off at our Doc’s clinic at the appropriate time for more delay. It was 11:00 AM my getting started raking the hay over a two hour time span. The very length time I had told Frieda it’d take/I‘d be gone.
I got back to Doc’s office just as he was going into mean dissertation about being informed of all of a sudden of a long list medications he may no long prescribe jeopardizing his medical license to practice medicine. It was un real all the drugs seemingly okay a couple days ago. Forgotten today, most of them around for years. Then he was on the phone with our local pharmacist for some clarification. Now the pharmacist must look int this grand FDA dropping long list can’t use drug. It’s seeming as if what was good for us last week have instantly made illegal this week. Next stop three more prescriptions for Her Mostess. One to make her go all day, another one to hold her…uh…er…..all-night.
Finally home our out going mail had been skipped. It happens. Home by 3:30PM. Lunch was the quickest happening all day. At 4:00PM I was off on my not quite perfect green charger. Balling took all the rest of the after noon into evening, my returning home for daylight chores in front of bunch of disgruntled ladies un happy with the fare I had set before them. Tough!!! The sun wasn’t even coming trough the tree tops anymore and it was dark. Far more to bale tomorrow it’ll be another long day.
Backing the tractor up to day before yesterday my approaching today's balled hay field my eyes before me saw a sea of Queen Ann’s Lace blanketing the field of clover just underneath those blossoms. The field mowed all those flower stems crushed passing through the hay conditioner, the sweet smell of carrots infiltrated my nose along with the sweet sent of the clover. The way I was figuring it, if the ladies scarfed up excess carrots the way they had behaved every time I had fed them out the ladies would surely like the tops. Then again, my giving the ladies a sample this evening, they might not?
It having been a long day, my memory perhaps missing some more the interesting particulars, I’ll close before I foul it up. See ya all tomorrow about the same time, same station. BGKC.

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