Monday, September 13, 2010

Thunder & Lightening

“Early to bed, early to rise.“ Yeah, near as exhausted as the last four or five days getting to the last one I still went to bed early. This could become habit forming. Whatever will be my gay blade loss excuse. I awake (1:00 AM) to see flashes of white light flashing across the windows all sides of the house. Our house was sitting in the middle of a thunderstorm. I got up, turned on the outside light, and what I saw was a wet deck. What the “H” was this? I was supposed to have had four days clear weather. What is this? I had seen these four days coming as hay making days. Curses, as if I haven’t had made enough freaking dumb luck mistakes for one day. It’s had to rain upon my plans, as well? Perhaps I may get some more done on the Cushman engine. I’d like that. The Cushman’s help is surely missed on my part. Cushman down, I’ve been getting in a lot more walking exercise than I think I want to become re-accustomed to.
On another front I’ve got a neighbor bringing my more firewood to cut up. Wonderful, will there ever be a day I may catch up. Okay, When I couldn’t open my email, for a snafu, I called my cable provider and learned we’re all ready wired and equipped for HD TV. So, all I got to do is get rid of the old tube one and set up the new one. Darn it, near broke again. It’ll be a few months till I may make a couple new book cases. I’d like to see my (our) library table cleared off and my computer on it. Thinking about it. If I should just become overly ambitious this station could be down for a few days. Something to think about for sure. Making changes?
Meanwhile, while I was up any way, had me same cheese and apple juice, maybe something fattening in my tummy I’ll sleep. And may just as well put drops in my eye. These ones may make up for the one out of four I usually manage to miss everyday.
Just the right hours later I awoke again yawning as if I were going the wrong way, away from rather than to the bed. So I was up, counted out my rattlers and took them, place ice on my lower back, then set here like a big stupid-ooo, and without any display of any intelligence yawned some more and scratched my beard and neck like a naked ape that I am. Assuming I wasn’t to sure what day it was I looked it up. By golly it is a Monday. A new day has begun, one where on I put my trash out to be picked up and hauled away again. Is there any significance in this last act? I doubt it. I’m just practicing some melancholia. I could not have written all this paragraph’s drivel without it being good for something. (hehe) I can laugh at myself. Shish I might better get the news channel to see and listen to all the network lies. That’s better, now I’ve something outside myself to look forward to.
Frieda on getting up inquired of if I ‘d been up all night, I assured her I hadn’t. I had only just gotten up in time to sort and take my rattlers. And, now I was trying to look intelligent. The big help that she is all ways imaginable, “I would not no an intelligent look upon you if I ever saw one.” Now, what would I ever have done with out her all these years. Now, I’ve got what she’s just said to figure out what she meant by that? I think I’ll can this and start a more inelegant writing for the day later. Now BGKC while get ready to figure this out.

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