Monday, September 20, 2010

9-19-2010 I got to do’s

Yuk, yuk, yuk; between a lot of writing, loading lots of stolen and my taken pictures about our recent fractured day trip's fictional story, I'll hopefully finish a serious repair on our new (to us) truck what had broke eight miles from here that trip, our just making it home. Today I must to sit on a stool or chair between rain showers without reservation and finish the fix.
Rainbow day indeed?!
During yesterday’s shower’s; I been, doing, sorting my ridiculous paper savings, cleaning, sweeping, to move old TV for setting up the new TV. One of the best parts all this sorting and shoveling, I found all manner bits and pieces of many a short story writings, and two written manuscripts I had completely forgotten about. Hot-dam, I’m having a good time. Inside/outside this house. Eureka!
The weather changing we’ve got more flies in the house everyday these day’s. My aim with the sly-water’s as bad as it has been with so many near misses, I’ve simply got to find some time today to re-sight-in all both them single twisted wire barreled fly smashing guns.

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