Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It ain’t all fair

The state fair grounds surrounded by urban development has been in some trouble during recent years. Participation by out-state agriculturist has become cost prohibited by rising local tourists pricings. The people who should be there simply can't afford the city accommodation costs for week long fair participation.
My having not even been in the neighborhood for many many-years, I've heard from recent fair goers the area has become a modern slum. Just up Woodward Ave. the Detroit zoo is in similar (plight) trouble. People plainly avoid these (dangerous) areas for fear of thefts, violence and personal injury.
For the loss of revenues to cover operating costs it is (could be) a sad end to the nation's second oldest State Fair.
The manuals have arrived today.
LOL looking good, even enjoying them.
Already I can see all the parts in the exploded views.
I have to add after looking these books over, AC had yet manufactured a fourth version the #7 hayrake. Very interesting.
Our finances punishing us I worked all morning long on taking the sting out of paying off our dept. Whew, while our bills hadn’t effected my sleep, I’m fixing them so I don’t miss any good dreamers’ sleep. Enough of this. The afternoon was filled with do’s, accomplishments and readying another project for tomorrow.
I cleaned more Cushman engine parts (pistons this time), found my missing tappet cover (whew), it was right where everybody else had let me put it. {:^)) Having taken it off the engine another day, dripping with oil and sludge I had parked in a funnel I had placed in a five gallon can for catching inconvenient and questionable lubricants. Raymond came out and finished fixing my crankshaft damage. Whew again! That forged piece of iron is saved without machining or costly replacement. Then we went up the road with newly made tractor front-end drawbar. Between that Ollie and Raymond’s pickup we hooked the two machines together with a solid tow bar and towed it to the shop. Just about the time we’re on to finding the distributor pump leak it started raining hard, let up, started raining harder. We gave it up for tonight. Tractor going nowhere again we’ll look at it tomorrow.
No big accomplishments for today, the ladies happy giving me no lip, I’m still satisfied with my efforts, I’m calling it a day. BGKC.

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Anonymous said...

Where do you get your info, or do you just make it up? It is a well-publicized fact that the Michigan State Fair ended in 2009. The somewhat sleazy atmosphere there undoubtedly contributed to the fair's demise. The main factor, however, was competition from two much cheaper 4-day events on Labor Day weekend--the Detroit Jazz Festival (which is free), and Arts, Beats and Eats (where admission is $3).

You state that "the Detroit zoo is in similar (plight) trouble. People plainly avoid these (dangerous) areas for fear of thefts, violence and personal injury." That's just plain nonsense. If you ever read a newspaper, you'd know that the Zoo has been breaking all-time attendance records all season. I'm a docent at the Zoo, and spend hundreds of hours there each year. I can tell you from personal experience that there you will not find a more peaceful, relaxing, crime-free spot on Earth.