Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trying to catch up

9-10-2010 Hope time helps
Have wakened last three mornings with backaches. So, having a few extra moments this morning I leaned my low back into an ice pack. Ain’t nothing to worry about as it seems to go away soon after I’ve busied myself with the farm does. I suspect my mornings discomfort has been cause via the tractor seated hours I’ve put in twisted on the seat watching whatever implement I’ve got the tractor running. Hmm, as much baling I’ve go to do today I might better do more standing on the tractor’s topless open station.
On the sudden season changes. Hot and cold, cold and hot, how does a body dress? I’ve taken more chills the last four days, I suspect if I were to relax even for a moment I’ll come down sick. With that in mind how might I head off my present pessimistic attitude? Cough syrup? I’ve four five gallon jugs home made stuff in the dungeons. When I get off a tractor this evening for three days expected rains, dare I indulge myself taking sums preventive medicines? Ooooo! The healthy worry of it all!
Getting this far so quickly into the changing seasons, I’ve been caught wear an extra shirt either to light or to heavy. Yesterday taking a forty-five minute drive each way for my baling I chose to don my barnyard tuxedo. I might have looked ridiculous to some but I was warm. I don’t really want to give into the tux just yet, yet I’m thinking I might better stow one inside Greene’s roomier extended cab. Just in case, mind you, only just in case?
Glory be, with youngest Son’s telephoned help, Greene’s (new pickup) Four Wheel Drive actually works. He had instructed me, “To engage your pushbutton FWD you must backup you new pickup.”
I asked him, “How far?”
He added,” Ohh, about a hundred feet or so.”
Me, “WHAT?”
He, “Ohh, well, maybe ten feet will do it!”
Me again, “What if I’m stuck??”
He comeback with, “Good Luck!” and the little bugger laughed. Lawd, I love that boy.
Very interesting. When I got out later I tried Flip’s words. Truck running, just shifted into reverse, I pushed the 4-high button, moved the truck and had FWD. Okay, alright, then, and how do I get 4-low? Greene stopped, in reverse I pushed 4-high button, put gear shift in neutral, then pushed the 4-low button. Putting Greene in gear, Greene moving forward I had FWD low, Greene just a creping along. Why isn’t this trick printed somewhere. Like I’ve always said, “Not everything is in the book. I’d never thought this truck would have a built in secretive quirk???? What? The engineers stay up nights avoiding such a secrets problem only a select few people may hear of before they spent buco bunches of money to fix for a built in quirk?
5:40 PM
I’m in my house and if I make no sense it may be I have exhausted all my energy baling hay. This morning had to have been the worst morning’s haying I have ever experienced in my entire life and what’s left of its future. Out of seven bales coming out of that baler to were premature. The poor baler left in such straights I had to bring it home for some sesseriousen opening and closing not once but twice. That crazy baler bad twins. Enough was enough, It was shop time for parts and oil retrieval. Getting back I again replaced that troublesome “O”-ring in a proportioning valve in the baler. I added another couple gallons of lost hydraulic fluid to the 1850 tractor. Checked all the fluids while I was at it. Even the hydra-drive needed a quart and got it. The baler cleared and as ready to go again as it ever was I went to lunch. High noon by the sun’s position I was hungry anyway. I was ready for a more than well earned break.
After lunch both baler and tractor operated flawlessly. Evidently I’d finally found some good mojo. The machines behaving themselves I was afforded to opportunity to pick up the pace and most likely finished my baling better than an hour, maybe even two hours sooner than I had estimated this evening. What a day.
Hooked onto my hay wagon. Having a flat tire pulled it a few feet and lost the valve stem. Oh well, I guess that wagon is getting another new tire tomorrow.
And all the mess what came out of the baler? Using the JCB skidsteer I fed those taste morsels out to the ladies. Got to add that last field had a low spot Spring time impassable. Well, I had made it across it with the mower-conditioner a couple day’s ago and I again made it across that normally wasted land to bale up some delicious timothy, brome, and quack-grass for the ladies tastes today.
I swear, I’m what may be known as an unsung hero to these ladies not one of them aware what I do for them, their welfare, their comfort, their bellies filled?
Gosh, I’ve got to get back outside and take that flat tire and rim off the hay wagon for an early morning fix. Even if all I’ve got are the engine parts now, I’d like some time to put more of it back together again. But, I’m almost positive somebody’s about to tell me another grind is needed tomorrow.
Could be a tie here? Me and my sick authorship sliding into a deep snozzzzzzzzz at the same time. BGKC.

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