Sunday, September 5, 2010

weekend’s continuation

Big holiday weekend in Shorthorn country. Had to grind grain this morning. Then wind up the afternoon with a cut, a balin', a haulin', and wrappin' haylage.
For the big day (tomorrow), Shorthorn country may yet see some hay raked; maybe baled. Doubt be to much more hay baled, nor wrapped.
Then doing something entirely different, I may cut more hay first.
But lastly the chores continued treat. I've got all those ladies smiling faces gathering around me at meal times.
It's like living in a park.
8:15 PM I dragged my beat arse into the house. Obviously, the way I had thought it’d go, it didn’t. The pickup chain in the baler breaking was a bad chain break including time wise. It took an hour and a half to fix. Six master links in the near five foot are holding it together. My way of thinking I may have to totally replace that “60“ chain one of these days? Got Raymond with Tom’s help loading, hauling and wrapping the hay I had baled and that that I was about to bale when I got back to the field. baling finished lunch at 4:00 PM rather than postponing it I wound up skipping supper, (hehe) for a chocolate ice-cream soda, My plan had been to go cut clover. My time running short I’d never have had made twelve miles there, mowed, and gotten back before dark. So I opted for cutting more Sudex. Trading my time off, I’ll bale clover tomorrow in stead. The Sudex field a large one I opted to break open the front half most part I had passed up a couple days ago.
Come morning my new plan changed now is to cut clover when dews dried off. Comeback check alfalfa and rake if time’s right, then either bale or wait an extra day. Having many options there’s still two more alfalfa fields to go. The newest one will likely have to wait twenty ones days after a hard frost. I watch my timing right I should get a second Sudex cutting off the first Sudex field I had started with. The second growth that same field is already looking better than the first growth. Go figure?
If this weather break continues to last the next six days I just might finish my haying before turkey dressing time. Sure’d like the opportunity to bring another turkey home for dinner again. There’s more than enough of them around. The last one was all oh so very wild tasting good. The field crops harvest started some deer and in particular bucks are being watched and sized up. BGKC.

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