Monday, September 20, 2010


I’m sure I’m unsure what day it is! Counting backwards, and recounting the days forward its got to add up to Monday morning, I think? I awoke this morning with aches and pains in places I didn’t know I’ve got. One or two things sure, I’d not gotten Greene’s fixed, if it hadn’t been for Tom and Barry’s assistance exchanging the rear axel housing. And at that we had merely remover the old broken axel and re-hung the stripped down replacement axel between rain showers. Alone yesterday I crawled in and out, rolled around tis-way’n’that under Greene all day, and I mean all day. While Tom had removed the brake assemblies from both axels assemblies, I put them back together again yesterday, without the common everyday ordinary brake tools of yesteryear (1950’s and 60’s). It was an odd pair of extremely long needle nose pliers what were my ally behind yesterdays brake drum what I near lastly beat on last think. Well, not really lastly, Just that the words “Beat the drum slowly” come to mind, perhaps reflective of the moments I had finished Greene and had picked up put 80% of the tools and excess parts away, unceremoniously celebrated as I was all alone with nothing stronger than an emptied root beer can to toast myself for a job well done..
Greene’s gloriously done in time I get to go to elevator for pre-grind fixings. I’ve got to grind grain today. Whoopee, nothing like getting right back into the throws and thrills of full time farming chore today. My celebration short perhaps I’ll luck out with a one-way ride to bring the mower-conditioner home for one more hay cut.
Damn it. I’m cussed sore all over, if I were to take a pain reliever, I wouldn’t know where to send it for its benefit first?
Good morning for now. BGKC

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Paula said...

Well I see you are as busy as ever. Never a dull moment around your place, huh?