Thursday, September 23, 2010

What be my Luck……

…….so much to do I’m saving my list until I’m done with it one way or another. One thing sure I can use a break in the weather.
Wow, what a moon rise we had evening last, so big and low in the sky it imaginatively looked like it could have rolled right over our house flattening it like a pancake. With a little bit of meteorological luck I may just enjoy seeing that great big early evening old man moon rise again.
I remember some wonderful days of old when I had courted my best girl. I liked to occasionally stop on a Lake Michigan bluff over looking the lake waters the moon hung out just right to shine over us from the southwest. I remember once telling her, “I’ve those diamonds spread at your feet just for you.“ And that kiss what followed steaming the windows had me continuing my taking her home before I had done something I’d not want to explain.
As circumstance would have had it Red the tom cat having had bodily failed to stop traffic has nearly left Sweetheart alone with but three exceptions. Fuzzy Wuzzy’s disappearance has either left or orphaned three surviving kittens down in the barn. The lot of them coming closer to me everyday I’ll have a leather gloved hand on one any one of these days. Why must each of them be so contrary to a hand reached out to them?
Eh! So I lied. IF I write them down my day’s plans I’ll better remember my them like: change the ladies pasture over, grind grain, rake hay, find Cushman engine problem and correct, and lastly bale the raked hay.
A frost we had so light last week has failed a wholesale change our foliages color disposition. It was last year if I remember correctly our seasonally fall heavy frost was almost two weeks late. As warm as it has been we could possibly see a repeat.
Walking down to the barn our having had a lot of rain lately I’m still walking up stream to cross the creek. The very same creek I’m seeing frogs in it where I’d never seen frogs before.
Exhausting my listed plans one by one with moving right along just as if I knew what I was doing, I had me one fine day. For example……
Driving out to the hay field I run into the darnedest wild turkey conclave if there ever was one. Between 40 and 50 birds taking off, their numbers perhaps even beyond my estimation.
GOOD GOLLY MOLLY! I’ve finally got that Cushman engine’s crank, rods, and pistons with rings rolling thru and over just as sweetly silky smooth as they’s supposed to! Halleluiah! See, the third time is the charm no mater how many third times it takes to det it right. {;^))
…….by evening’s 7:30 darkening skies I had finished my list in today’s good time. Hmmm, good times really. It was liking a Hell’s reversal of bad luck my finishing every thing for the good in a timely manner.
Back home it were beer time for any mild mannered embroideried day.
I am one happy camper.
I remember my mother’s sewing material’s barrel. It were a great big 50 gallon sized heavy paper barrel. I remember for she was always in and out that barrel looking for the right material for any spur of the moment project or refolding the many pieces material to move the folds. Something about cloth may wear-out on the folds whether used, worn or not. Living in the country my folks weren’t the spur of the moment kind to run to town whenever an idea hit either one of them. Thus when all was said and done that occasional monthly or once a week shopping trip to town Mom was always watching for the bargain. Many of those bargains were the bolt ends from department store's sewing departments. It was absolutely wonderful all the winter shirts she’d either found or seen in the barrel of many colored cloths. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Interesting to read about your Mom's sewing. My Mama was really good at that too. We would go to San Antonio and look in the department store windows and she could go home and copy what she saw.