Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Day for Cussing's extras

I mean it! It has been one Hell of a Good Day for cussing. I honestly feel like letting it all out. Everything I worked on or at was either jinxed or jeopardized by circumstance’s coincidence’s. The mower-conditioner was shop delivered bright and early. Pieces measured, noted, and carried away for bearing replacements. The M-C needs looked after I turned my attention towards the Cushman engine. Myself morning fresh the mistakes in yesterday’s assembly were quickly taken care of. The day’s work involved my completing the engines final assembly. About the time I was fixing to set the engines timing, Raymond called me away to put the varied parts together upon the M-C. Doing some more disassembly I managed to steady the pitman arm for easier taking the old off, putting the new in. Old bearing races removed, the new ones failure to go in, they measured .020 oversized. A phone call was made where as where the $6.00 bearing will not go, whereupon, tomorrow morning’s $21.00 bearings will surely fit better. Oh the value of the inflated $1.00 (buck)!
When it was discovered the M-C repairs were defeated for today I turned my attention back onto the Cushman engine. Putting a wrench on the flywheel nut, giving the wrench a twist upon the flywheel nut, I found I had but only 180* stop to stop crankshaft rotation. Oh Crapola! The crankshaft had freely turned it’s 360* on initial assembly. It has got to be that extra ¼” throw on the cranks rod journals has caused a rod’s hitting somewhere inside the crankcase shell.
No fix the M-C for the wrong bearings, then the connecting rod hitting itself on the crankcase’s inside’s I was about to spit nails upon freely demonstrative spillage of so many extra naughty words my Mommy would have surely cuffed me a week sure over their addition inclusive the first and second dilemmas. It was time I called it a day. I come home put the trash out, checked my laundry, hayed the ladies, and eventually had supper. I’ll take the Cushman engine back apart tomorrow or the next day provided I have time. BGKC.

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Kelly said...

Hi Fern :) Don't fall out in the floor when you see I have come by to see how you are doing! I see you are fighting that farm machinery again. Hope you win! Tell Frieda hello for me. The days are getting shorter so I am trying to get back around to see how all my blogging buddies are doing. :) XOXO