Friday, September 3, 2010

On older folks

We're getting there, in this neighborhood, the wife and I, if we aren't considered old already. I remember one very attractive young lady made sure I got to the city’s sawbones's appointments when after a pissed bull had broken my femur. How about all the firewood carried into the house for Frieda. Another neighbor refusing repayment bringing us a gallon of milk almost every other day without fail for weeks/months. Between then and now Frieda and I have fed some the hungry right here in our neighborhood without thought these trying times. I do my turn transporting another neighbor to two close villages for his three generation household now until he may be allowed to drive again. I’ve changed tires, fixed tires for those in distress, plowed our road, pulled a many folk thru the drifts and from the ditches. I’m sure we haven’t finished our share. Meanwhile, traffic inflicting concern upon one of my skills a couple/three more neighbors have been seeing to our making medical appointments where the traffic’s a mental hindrance to me.
All in all we had shared: food, firewood, gas, repairs, rides, emergency doctor and drugstore runs without thought of repayment. From our beginning, if I may say that, for those considerations we’ve gotten lately. It’s heart warming to not be forgotten. It’s oh so nice to be looked in on almost everyday, particularly when things haven’t looked moved. It’s also heartwarming giving where it’s needed for absolutely nothing in return.
Without knowing for sure, I suspect today will be another one of then cost cutting unpaid day’s off for many to save jobs and some agency’s money. Wow, a whole five day weekend few people can afford. I’m just hoping they’ve got the beef to throw it on the barbee.
What’s happening in tennis? Without McEnroe and Connors stylish little bickerings, audiences have taken to fighting in the stands renewing excitement and interest around the center court games!
Didn’t do much with the Cushman today other than studying the Cushman repair manual sets for the near future carrying-on’s. Been convinced to send flywheel, clutch and pressure plate to Lansing for rebuilds. Have decided must come up with covers for the bell housing’s top and bottom open areas.
Mowed some Sudex today. Not a lot, just enough to break into the back higher ground half the field. I’d liked to have cut more, but rain threatening…..
Back home was thinking about cutting wood. When I met some rather stiff northwest winds I dropped that idea. Myself reluctant another dose of vegetable matter in an eye had me seriously remembering that pain , lingering discomfort, and skipping the winter’s need.
Shucks, I researched the net and now giving it up. BGKC.


Donna said...

I love reading your thoughts and day-to-day activities.

Paula said...

Isn't it nice to have good neighbors? We have some younger ones who keep an eye on us and I appreciate it. In fact I'm going to go buy a zester for a young neighbor who wants one but can't afford to buy it because she is a single mom.