Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3rd time’s the charm

Off and running before Her Mostess was up and navigating I had finished my chores and on my way. A stopped by the shop to optimistically picked up some the Cushman’s tired old service parts for on the parts store scene replacement. Optimistically I brought home a new fan felt, a new oil filter, and a new air cleaner. I mean optimistic!
Putting the mower-conditioner together for the 3rd time this AM with the correct bearings picked up this same morning had to have been the charm. It was nearing lunch time when I had finished.
All done making fix the Mower-conditioner pitman arm bearings except for putting away the tools.
This was a good time to break off the repairs whilst I had at least one project done to the good. Besides I had some of that hay to bale, the same hay I had cut the other day up until the M-C had quit.
A cold lunch and I was headed out back with the hay rake. Took me a shade over an hour to rake what was cut. What it boiled down to “Waste not, want not!” A three hour drying period it’d be ready to bale. Then it was back to the shop and the Cushman engine. I had left it alone since the other day when while assembling it locked up failing to rollover. As much as I disliked the idea of taking the engine apart there was little else I could do. Essentially with the jugs removed, installing each rod and piston one at a time, turning the crank everything was working, clearing fine, and hunky-dory.
Cushman engine was going together nicely until………..
Both rods and pistons installed, juggling my protective sock covered pistons in my hands, I turned the crank shaft again, right up until both piston skirts come locked up tighter than the hubs of Hell against the throws of the crankshaft. Disappointed, discouraged, at a loss for what’s next, it was tea time. On arrival home I got on the phone and called the Cushman engine rebuild kit provider for advice, an inquiry as to what had or hadn’t done right or these parts to work? Discussing my problem with a gentleman on the other end we determined I had the wrong piston. Fact was I didn’t have the pistons I was supposed to have gotten in my engine rebuild kit. The gentleman apologized and assured me my pistons were on the way.
What had happened the piston pin hole in the pistons had been move down an eighth of an inch for crankshaft clearance. Now, I’m hopping to have this Cushman back together and running again before it becomes my coffin. Where had today’s time gone. Rattler time had snuck up on me as well as it were time I go out and bale my hay. It’s clear, I need more to do!
Fixing to bale hay found tractor radiator screen a mite plugged with weed seeds…
……The radiator cleared of seeds and stuff (stuff: technical term) I went out back and did my baling thing the hay I had cut right up until the mower-conditioner had broke, the other day. The first bale I rolled was close to moisture tolerances. Rain predicted for this evening, they were going to have to be close enough. I continued baling. Next to the last roll it started sprinkling. Okay, bring out the umbrellas, I wasn’t quitting my baling for nothing. I was all most done. And I wanted this finished. Luckily the rain drops as big as nickels and dimes drying as they lit on the tractor; and, they up and quit before I had finished that bale. Hey so, the last bale was moistened a wee bit as liking only a light dew. All was copasetic. Well almost!
On the way back up front we’ve got a calf bloating. Barry already here, Keith rolling in, they went out to bring up the cow and calf for the calf’s treatment. I went after a halter. Seeing them coming I detoured back to the barn and opened the corral. Then joined the troops making sure the cow with calf didn’t loose her way into that corral. An hour later Raymond and Keith reappeared without my knowledge. By the time I caught up with them they were wrapping it up. They had tube-ed the calf (hose down the throat into the stomach) to relieve gas. Calf’s distress relieved and medicated, it was figured the calf would be okay come morning. BGKC

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Paula said...

Don't ya just feel sorry for them when they bloat? Fernan I think you are the busiest man I know except our neighbor who is a mechanic and works on ambulances, has a wife and three kids and does side jobs as well.