Thursday, September 30, 2010

Could have been better

Today would have been a bore to any one else beside me. This morning's activity was mypreparing for Cushman reassembly. Today’s afternoon I assisted Chip in cutting up the fallen tenant house tree. He is something else to watch the way he moves around up there in the air liking a little monkey.
Then this evening just as I was getting back to the Cushman…
…..I was ambushed by Bro’ to move some concrete blocks blockings for a couple moved concrete bunk feeders. My lower back in extreme pain I couldn’t do any thing with my buggy. I closed up shop for home and lots of ice on my lower back. One slight detour before settling in with my ice pack I took care of the laundry and damned near fell backward down the basement stairs. Gosh darned late afternoon weight lifting, I plainly may no longer do. BGKC.


Paula said...

Gotta be more careful Mr. Fernan.

Sue said...

are you ok? its been a few days, I know I lurk but I miss you. Hope everything is ok