Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hay misery

A-woke 4:00 AM with a stuffed up nose and itching eyes. Must all had to do with my yesterday’s adventures: Cutting clover. raking alfalfa, baling Sudex, and baling the raked alfalfa. Some stiff breezes out of the west steadily hitting 30 mph and above was a big help. Of course the baler created the dust the winds blew about me keeping me in a rolling dust storm traveling east on the tractor that baler right behind. Of course I did the usual hacking, coughing, sneezing, running nose, and an instable urge to rub my eyes. Two eastward runs I cut them out, making all my third runs running west against the wind and north and south the wind keeping the airs cleaned between the two machines. Hey, so much for this boring dribble. But just the same whatever I had just mentioned has made me feel the way I continue to suffer awaked at 4:00 AM.
Today’s rather fixed up to keep me busy. I missed one pass in the Sudex I must bale this very morning first after chores. As breezy as it has been I must check the clover for raking I’m sure must be done. I must be cutting some more (more like all what’s left) Sudex for day after tomorrow’s baling. And with in all these bits of first’s doings I must fit Frieda’s medical appointment in. Arrggghhhh. Looked like a minute by minute day was ahead for me. O, what’ll I do first? Laundry maybe?
Weather turning cooler, last night, Frieda was suggesting she’d like a fire. What a mess we’ve got around that stove. The new TV remains boxed immediately in front the stove doors. I haven’t finished clearing of the old library table a temporary stand. Then there’s the two large sized boxes of fire starting papers and cardboards from junk mail to be tidied to establish a safe heating zone about the whole stove. Yup, the laundry will be easier.
Oh balderdash, I miss some of the old days when as newly weds we had a choice of two TV channels if I could place two hand saws leaned upon the two antenna wire mounting screws, the TV having balanced on a bucket so those handsaw handles from the floor could reach those screws. We were still in the honeymoon clutches each other those days. Frieda’s lingerie choices were nil while I had her wear my pajama top while I wore the bottom’s for scandalous sham of decency if anyone had the voyeur’s urge to watch us. This was our evening garb those days when we had an evening. Who cared whether the TV worked or not, had a picture or not most likely not. After the dishes were done it were the meeting of our hearts under a sofa blanket. It was about then I liked Frieda’s pajama top’s wear. Sylvie.
Now time maybe take rattlers and grab a short snooze until sunup.
Out early I had a lot to fit into today. My first task was to finish up the baling down the road, for one lousy bale made up of the single pass I had cut a couple days ago. Next I attacked more of the remaining standing sudex. When I thought I had cut enough I took to heart the need to rake the clover. I had two hours to do it in so I’d be back in time for Frieda’s told lung doctor Setting out with the little Ford tractor it took me an hour to get there. That’d never do. Not enough time to rake zip I mounted the JD with the mower-conditioner on it and headed home. The JD bit faster tractor I was back home in 45 minutes. I passed our car and driver. Getting our act together we were all off.

After sitting for some time I inquired about our turn. By 4:00 PM we’d been sitting two hours. I’d come to find out Frieda had gotten the time and hour mixed up. When pointed out I could have put another two hours into haying she started blubbering at that moment the doctor come in. Now there was a domestic scene to share with a couple professional men and a busy body tech laying into me for upsetting my wife. Well, she was my wife and my wife is demanding my attention unvarnished. The nosey intruder I set her straight I explained I had a hundred and sixty five head to feed and it wasn’t any of her business how I managed my time or my wife‘s ideas. If I didn’t want my time wasted, that was my business. Truth be known Frieda will shed tear at the drop of any emotion. I didn’t like busy body’s sticking their noses in between us. If she was unhappy she needn’t have tried pushing herself her unhappiness between us.

Getting back home Frieda making plans to call our Doc for confirmation on this other Doctor’s prescriptions. I on the other hand still maybe enough time finish making something of the day. Yeah sure, I got home just in time to find the troops to bend up some of the bale wrapper. I had to holler at them to stop, And when I wanted to set things right for the moment hey stood there, just stood there. I don’t know? I see no sense in continually destroying something if just a moment of time is taken if there’s a bit of cooperation between workers. Dummies!!!! Now, I’ve one heavy piece of steel bar to properly reshape.

Regardless what I’m thinking the sudex hauled in was finally baled. Almost three hours daylight left I hit the road to finish mowing the last of the present standing sudex I’ll bale day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll rake the hay I had cut yesterday and bale it tomorrow. Whew, The day modified twice, I still made something of it and beat sundown by an hour. BGKC.

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