Monday, September 27, 2010

Whatever good….

…lists are for, they at least remind me of what I’d forgotten. Some of an itch if my brain hadn’t remembered the every first thing I needed to do this very Monday morning, my walking out my door. It was I must go and resupply the shelled corn wagon, then check feed wagon for resupply. And, I was in such a hurry to get into cutting next winter’s firewood. Well, all that was taken care of and more including a stop by the elevator for a weight slip and supplements on one my way’s home. Along with that I had lunch
The programming flying by to fast for my overly taxed mind to comprehend, my watching this very morning’s ABC network medical part, I was either informed coconut oil is good for the fight against Alzheimer’s or was nature’s vegetable packaged fountain of youth. I’d be damned if I would mind trying it on both counts regardless to witch use it was pointed. I sure could stand another better feeling knee that the other one what I had felt some fifty-some years what had eventually got me into a lifetimes miserable happiness.
Okay, I had done finished the early part of my day about as far as I could go. Then I discovered the very tractor I was about to use for the grind had a flat tire. Oh doo doo, Needing shoes I might just a well make it a full circled drive: shoe store, hardware store, auto parts store, and grocery store. Why now? I’ll tell why! Because my right shoe isn’t doing my disposition a bit good making my right foot sore, I‘ve got-a make a change. Oh Happy Day!
It turned into just what I thought it would, a full circle shopping trip, and blessed be the back roads. Snuck into a couple communities and got my shoes, a single wrench I didn‘t really need to make my wrenching easier, a couple needed air chucks, some nuts and six bolts in two stops (only needing two the right size), and a stop by the grocery store. I didn‘t do to badly, I only forgot the sparkplug, the summer window screening welt(?), and tomatoes.
Getting back, the barn compressor worked just well enough, long enough, to air up the Leland’s front tire. That tire held its air all during the grind and all put away. I’ll still have to fix it another day. I had ground the feed, delivered it, and made a roadside stop on my way home for the tomatoes Frieda had asked for more than once. LOL, risking again my loosing my man card, I admit her nagging had paid off! Lastly as far as I was concerned my day was done my making myself comfortable under darkening skies at 6:30 PM. Weather forecast calls for rain tonight and tomorrow. The forgotten sparkplug I failed to buy today I may pickup in Otisville come morning my not having to venture again into one of the suburbs. Whew.
As for cutting any firewood I’d have to admit it weren’t going to happen this day and it also wont happen in a rain. BGKC.

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