Sunday, September 26, 2010

What today had brought

Fur openers, neighbor come over and helped put old TV aside and set up new one. Wow! What a difference a bright pictured new viewing we got. Okay, new TV up and running, lunch, And I was off to the shop. Once there I could literally screw something up, going like this……
In jeopardizing the sanctity of my man-card, in stead of a duct tape fix my folding windshield’s pivoting, I went and replaced the old torn vinyl with a bolted in place piano hinge.

The animals fed at the other end, looking for nothing new to do, I come home to bring in some wood. I knew I should have brought in more wood, but for a low pressure system hanging over us my joints were dramatically paining me joints everyone. It’s bad enough when one’s knees are silently screaming out in silent pain, but does it have include one’s head and fingers? Now what could possibly bee in MY head that might cause it too hurt?

On Black Walnuts gathering/cracking:
While we had walnuts closer to home, only I had rather gather them already hulled after traffic passing over them fallen under walnut tree canopy over the road a mile from home. Mom saved what onion bags she gotten from friends who'd save us them for us, then I'd hang them off nails driven into the basement's overhead floor joists.
It wasn't until I had a family of my own did I figure out how to crack them without the shells flying all over the floors for late not fancy stepping finding the lost pieces. I had either had cut or found a four inch piece of steel pipe two inches in length I'd set on another piece of half inch flat steel preferably on the floor. It was where in these pieces of combined steel the walnut was placed. By and by as time went on I fearlessly let the children have all the fun with a ball-peen swat-ski (hammer), even to separating the meats from the shells. Kids thought it great fun. And me, I unselfishly enjoyed sampling a many a the Christmas and winter candy and cookie Frieda showed the boys and girls how to make.

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Paula said...

You and Mosie talking about black walnuts. Don't think I have ever seen them but we have lots of pecans around here.