Sunday, September 12, 2010

More catching up

9-11-2010 tired rain day
Each word in the title is a wee story in it self. First word “tired” is the way I came last night, and hadn’t improved much in spite of long night’s interrupted sleep. Up and down all night long, thankfully I had no trouble re-falling to sleep. The second word “rain” is what we got after I emptied out Greene, gone by the elevator, we (tom joined me) had ground grain, had individual lunches, and put a new tire on the hay wagon. Already started to rain at shop I had just gotten the wheel back on the wagon when it started coming down. It has been raining steady ever since. Now, I must remember to tighten the lug bolts before moving it. The third word “day” means little other than I’m happy to have seen another one.
Once the rain started my spirits were dampened enough I gave up doing anything more for the afternoon and that included working on the Cushman. Humidity dampening the air all morning the rain didn’t do anything to improve. Besides I decided to consider it a few hours I could devote to other pursuits. Strangely enough one of them was a nap. Waking from that I put on a trashy candidate for the trash or ragbag shirt. I put a wrench for lug bolts on the floor’s hump. Then moved (drove) out to the hay yard and fed the ladies. When I got back unable too take it any longer I built us a fire. It smells kind-a funny, that first time firing the old parlor stove up smell, but that’s okay. We’ll soon get used to it again. Besides it feels oh so durned burned good Then it was, THEN IT WAS, while sitting here, WHILE SITTING HERE, I remembered, I REMEMBERED, I hadn‘t shut the gate, I HADN‘T SHUT THE GATE. Whew, that’d be all I need, a bunch of ladies gone out for a walk scattered all over the neighborhood in the dark. And, I told them about that not going out alone in the dark, even if they’re all together. Whew!
I just hate these short order memories. They are the pits. Meanwhile the fire feels oh so good, my sitting right here in front of it. Oh phooey, I’d forgotten to cover my wood piles before this rain. I guess I get to remember to do it all over again, what! BGKC.

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