Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some rain.

Oh, it rained thunder boomed for a couple hours. Not knowing an official sum, measuring what we got, we got at least an inch and a quarter (1 ¼”) on our deck, and that is on a deck no bigger than our’s is. This rain is a welcomed event, finally getting here, to nourish our pastures. Heaven knows we needed this rain. Could have use half agin more then we’d gotten. Our having to be satisfied with what we got. Now I got to try and out guess the dirty crystal ball gazers for another shot at cutting more hay.
It’s a pain in the arse when I’ve written something to only have it disappear somewhere out in cyber space! (grrr) So here it is again, all over in content, should it never be posted where I wanted to stick it! I was saying congrats on a completed harvesting season to another working soul. And went on to call him a “Braggart!” Then expounded upon my five more assorted field hay crops to get in. One of them must be wrapped for sure. Possible some the others may need wrapping should our late season drying weather abandon us.
Damn, damn, damn! I dislike this being sent off into cyber space when I’ve made a comment then denied posting it. It’s happened again. {:^((
Okay, posting it here fur all you firewood cutters.
Hey, enjoy yourselves. I've done little more than bring cut up wind-fallen firewood home all this last Spring and Summer. Fact I’ve likely firewood cut well into Winter after next. Oh yeah it is going to feel so toasty good sitting by my warm fire this winter
It has been pointed out to me a young man we know had been given a ticket for speeding on a bicycle. I ain’t ever heard of such a thing before. A body can do this on a ten speed?
Shop time, me and my Cushman. A bit of more last minute cleaning the block halves laid on an up turn barrel plywood on it I commenced to fit some parts together. New bearings in place, journals oiled, the crankshaft gear lined up with the camshaft gear, a smidgen of sealant upon on the shafts loaded half. Before the sealant had time to dry I laid the other half down on the first half. Drove in the locator pins. Then flipped the whole thing over and run in thirteen bolts I think they was and torque them to 25 foot pounds each. This was about as far as I could go. I had two pair front crankshaft bearings, only one pair rod bearings. A phone call was required. And, another set rod bearings are on the way. NUTS! It’ll be next Tuesday or Wednesday before these rod parts arrive. Well, prepared the piston putting the new rings on them, canning them and slipping them under the same ‘T’shirt I’d draped over the assembled block.
What, with no more than I could in the shop I got on the phone. I won one, lost one over the phones. The lost one was over tricky telephone paper work. I don’t know how they can get away with it. (bah) This it for this day I still have to work upon another amends.
Rain totals here since rain started yesterday, 1 ¾” rain. BGKC.


Donna said...

We had an even 3 inches yesterday and another 3/4 inch today. We're done now, and looking for a perfect weekend.

Paula said...

Its raining here in south Texas tonight and we're happy.