Saturday, September 25, 2010

About Theories

I’ve finally put together two theories having had argued with Herr Clink over all our many years together. I’ve also found out neither one of them works.
Now onto matters of a less serious nature. Almost all the Cushman’s clutching parts were here this morning. Still missing a pilot bearing. (sniff) So. I had wanted lash the valves. Only I had a problem. I didn’t bring the book of instructions with me and I wasn’t I had remembered the clearances correctly. Food! By myself I decided to haul in hay. First things first I took all the wagons to the shop for airing tires. I found myself suspicious something had gone wrong; for, every last tire was holding air. (????) Two trips to spot all three the wagons first I traded truck for skidsteer loader. The wagons loaded I switched machines back. To bring the loaded wagons up. Checking last bales baled they weren’t going to keep. Only three days old I opted for wrapping them to save them and have them come out better summer fresh after a 90 days pickling. Then it was getting onto 1:00 o’clock lunch time.
A good half day put away before lunch, planning on hitting the other end anyway for some more Cushman engine work, I was also summoned to make more dig looking for that elusive buried power line to the barn. On that scene and kept waiting I delved into the engines valves until some were ready for me. A bale of hay put out, I was then back to emptying dirt out of a hole full. And as pattern would have it I clipped the waterline again taking a longer piece to repair it this time. This project curtailed for the time being until a powerline wire finder may be begged, borrowed, or liberated this project stands at an impasse. Parts and tools stuff put away I returned to my engine and went as far as my available parts and mind would let me. Yup, A couple hours earl off, they’d been earned.
Lets gopher ride
The distanced property line is about the most colorful fall display of color we’ve got so far.
The pastures are abounding with meadow mushrooms and puff balls some coming other going.
This an emergence of both species.
If I weren't so depleted evenings I'd bring some home, cut up, blanch, package and freeze some. But, I've only got so much energy. BGKC.

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Paula said...

I know what you mean about only so much energy. Don't ya wish we could start aging the other direction now?