Sunday, September 12, 2010

Still more catching up

Was 1st Fire
The house feels so cozy, for last evening’s first fire of the heating season lingers on this morning. Holy smok’ems, Last evening’s fire so widely welcomed around here, by all both of us, I’d best better be getting some kindling and/or fire starter in the house for some easy starts. Yeah, some of both would be good.
Lets see what would I like to do today? 1st in (on) my mind I want to work on the Cushman while I’m morning fresh. Most likely haul in clover hay. It’s going to be a couple days before the next hay cuttings push. Whatever I do It won’t hurt if I were to find and have handy for use a couple stretched out socks to protect my Cushman’s pistons and rings during the engine’s assembly.
Sunday AM
Looking at this morning’s weather report I had thought I’d be cutting more hay by 11:00 AM. Temperatures predicted all up and down the weather thermometer these four days drying may be at the mercy of the breezes and hay rake. Oh joy. It looks like today’s alfalfa cutting wont be an easy one to put up. But I’m going to give a Shorthorn country try.
I doubted I’d see anything of the Cushman it was going to be later in the day. Well that’s what I had also thought. I tightened the hay wagon lug bolts, fed the ladies, untangled the only gate wire I open off a skidsteer wheel, and put it back up where it belonged. Thinking again, was this the way my day was going go all day, as I loaded my carcass in Greene and headed out for the shop?
Holy smokes, I actually got to work on the Cushman engine for three hours. Getting hungry, coming home I could see the grasses were still wet, to wet for mowing. What a disappointment, I guess I’ll just have to settle for working on the Cushman for awhile. }:^) Oh, I feel so badly. };^)
While I did manage some headway with the Cushman’s reassembly I found I had put it together wrong having left one of two very important parts out. Nuts! So I loosened one jug from the main block. After I had found a correct “O”-ring I slipped the part into the jug from the ar side. Okay, the first one was easy. And, that is where I quit,
Having finally gotten dry enough and late enough into the afternoon it were time to mow another hay field. Lucky me Chip had been at it again. He an Bro’ made these goofy arrangements what mean more work for me. While trying to mow through the supposed cleaned up area where Chip had dropped a couple trees the mower-conditioner broke a knife blade on a piece of overlooked brush. Unable to run the machine without that blade means nothing but continuous plugs. So, I had to take the machine up, go to shop for repairs tool box and assorted parts for such a task. The M-C repaired I went back out to the field and half way across the field the pitman arm fell apart a weld breaking the pitman arm shaft near lost a bearing differently lost. Nut’s! My mowing for this day was certainly done. To late for ordering a part it was definitely quitting time meaning an extra early start in the morning finding a number and ordering a part for after dinner’s delivery.
Nuts, what a whole freaking day it had been. Didn’t matter what I touched it had to have something go wrong with it. I certainly hope Monday is a much better day than this one had been. BGKC.

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