Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A lazy crazy day

For the day’s openers after the usual chores I found myself be-seated on top the digger-backhoe. Watching others make dig in hole I was destined to keep cleaned out while the lot of us looked for some elusive power lines. Three quarters the day spent on enlarging that growing hole and all I personally managed to do was I cut the main water line, which of course that pipe eventually required my expertise patching it up so the mamas and their calves would have water.
Surprise, surprise, I got in a couple hours making fix on Cushman engine replacing the pistons on the connecting rods. That was fun. The repair manual suggested I needed a special tool for working on the wrist pins. Me no got, I improvised. Using an oak 4x4 with a notch cut in the middle and the ten ton press I made squeeze the old pins out the new pins in.
Oh yeah, I did three loads laundry and delivered a four box care package to some one having less to eat than us.
So it was all this fun what caused me to enjoy my exclusive Shorthorn country day. BGKC

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