Monday, September 20, 2010

more of today by golly

It was when I had finished my grind Terry come waltzing over after all that work was done. While he was here though and likely the only help I might get for who knows how long he agreed to help me struggle the cap off my Greene machine. Lighter than imagined it wasn’t to difficult. We took our time with plenty of breathers, until we finally leaned it against an outside wall. Then I got him to go with me to bring the mower home.
I made it to lunch an hour early so I could get into the hay field as soon as it was dry enough. I did and near plugged the mower, at least a half dozen times, managing to stop, back the machine with the cutting edges close to the ground dragging the mess off to clear the cutter bar, knives and rock guards. Terry wanting to pick up some corn grindings (or screenings) I had waited to put away the grinder mixer until mid afternoon. AND, Then with nobody to witness it, I had backed that Leland and grinder-mixer all the way down to the barn, through the creek, across the front barnyard, and into the barn without so much as a single correction, and that’s not even a sneakily coasted one. I’d bet it has been a year or longer since I had done that the last time. Most likely nobody seeing me do it that time either. Then I checked the mail as it was tea time. And wouldn’t I know it no lottery check nor moneys owed me in the mail neither. Good golly molly, I only wanted a glass of tea, not a whole quart. I managed to put half of it down. The other’s going back in the ice box for supper or a drink later.
Out again picked up Tom to help me load the spent rear-end so I could et rid of it. At the same time I tried to collect a core charge from the same fellow who had taken care of my purchase only last Friday. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. A couple moments passed we both laughed while I just happened to mention, “There are days a guy just can’t get ahead. The whole place laughed at a very old joke. (smile)
BULETIN: Just arriving half way through my rattlers settlings wait Nr. Brown has just dropped off my buggy’s overhaul kit’s missing brand new Cushman engine pistons. It’ll be some kind of liking a snowballs chance to stay afloat all this week my getting a chance to do something, anything, with those pistons tomorrow. Ohhhhh shucks! Why me? I’ll tell you why!
Sparky assisting Raymond they brought a couple power cords out into the yard along a presumed line marked on the ground the other day when they had marked that power line’s under ground path. Today with a homemade ground rod driven in the earth, that broken leg turned on, they used a sensitive low voltage meter to pick any stay voltage that last Spring’s damaged underground leg may be emitting. That power line emitting low voltage from “O” > “O.1” until they hit a place the meter plainly read “4.1” > “4.2” volts, it is thought that is the place to dig. That’s my job come morning. Whooppeee. And just to show I harbor no hard feelings over this power loss calamity I bought a brand new fiberglass handled Panama shovel for tomorrow’s hand digging part of the power line search. Well, that is that!
Well now, my rattlers’ hour passed, I had gotten our trash bundled, tied, and set beside the road. I’ve also dressed down, making myself comfortable, and smelling my supper while writing and waiting for that hour to pass. An early lunch has made me ravenous.
So now, here I sit tired wanting go bed and still light out. So tired I don’t even want to write nor edit a thing. To heck with it I gotta go bed. BGKC.

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Paula said...

Sounds like a very tiring day as you seem to always have.