Tuesday, September 7, 2010

....three times day

I never liked school.
Fall‘s start never improved with my aging. Interfered with fall play at first, then picking grapes and apples, eventually messing up shocking corn along with fishing and hunting. Wasn't interested in whispering, smelly, funny face girls so I never messed or missed them oneway or anudder. Our city school got buses my 1st year high and mighty edmucationing. Bus stop a mile away, 20 minute ride to school, 2 hr ride back.
Spring school’s end took to long ending. I had a swing and a bigger sand box at home with little cars and trucks, I didn’t have to share. School got in way catching crawdads, snakes, frogs and turtles. Spring, no weeds and stuff so tall wabbits were easier to throw wocks at‘em. Missed early playing with newborn farm animals. Could run the fields and see where you’d come from and home to get back to. Had gone by stable exercising horseback riding. Interfered playing with barnyard animals. Was learned tractor operation, working the fields, vineyards and orchards. Was road driving same year I had to start getting on the buss. Girls still smelled and talked in whispers. School interfered with fishing and soaking up sun. Got in way of planting with planter. Wasted time could have been used for building tree houses, digging hole cave hideouts. School’s start ruined more end of summer bicycle expeditions,
In general, mean early grades school teachers got in the way of everything except sending me to the office for failure to read or write the funny figures tacked up high around the school room from picture to paper. I could care less about Dick and Jane. I wanted to do what they were doing, not made to read about it. In general I hated school. Must admit though it eventually worked out to be the place I had to be if for nothing else but for listening to what the teacher was trying to put in my head. It was all useful stuff by the time I got my first computer. I finally started to figure out all them stupid class room speeches. Look at me now. I have finally learned to read and write. So school wasn’t a total waste of time, just to long a-times.
Weather guessers had talked for rain all day today and the sun is shining. Yeah sure, like it weren’t supposed to rain after 8 AM yesterday. I’m gonna finish that hay cut, that hay raked, and some sudex baled and more cut if I hold up long enough today.
It was a 2 o’clock lunch. Hay’s been cut, hay’s been raked, hey I’m fed. Then Frieda wants to see Doc. And she’s got one them near instant Doc appointment’s for her lungs tomorrow. Got no idea yet how messed up my afternoon is going to be yet. And, got Sudex baling needing doing. Looks like another late night coming on to me. Leave it to me I arranged our ride into the city via neighbor lady. Frieda’s current paper work in her handbag, we’re all set to go.
New prescriptions filled, back home, it was late enough I down my rattlers, and then I was off. I not only almost got the sudex baling right, checking the neighboring field’s alfalfa I had raked earlier it was ready for baling. The worst part of the late afternoon’s working was my figuring a way I could do most of my baling into the wind. Some rather stiff breezes was raising all manner of dusts in my face driving down wind. I got me a nose full of hay fever again this afternoon. After I had baled the alfalfa I managed to make it home without any twi-light zone encounters. Probably just as well, catching myself relaxing to soon behind the wheel, I had to bring myself back to the real world. Besides as tired as I seemed to be, I doubt my imagination would have been in any working order an eerie bumpity bump. The drive home I was at least singularly blessed. The tractor I was driving had lights. Scratching my head I’m wondering what went wrong. Lights? Working? More than a half hour past full dark I managed to have my supper fixed for me. I wonder what she wants? {;^) Thankfully she hasn’t asked me about the laundry. Morning’s got to be soon enough. BGKC.
PS: I ain't seen a single rain drop all day long, along with I hadn't enough additional time to cut another single blade... Just put the bed under me will ya?

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Paula said...

I hated school too but my Mama was determined I was going to graduate and I did.