Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Speaking of Malls

When we were younger we liked going to the Mall. We can't walk them halls anymore. Was the time I took the family, turned them loose, find myself a very comfortable centrally located seat, watch the teenage heifers chewing their cuds on the go wearing winter coats over their cropped tops and hip hugging mini skirts, and reminisced what I hadn't seen in my time, and inspired I chased Pretty around the house until I was caught for umm mmm yum......
Farm scenes
First thing out of the house, down the drive, entering the front barn yard, looking left last night’s bloated calf was looking good. Alert, ears erect, bright eyed, and shown me a trot. Passing through a couple gates to see him closer up he scurried across the corral for mama’s protection. Yup, he’ll be alright now!
Wanting to park Greene close to the shop I had to move the JD with the rotor-conditioner on it out of the way. In as much as I hadn’t tried the it out, I put it into gear this morning. What a lot of noise it was making. Tom standing by me cracks, “A lot quieter ain’t it!” As I didn’t thing so I used the air pressured grease gun on the pivot pin until grease came out the ends. No help with the squealing I went for the chain oil liberally skirting it up the cutter bares driven end. Ah ha, the noise had been found and quieted.
As I ate my lunch, poor Greene was setting up on blocks in front of the shop awaiting this afternoon’s delivery of new parts: two calipers and one rotor. I had gotten the pads yesterday. Next Greene will likely need rear brake shoes. I’ve no complaints, I bought it as is expecting some fixing. Was still a lot less money than had a slick talking “horse trading” auto dealer had been involved. I’m still happy with it. Just think, I haven’t had the truck a month and I’m already using TOOLS on it. Until later!
Lunch hour wasted feeding my face, A run into town for Greene’s parts, and putting Greene all together again, priceless.. My Lard, the parts prices totaled were a sezematic shock to me. A rotor, two calipers, and yesterday’s pads all were less than half the price I used to pay a few years ago just for onr rotor. Unreal, they’ve got to have been imported. What can I say? Took three fillings Dot III fluid before the calipers were bleed out. How sweet it is hitting the brakes WITHOUT hands having Greene come to a complete stop in a straight line. Enough on Greene’s repairs for now. While Raymond and Tom looked over an put in some considerable thought, no one has yet come up with fix for the Tall Ollie’s leaking distributor pump. I on the other hand pulled the rods and pistons out of the Cushman engine. I hope the pistons come faster than it took for the rod bearing. I made me a new parts want list for Me, the Cushman, plus Greene, and the Farm.
Sneakily I palmed my chores off onto Tom. He never knew what I had done to him. I drove NE for Herr Mostess’s finally filled prescription. Having picked Handy up for the original intent we then proceeded over to the Crossroads For his mom’s scrips, and hungry as I was, I walked the grocery isles filling a cart with all manner of foods we didn’t need. Oh well, TV snacks fill out any unplanned occasion. BGKC


Adirondackcountrygal said...

Aren't the girls these days something?

Paula said...

I can't walk the malls anymore either. Sure miss it.