Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Stress tests:
In plural, I have had two stress tests. The first one was during the healing the femur Shiner (2400# bull) had broken for me. It was during all those weeks and months convalescing I had my first stress test. Leg in no shape for the tread mill run I was perched on the side of a bed whereas they pushed what looked like a tricycle fork in front of me with handles for pedals. So I was to hand crank that thing for so long for so fast until my heart rate had gone over a predetermined number. When the results comeback it was all in mumble jumble. I had no idea what they were talking about. As it was hospital ordered. The final explanation which it was like would have been as I was receiving the broken leg treatment through the Hospital out patient clink. Why had I no idea I should have expected more from interns who if they hadn’t had they should have had some bedside manners explanation training. How was I to know what they were talking about? Then followed a few days later I was injected with some radio/radar/radium active something or other that only a person who’d not reached his or her maximum level was still within a safe mode to inject me. This stuff was for tracking my blood’s circulation through out my vascular system(?). I didn’t understand that test either only I was alright with no apparent problems. At least not then.
Just a couple years ago I had another stress test, this time on the treadmill. It started out easy with five gorgeous women for a working audience. On that treadmill slowly starting I was to increase my pace against a predetermining increase of an uphill climb against a gravity run. It proved to be a bust. I couldn’t break their required 100 blood pumping rate let alone sustain it. They finally got me off that thing. I was given time to calm down and rest for the alternative approach.
Looking around the room I had notice three of the women had left. Leaving me in the hands of only two. It wasn’t near as scenic a situation as it had been but I was in no condition for any thing any more strenuous than my merely sitting or lying down on my derrière, and remember a more youthful life. I started sorting these gals out. Those who’d left one must have been an overseer the other two an EMT team, their equipment hidden behind one heck of an abnormally wide door. I was supposing their stuff out of sight was kept out of my mind’s worried eye.
Next step either I was either coming back or detoured right into a medically stressed heart for the recorded tapes. Now, there’s something to screw up the senses, emotions, feelings, lawd help my mind. All said and done after the cardiologist was thought to have looked everything over, my assuming included all my asked for paper work over and over again, he started prescribing and set an appointment for a rotor router trip from my groin up to the heart.
It’d not be in several weeks later but rather six months I found I had been triply medicated through three separate individual doctors. I was so screwed up, over medicated; it’s a wonder they hadn’t put me under. I haven’t been back to that cardiologist since. I can die an easier much less painful death without any more of him. Thank You very much!!!

Noon’s writing
One full morning it had been. I put in some seat time on the digger to no avail again looking for the elusive buried power line. Doing that I even managed to slip in some Cushman engine time, enough breaks it’s ready to swing back into the truckster. I even remembered the Leland’s flat-tire jack and the woodstove’s stack fan lubricant. It has been one heck of a full morning after yesterday’s three hours napping and last night’s eleven hours sleep. Spose I needed it? One hour more that shut eye stuff I might become adversely nick named Winkle, leaving off the Rip Van.
Getting back to the lost time digging no find wire, Frieda has always said when we’s got a power or phone problem Sparky’s the one to call, the man in the know. Rechecking the distanced real-estate between Bro’s house and barn with a freshly rented even newer rented electronic up to date technology. Via the latest scans it seems I’ve been digging twenty feet to far south the newest re-established buried underground route. Still looks like another full afternoon filled with fun, fun, fun.
My afternoon’s FUN started with digger moving excavated dirt back into the useless hole. Figuring I could make better time with little Case skid-steer I switched seats. It was probably the four approach to the eight foot deep hole the loose earth I had filled into the hole with the loader-digger gave way for a slid FUN filled ride straight down into the hole. Oh boy, More FUN looking for fitting clevises and a chain it didn’t take long to bring the runaway machine back up on top where we both belonged. Remaining undeterred I climbed right back into the little skid-steer and tendered my holes approach with a little more finesse. Several hours later the hole filled my bones feeling out of whack if not out of line I had finished my day at quarter to six, enjoy a crooked man’s FUN filled walk. Shop closed I was home doing my rattler thingy. Now, that’s been most my day with an evening yet to come? Ate supper and paid bills. BGKC.

On Batteries
We're using 8 diesel tractors: A Leland using the biggest single 12v bat lasting about 10/11yrs (each) twice, a 4010 JD using 2 6v bats (still a hard winter starter), a 2150 Oliver using 4 6v bat wired 12v going on 6yrs, 4 1850 Olivers two still on 12v bat they came to us with (ok for summer) and two changed over to 2 6v bats each for sure enough winter starts.
Three advantages in using deep cycle batteries for a couple extra dollars they last longer. Two 6v bat easier winter starts over one 12v or even 2 12v bat. Two 6v bat last (yrs) much longer than a single 12v bat.
One single drawback more terminal corrosion.
Believe me, we're always looking out for the best/longest lasting bat use for our bucks.
Note, anytime you've an unexplained battery failure, set it aside for a time. Given a rest and recharged chances are it'll likely come alive again. I learned this during my charter boat days, keeping two extras in replacement reserve. Any bouncing about a battery may stir settling's up from the bottom a piece may lodge between two plates temporarily shorting the battery out until that particle has burned out.
My $.02 a couple three times.

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Donna said...

Cliff is scheduled for a nuclear stress test in November, the first one since he took the test that diagnosed his heart problems. It's been going on five years.