Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1st day Fall

Written answer on a thread:
“Why don’t you retire?
Oh good Lawd. Already admittedly retarded, what would I ever look forward to if I weren't playing in this 600 acre sandbox?
The ladies behavior paralleling child like behavior. Doing, finishing a job well done. Breakdowns requiring immediate fixes. Looking forward to an overhaul running and working again. That’s the Cushman these days! So many tractors and implements to play with. Watching, enjoying the elements plus the meteorological surprises.
Springs a-field watching the trees leaf out while planting. The whole rebirth of another year’s spring waiting watching calves born, sometimes personally involved with putting my hand in. Summers taking in the sights ALL insects, song birds and water fowl flights north, and all earth bound wildlife. Falls bringing in the crops while watching the foliage changes into glorious color. Dreading the loss of those colors to winds and rains. Hearing the crunching of snow under my feet in the silence my walking on a Winter’s deepening white blanket. Taking delight in the sight of snow covered driveway cleared. Winter’s slower time spent in the shop fixing right everything what was delayed the last summer. I’m already looking forward to making fix my favorite most useful hay-rake, the Allis Chalmers, for the next season’s haying. Let me not forget the required fixes three tractor hydra-drive transmissions. Hopeful we’ll finally have all the tractors on line this next year. And most of all experiencing all those irritating pains letting me know in their absence those days I really feel invincibly young again good.

As for the medical issues, they are conditions, we must just fit them in.

As for the one day's trip the other day, we hadn't planned on the roads being so devoid of traffic. We lucked out upon that trip that particular day. We can't luck out always having a back-road going everywhere.

What else would I (we) ever do?
A wet morning here, I took a few minutes more than my usual and caught on Kelly and Regis’s morning show Kelly’s high heeled run-a-thon. OMG, safely this side my TV screen, all them dangerously heeled wimmins limbs, running, coming at me looked like an out of control stampede. Whew!
By golly I believe I’ve got all my Cushman engine parts together. At last it will be my third attempt to assemble the Cushman engine. Be it the charm? If I should get to it this drippy, rainy, afternoon?
*&%9%*&)*98+ Cushman engine. I managed to have nearing together, slipping the flywheel onto it, the engine would not completely roll over again. *&%9%*&)*98+ engine, I get to take it apart again. The pistons are a-okay this time. I may have a rod bolt issue. *&%9%*&)*98+ Sooner or later I will get it right. All gaskets and seals salvaged twice should be usable once more. Ahem, the one smart thing I did do, when I had found the proper replacement locking rod nuts I purchased enough extra I’m still in good shape for on hand parts. Will I ever get the *&%9%*&)*98+ thing right?
Sheesh, yesterday afternoon it was a stiff wrist pin what took some time to loosen. What’s going to be next.
One Lady on the ball, seeing and/or hearing me come home, she sounded out the news. I could hear the news repeated all the way out to the Duck Pond. I was only moments and thru the voids in the fauna growing along side one of the fences I saw them coming. In for my rattlers I’d had to get back outside and check fences for tomorrow morning’s pasture change. Darn it, I miss my Cushman!!!!
Oh yeah, I guess we had a heck of a storm blow through here last night. Both of us right on the ball we slept though it. Keeping our empty returnable bottles in a two bushel tub on the back side of the ramp the winds picked up some of the bottles scattering them around some of the yard in front of the same ramp. I can attest to our receiving plenty of rain. Going down to the front barn this morning when I got to the barnyard creek, it filled with water, I had to go up stream to cross it. All said and done, my wanting to nap this afternoon I might come out with this day better than it finished, Cushman wise. BGKC

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