Thursday, September 16, 2010

Re: Speaking of Malls

I’m thinking some malls don’t want our senior citizen patronage. For instance once upon a time I knew of only two malls furnishing electric three wheeled scooters for the handicapped and those powered rides were not easy to get to. To begin with mall parking lots are normally enormous. Handicapped parking for what there is usually some distance always the other side of a minimum three vehicle wide fire land around the facility.
Okay, these malls had the electric chairs. To use one the individual first had to find his or her way to the malls security offices hidden somewhere within the bowels of the complex. I had found when I had needed a chair by the time I had found it, after the distance I had bravely covered just to get there all I wanted was a ride back to the doors I had originally come in through. I was exhausted. I haven’t been to a mall since. Now that my health has been restored somewhat, for any extensive distances I might have liked to cover I can’t do it. I may still occasionally require a powered scooter. Frieda’s ability to comfortably get around has slipped even further away from her. So, we don’t go. It has been some time since I’ve ever stepped inside a mall, with but one exception and that is only because that merchant I wish to do business with is one of those with a handy outdoor entrance, Sears for their tool department.
Thank goodness there are some very open minded accommodating super stores furnishing powered ascooters right inside their doors. A couple/three of them I patronize are Lowes, Home Depot, Meijer’s Thrifty acres, and the VG’s super grocery, These are some stores around the Flint area’s suburbs. AND, if they haven’t one for you, they’ll find one.
A rainy day, unable to make hay, waiting on parts for the shop projects, I took a vacation day. Frieda and I took a drive up around the perimeter of lower Michigan’s thumb. Just a few miles north of our home, crossing our county‘s line, the differences in roads was strikingly different. Our goal was to see as Lake Huron, as much of the country and towns making up the thumb’s peoples. Wanting to avoid traffic we moseyed east over country roads to avoid traffic. Anxious to see the water I pressed us on. When we had reached the US highway tieing the thump peninsula’s commerce together was practically devoid of traffic and was worried about getting into traffic situations over my head. The whole drive was so unreal. Most of the (heck, all) US highway had been recently rebuilt and updated what looked like within the last ten years. I suspect it was to make the road more attractive to out of state tourists. We had traveled many a mile between meeting another vehicle on that road the whole trip up and back.
I took a many a picture as well as many not near enough. I’ll post the pictures another evening when I’ve down and up loaded them adding my impression’s comments about what we saw and the people we met. It was on Hell of a day! BGKC.

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Paula said...

I am afraid to try one of those scooters. May knock something or someone down like today at Wal*Mart I saw a lady run into a display and knock some stuff to the floor.