Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5-19-2013 Codeine three…..

……Fernan one.
Spent over half a day in Doc’s office. His solutions to just some of my problems: Tyleol-3, some mechanical braces for my lower limbs, and more. As for the Tylenol-3’s they’s knocking down most of my pains but noodling my brain in the process. Plus, he’s prescribed some medication supposedly memory helpful for patients suffering dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. Just a couple of my more recent blessings or the more lovable traits my most recent improved personality features.
On the farm front, I introduced Sneak to his first midwifing a calf into the world. That was a grand down and dirty job the cow having settled into some mixed mud’n’crap. And dandelion seed ever settles on us-en’s we’s rich enough fertilizer to grow whole new crops.
It’s only taken us parts of three days to break down the Shultz Oliver left rear driver. Extracting the inner tube found two holes. That Korean made inner tube only something like a year old. Have I ever mentioned I dislike Korean inner tubes.

5-20-2013 one step ahead……
…….two back.
Last night’s tractor tire completion took a back seat when I lost the valve stem cable retriever. (Nuts) Unable o find it, I lost it good, had to go to the shop and make a new one. When I had finished making it I was worn out. The way I saw it, it was quitting time, and we still had more to do. Fillip had feeding chores to do up and down the road including hauling home more hay. Me, I still had to conduct a calf funeral. It was close to leaning on dark-thirty, even later by time we had supper at dark-thirty. While we worked at finishing up the Shultz tractor tire adventure we also had to grind.
The grinding went easy enough, until while we had a working air compressor I wanted to air up the Leland’s tires. Was going to start with the right driver. In starting to remove that tires vale cap the inner-tube stem broke off in my fingers at the rim. (wonderful, just freaking wonderful) now we’ve got an original 1972 flat tire on a 1972 tractor in the middle of the driveway, to take apart and fix with a new inner-tube.
Now I’m beginning to get air chuck tire shy. Some a gun! We’ve still got another driver just outside the shop to break down and fix. Don’t know what we’d do without Fillip’s help around here? I don’t have the strength and dexterity I had even only ten years ago! And, now what else can one of us manage to screw up?
The phones have been busier than all get out around here. Got some shirt tail relatives I’m suspecting are trying to unload their thieving less desirables upon us here. Havin’ enough honest problems of our own I don’t feel like nor see myself capable of taken care of one or more these undesirables dumped upon us. I’m afraid I’ve got to turn myself into a real hard case over these matters.
5-21-2013 A Wee Storm
At about 7:45 PM The sky’s already darkened a couple claps of thunder barked their presence rather close by. Fillip stepped outside at just that moment to lightning bolts hit a utility pole both east and west of us. A strong just of wind brought down a heavt tree just across the road from us bringing down with a live power line wire.
Hearing some zapping sparks Fillip called 911 to report a live wire. Police and Fire Fighters were here within moments. The zapping live wire, it was an electric bug zapper hanging in the neighbor’s yard. No ticket was issued for a false report. A good laugh for all concerned it was an all-around admittedly this was one of the better accidental false alarms.
A few minutes more here come Sparky. The Loopster’s hubby. Humph! He made me get dressed and move the 1850 Ollie wit rotary-mower out of the front yard, from where I had only parked t a couple hours earlier. (lol) With farm machinery out of his way he cut off that tree downed live wire. Upon his leaving he made me promise to tell the facts as they were, he was merely looking after Herr Clink’s welfare. Now, that’s no joke. My Frieda was greatly relieved her oxygen maker and Cpap machines were working again.
While I soundly slept for the rest of the night crews were out to cut up the tree some and restored the neighbor’s electricity.
Hmmm, now I’m wondering just how long Sparky’s been worried about my wife’s welfare?
In another vain, while we’d also had a couple tornado sights within 10 and 15 miles of us, thankfully, we’ve had neither the hurt or killing damage suffered just so many miles SSW of us.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

5-16-2013 good weather work day

Repaired, greased, aired tires case disc. Checked fluids, greased the whole of it, charged batteries, aired tires of the 4-180 White. This machine I’d really like to give (a whim) it a heritage paint job. When I tired and or plus became brain-dead I picked up tools, left over Chevy Pickup parts and etc. Had kibitzed attempted repairs on one each a 220v and gas air compressors. Didn’t get either one working. Both aged 45 yrs+ and more.
Returned home late again as usual. Had supper along about 8:30 PM.
To tired to work on book promotion as usual. Wish I didn’t tire so easily. Now that haying season’s only a week opr so away, I don’t see any easy days coming up. Nuts, still un-caught up with hay field preparations. Have two must wind-up fence wires undone. Still have at least a half dozen in the way trees to cut up into fire wood. Then add One tractor driver to repair on mowing tractor. Plus still some barn interior gate repairs to finish. So glad all our work is of the lighter nature. Care to join me? LOL

Monday, May 13, 2013

5-13-2013 Sunny Day

For all practical purposes the Manure spreader repairs were finished today. Will move it away from shop in morning, oil the drive chains, check tire pressures, and park it. If I can ever get my Greeenie’s passenger door put back together I can get it out of the shop. Almost made it today. Next two immediate projects: fix Shultz tractor driver, Repair disc post quick for next weeks’ plantings, get Dumpy truck into shop for clutch repairs.
Was one sunny regardless of cool windy day. We’ve had some serious frosts in some local low lying areas. Some hay fields took some three to four inch stunting hits. It is supposed to warm up again tomorrow. If nothing else, I’d feel better.
Last couple days had been a real low barometric pressure days leaning heavily upon my spine. I admit to moderately taking some pain relievers to try and knock some the edges off my back pains. The two sure fired pain relievers simply involve laying it down to take the pressure off the nerves pinched between the degenerated cartilaged vertebra and/or sleeping.
Got to rest. “Rainbows.”

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5-7-2013 Big Sky Day

Today as well as yesterday got a lot done. I haven’t felt this good in days, weeks, months, yet crapped out about 6:30 PM.
Chased fence wires. Tried wood cutting logging , related etc. Nearly got a free ride upon a tortoise s shelled back. What a hummer. While doing what I had to do taking a corner post a-part that turtle didn’t flinch a single muscle near as I could tell!
Made compulsory parts run, and shoe shopping stop for Sneak. Nuts, forgot to stop for bread and milk in passing. Opps, got to go wit out for a couple more days.
Cut lumber for rewooding an old turd hearse. Set crank time on Greenee. Talk is guaranteed rain come Thursday. Wonderful! Maybe I can get Greenee’s timing right and running come Thursday or Friday.

Monday, May 6, 2013

5-6-2013 Pixzzen’n’Mownen catch up

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything, much? So, menwhile this’s what been goin’ on.
Spent good part of winter soaken, downen antibiotics and smearen filled jar of ‘spensive cream all over my sore feet. They’ve finally heeled.
I even come up short on writing. Ain’t fgelt good for sometime.
I feel lke a second childhood adolescent. Getting sick and tired seeing doctor after doctor for whatever. Have started my very own second-third liven generation rebellion fixen to shut’em all out of my life. Bottom line, I want my life back!!!! Feeling MEDICARE used if that makes any sense? Had it out with my primary care giver, ‘splaining my simple facts of life. Thirty five oneway mile four to six disappointments a week’s got (((gonna stop))) to stop!!!! Latest BS, my physical system been iron poisoned. All these quack attention’s got me near spitting nails.
Almost got my Greenie truck goen again. Ain’t gonna be pretty but it’ll be a runner just the same. Got Fillip’s like truck runnen a couple wks ago. Good to have wheels again.
After listenen to some lawd awful rumors about the “Birch Run” shoppen plaza-manufacturer’s outlets went up there and found the place a nice place to drive around. Only sure rumor about the lianed up place, it’s a nice place to have seen. Couldn’t spend a dime there. Got an E-way, headed SW Flint, Where I found charmingly nice inside and out young lady taking pity on this old geezer and she found me reasonably priced pair sized “Sixteen Shoes.” Ordered I should have them in shipped to me this next week or two.
We’ve had so much rain around here, near filled a five gal pail. Fields still under water. ‘N’ then we’ve only had some leafing out around her the last four-five days. Farm repairs so far behind, be hard telling when we’ll be ready to Hay?
Herr Clink has gotten herself a hospital bed, making her one happy camper.
I get messages my “Santa’s Reindeer Hay” book is selling in the numbers; YET, I don’t see any revenues coming in? While somebody else is getting fat off it, I ain't!!!!! Any-ways, meanwhile, I continue to write compose, print, address and mail out press releases. When I figure I’ve recovered enough from my near peemonia experiences I’ll do one or two them YouTube “Santa” offerings. Until next time……………….
PS: Near forgot, We've got calves bouncing around here all up'n'down this road since the 1st the month. At last something to smile about!

5-4-2013 Twas A Mother’s Day of sorts

Herr Clink wanted,….. Hell, demanded I take her out for a Catholic Church sunrise Mother’s Day breakfast. SOOOOO, we went. While there et up with a Mrs. Patricia Grindel (widow) with a table set up in the Church dining hall selling her own books. This Lady is near deaf and blind and keeps right on trucking. Chatting with her for a few minutes she’d agreed to take some my books along and sell them with her own. Called “Patty’s Poems” they are entertainingly worth looking into. E-mail me if you’re interested.
Returning home I managed to wind up some fences in preps for the first Spring haying’s. Maybe three weeks away. I lasted until about 4:00 o’clock, sitting down I didn’t wake until near dark. Wasn’t to bad a day here.