Monday, May 6, 2013

5-6-2013 Pixzzen’n’Mownen catch up

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything, much? So, menwhile this’s what been goin’ on.
Spent good part of winter soaken, downen antibiotics and smearen filled jar of ‘spensive cream all over my sore feet. They’ve finally heeled.
I even come up short on writing. Ain’t fgelt good for sometime.
I feel lke a second childhood adolescent. Getting sick and tired seeing doctor after doctor for whatever. Have started my very own second-third liven generation rebellion fixen to shut’em all out of my life. Bottom line, I want my life back!!!! Feeling MEDICARE used if that makes any sense? Had it out with my primary care giver, ‘splaining my simple facts of life. Thirty five oneway mile four to six disappointments a week’s got (((gonna stop))) to stop!!!! Latest BS, my physical system been iron poisoned. All these quack attention’s got me near spitting nails.
Almost got my Greenie truck goen again. Ain’t gonna be pretty but it’ll be a runner just the same. Got Fillip’s like truck runnen a couple wks ago. Good to have wheels again.
After listenen to some lawd awful rumors about the “Birch Run” shoppen plaza-manufacturer’s outlets went up there and found the place a nice place to drive around. Only sure rumor about the lianed up place, it’s a nice place to have seen. Couldn’t spend a dime there. Got an E-way, headed SW Flint, Where I found charmingly nice inside and out young lady taking pity on this old geezer and she found me reasonably priced pair sized “Sixteen Shoes.” Ordered I should have them in shipped to me this next week or two.
We’ve had so much rain around here, near filled a five gal pail. Fields still under water. ‘N’ then we’ve only had some leafing out around her the last four-five days. Farm repairs so far behind, be hard telling when we’ll be ready to Hay?
Herr Clink has gotten herself a hospital bed, making her one happy camper.
I get messages my “Santa’s Reindeer Hay” book is selling in the numbers; YET, I don’t see any revenues coming in? While somebody else is getting fat off it, I ain't!!!!! Any-ways, meanwhile, I continue to write compose, print, address and mail out press releases. When I figure I’ve recovered enough from my near peemonia experiences I’ll do one or two them YouTube “Santa” offerings. Until next time……………….
PS: Near forgot, We've got calves bouncing around here all up'n'down this road since the 1st the month. At last something to smile about!

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Paula said...

Was thinking about you recently and wondering what happened to you. John has lots of baby calves too and more to come. They are sooo cute.