Monday, May 13, 2013

5-13-2013 Sunny Day

For all practical purposes the Manure spreader repairs were finished today. Will move it away from shop in morning, oil the drive chains, check tire pressures, and park it. If I can ever get my Greeenie’s passenger door put back together I can get it out of the shop. Almost made it today. Next two immediate projects: fix Shultz tractor driver, Repair disc post quick for next weeks’ plantings, get Dumpy truck into shop for clutch repairs.
Was one sunny regardless of cool windy day. We’ve had some serious frosts in some local low lying areas. Some hay fields took some three to four inch stunting hits. It is supposed to warm up again tomorrow. If nothing else, I’d feel better.
Last couple days had been a real low barometric pressure days leaning heavily upon my spine. I admit to moderately taking some pain relievers to try and knock some the edges off my back pains. The two sure fired pain relievers simply involve laying it down to take the pressure off the nerves pinched between the degenerated cartilaged vertebra and/or sleeping.
Got to rest. “Rainbows.”

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