Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5-7-2013 Big Sky Day

Today as well as yesterday got a lot done. I haven’t felt this good in days, weeks, months, yet crapped out about 6:30 PM.
Chased fence wires. Tried wood cutting logging , related etc. Nearly got a free ride upon a tortoise s shelled back. What a hummer. While doing what I had to do taking a corner post a-part that turtle didn’t flinch a single muscle near as I could tell!
Made compulsory parts run, and shoe shopping stop for Sneak. Nuts, forgot to stop for bread and milk in passing. Opps, got to go wit out for a couple more days.
Cut lumber for rewooding an old turd hearse. Set crank time on Greenee. Talk is guaranteed rain come Thursday. Wonderful! Maybe I can get Greenee’s timing right and running come Thursday or Friday.

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