Thursday, May 16, 2013

5-16-2013 good weather work day

Repaired, greased, aired tires case disc. Checked fluids, greased the whole of it, charged batteries, aired tires of the 4-180 White. This machine I’d really like to give (a whim) it a heritage paint job. When I tired and or plus became brain-dead I picked up tools, left over Chevy Pickup parts and etc. Had kibitzed attempted repairs on one each a 220v and gas air compressors. Didn’t get either one working. Both aged 45 yrs+ and more.
Returned home late again as usual. Had supper along about 8:30 PM.
To tired to work on book promotion as usual. Wish I didn’t tire so easily. Now that haying season’s only a week opr so away, I don’t see any easy days coming up. Nuts, still un-caught up with hay field preparations. Have two must wind-up fence wires undone. Still have at least a half dozen in the way trees to cut up into fire wood. Then add One tractor driver to repair on mowing tractor. Plus still some barn interior gate repairs to finish. So glad all our work is of the lighter nature. Care to join me? LOL

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