Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Feelings better

What a difference new shoes make.
I knew I should have gotten them sooner. I had mistakenly just kept putting off shopping them. Not good as I haven’t given them any proper break in time. Just the same, the old ones so bad breaking up from the inside out, these fancy looking work boots are getting broken in on the get go.
Rain here today. Have two projects in mind for my immediate attention today. The Cushman of course, of course, to the point I may even have it running before sundown. The other one just as important the likely will only take a few minutes, clean and oil the stove pipe fan on the living room woodstove. That thing’s motor coming on day’4’yesterday is in some great need of TAC. Properly equipped I want to also use some compressed air in conjunction with the vacuum cleaner hopefully trying to keep this appliance’s accumulated dust from blown all over the house deeper than the dust already is. Have I ever mentioned I hate house work almost as much as MUD?
I’ve gotten me another comfortable work making idear. As uncomfortable as it, they, them, hurt, pained, my knees find themselves involved in making contacts with floors, earths, and concretes, I’m thinking sewing padding into/onto my bibs where I need it when I‘m down and feeling sorely low.
While straining my mind with thought Handy made call needing ride. Frieda said, “Better go. Looks like I’ll stay home.” She was actually looking forward to another ride, and graciously passed in Handy‘s need. It was a smaller circuit drive this morning yet eventful. Took care of Handy’s picked up and dropped off prescription. Then drove on into Mt Morris for my forgotten spark-plug. Returning I stopped us by my favorite seamstresses, presented my padded knee idear and was immediately surprised one of them knew exactly what I wanted (quilt stitched knee patches with two layers batting sewn in) and suggested it be ready for my field tests in a week. The other girl suggested I try taking Glucosamine to ease my knees discomfort. It works for her, adding an in depth testimonial. So, I stopped by a drugstore and sought some plus the pharmacist’s opinion. He gave me a strong recommendation, adding it’d take two/three/four weeks to take effect. I carried out a two months supply. I guess I’ll find out. Before I knew it was lunch time. Where do the day go.
Lunch passing the weather continued heavy my resting my eyes for a moment, that moment lasted some three hours. Upon waking as if I were timed I’m called, and informed, “There’s still a short in the fence.” I spent the next two hours in chore boots muck-lucking and mired a time or two locating three shorts. Two of them I fixed, the third I wound exhausted wire over my arm for eventual replacement. That is if and when one of us brings the new wire home.
What little I accomplished I’m letting it do for the day. Returning home I took my rattlers plus a couple Tylenol. Then realized I had forgotten to bring home lubricant for the smoke stake fan again. Balderdash! Perhaps if and when I’m hurting less, than I’ve felt today, I’ll have it all (at least some of it) back together again. BGKC.

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Donna said...

Cliff and I take glucosamine. There have been times we'd say, "This stuff isn't doing any good," and we'd stop taking it. That's when we found out it WAS doing some good!