Monday, September 20, 2010

9-17-2010 Well spent day

As best I can remember I fretted over Greene’s inevitable breakdown the rear axel about to lock up. Spent good portion of the day on phone seeking truck parts. I finally found a source for replacements with the only choice I had all day. Take it or leave it. Taking my chances I drove into the edges of the city for my junkyard need.
The drive into town uneventful. So far, so good. The clumsy junkyard apes handy with a torch removed from another donor vehicle had dropped it smashed and clogged all the open pores with dirt. The brake lines were crushed, the studs bent threads destroyed and every open bolt hole was packed in junkyard filth.
Getting it to the shop was a fun drive. Three time Greene’s rear end had tried to lockup. Once for a stop sign, once for a traffic light and again for a head on school bus stop. Greene’s return tripping was just that, a real trying it catching tripping.
This a catch-up writing, it’s the best I’m allowing myself to do. The last three days (three days?) some of it a blur. It’s the best I’m allowing myself to do, my dragging ass three days behind.
This written and added 9-20-2010. So, sue me!

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