Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back up a Shorthorn moment

I bring this comment back to the forefront, “Are you sure you did all that? I mean, your vision was impaired. Maybe you just THOUGHT you did all that.”
I assure the reader it was a slow day. I only did (worked at) three things and it was Barry who was a big help all morning long. As for the afternoon I only baled a little over half the field at a speed that if not watched closely I might have been taken for going at it backwards. I will admit when the heat of the day descended upon me for one thing that eye’s damnable black patch had gotten to be a very uncomfortable nescience. By that time I took it off and buried it deep in my bib’s breast pocket. Now for the second thing my vision impaired as admittedly it was for true, before I was even caught as late as night’s twilight dissention it was before them shadows was darkening everything I climbed aboard my Greene a-headed for home. The way I figured, as handicapped as I was I had put in a particularly good day. Not one to be particularly proud of but a good one just the same. Okay, I hadn’t filled the hole back in, I hadn’t finished baling that measly seven acre hay field, and I hadn’t chop one stick firewood. And I still got three windfalls to cut up because a couple them windfalls have taken out the fences for two badly needed pastures.
I’s got to add one more thing, a bit of advice really for any young man. Don’t get yourself involved with any young female or more for they’ll surely grow on you meaning you’ll have to forever more provide for the company you think you deserve and she (they’ll) serve you right. (Big Ear To Ear Grin Here!)
There are day’s I have more fun with words than others……LMAO!
Oh Lawd, I hadn’t made up a new word yet this fine morning to be alive.
Well while I ain’t got an itch for scratching, reluctantly I got to do some wood cutting. I’s got at least one miserable windfall to take off a single fence messing up the apian* way for the my mob to transverse their miserable complaining ways out to two more pastures. That single fence down may also temp the ladies honesty to stay out of the hay yard as well.
As for the coffee, I’m passing on it as I’ve fallen off the smokeless wagon but once the last three weeks, since I’ve missed, skipped, and/or forsaken the Columbian brew. Maybe the quit will last this time. While I may never catch-up a couple records here, I’m already feeling better without the morning hacks.
*No reference to busy bees intended!
PS: Thinking while I’m at it, I might better take care of at least one more what was a live windfall out in the western pasture. And, since the leaves have at least wilted, and hopefully fallen for a clearer look at the what it’ll take to clear this fallen mess away, perhaps when we’ve snow this winter?
My morning’s activity started with cutting up the fallen limbs off an old choke cherry tree on the primary lane fence going out back. It didn’t take long really, but the heat…Icarumba it was bad my clothing soaked well before lunch. Which came earlier than usual my wanting a few extra moments cooling down time with a tall tea. What the…I ate an early cold lunch while I were in. Next stop the duck lake pasture. Had to do it in two trips having forgotten how big that windfall was. One to cut it up the second to split it. The wood hauler loaded sits out here in the shade. And while it sits, I had brush piles to get rid of like post haste. Today’s whole work campaign has been post haste my trying to make these ladies happy with new food filling their mouths stilling all their bawling voices. Anyway the fences checked, an insulator replaced and some 14 gage wire replacing a chunk of rusty 17 gage wire, the fences were ready for testing. I checked their strength with a field meter. The ladies will test them with their tenacity. Done going on late afternoon and/or early evening makes little difference to me. I’ve hit my wall, taken my pills, put drops in my eye, and need to go shopping. I want some ice ream!
Called and picked up Handy to go store. Seemed like old times. On way home got Greene gas to see what filled top half a gas tank.
Once home I finished my evening outdoor chores in cooler air. Whew, a light evening breeze is feeling oh so good. Gosh, I’ve listened to a lot of people complain about this Summer’s heat. I can’t make up my mind whether they’re for real complainers or wimps. As a kid I knew the summer’s back when they were always hot. We might have had a fan but it couldn’t be depended on for being safe. Air conditioners were for the wealthy and funeral homes. Kid lunches were something like two maybe two and a half hours long and enjoyed under the canopy of big-a tree shading us from the sun. I remember chores were always at 5:00 o’clock every morning and night regardless anything else, for I had a part in them. Summer milking was at the fence across the way over our driveway. Handy what? BGKC.

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