Friday, August 6, 2010


….flustered, aggravated, and just plain thoroughly pi$$ed off. I’ve written rewritten several posts and threads over the last week only to have them knocked off into cyber space. I’m mad, foaming at the mouth even. Am I the only one experiencing this punishment? It wouldn’t be so bad but I only hang out on two chat forums and one tractor board. I enjoy my 'putor, my cyber friends looking in when and where I can during the warm weather seasons. I’ve got things to do, things to keep up, things to check, I’m almost a slave to my environment. I don’t need these treatments. Thanks for reading. (grr)
I can’t believe this. I’ve just had an email I was composing changed. Arrggghhhh!!!!! What the “Hell” is going on? Am I the only person this phenomena is happening too.
The left turn out the driveway I picked up my Ugly’s parts. Parked Ugly to the shop door, opened the hood to let it cool. I opened my many parts found the fuel pump’s instructions. I read them out of courtesy to the writer to find by either his way or mine to install the fuel pump an important gasket was missing. Well having a spare of my own, for I seldom ever throw anything away, we were alright. Raymond coming driving by tells me his clock has failed and gonna drive into Clio for a new one. Earlier I had asked him if he should be going to TSC kindly take me along as I was wearing my Sunday best and in dir need a couple more mew bibs. So we were off. Along the way I suggested we needed moor oil, he near ignored me. Okay, that was that. My butt dropped at TSC he went on to a near by “K”Mart. In TSC I filled a shopping cart. Along with the bibs, I got the oil he didn’t have time to stop for earlier, a couple bolts for an Oliver’s up front draw bar Raymond’s making, a humongous bag cat food, and fuel delivery hose for Ugly’s diesel tractor deliver tank. On the way home I got him to stop by a private saw miller I knew for some oil soaking saw dust for the shop floor. Raymond apprehensive to stop once we got there, found the proprietor, filled our trash can and then some with saw dust I had a heck of a time getting us back on the road. Raymond had known this man’s daughter-in-law, a looker in her time and perhaps still. Course her father-in-law suggested she may not look as good as she did as she’d put on a little weight. So, then the other two with stupid looks on their faces I chimed in with, “That’s good. She’s got the look of a well taken care of wife. (a laugh I can‘t help)
Getting back, our leaning on missing dinner, I excused myself to sanctify the hour once more. Before my lunch was over I called Raymond I was near done and waiting to hook him up for bringing home another load shelled corn. His taking what seemed forever to get here I put some things away out of the Cushman’s box. A day or so after I get Ugly straightened up, the Cushman’s overhaul will become priority one. Meanwhile Bro’ gone I took up baling Sudex. When I finished that I come home for my rattlers with a glass of milk and went back to start baling alfalfa. I rolled two bales. Moisture checked the second one and found the moisture content just a wee bit high. Curses, If I had had just a couple more afternoon drying time I could have baled until dark. Oh well, come 11:00 AM tomorrow I’ll be back after it.
Lets see, what else have I done today. Oh, I know, I lopped the head off a snake not knowing enough to keep its head down one of my mowing passes. This season’s cottontails can’t make their ear burdened minds up which way they should run or jump let alone hop out of the way click-ity-clack machine coming at them One thing’s sure, they sure enough know how to keep their heads down. BGKC.


文王廷 said...

Poverty is stranger to industry.............................................................

Paula said...

I've had some problems but not the same ones as you. Sure is aggravating I know.