Sunday, August 8, 2010

8-7-2010 Lost time - stupid is….

Day light I was loading, hauling and wrapping Sudex bales. Darned if the first loaded wagon had two low tires. Took two trips with air cans to fill them. Getting on lunch I stopped to eat. Then I figured, “It had been time enough that alfalfa had got to be dry enough today to bale.” I rolled a bale. Moisture checked it and it was still 24% up to 35% moisture content as it was the day before. Son of a gun. I had sworn to myself this alfalfa was going to be baled today. It was time to go look for the Allis Chalmers WD45 and hay-rake. Put together it were time I wore blisters on my Mm, Mm, Mmmph. And I did until I had attacked every acre I had cut and had waited rolled over. Three hours my derriere blister on the hot iron seat it hadn’t been long enough from beginning to end for the beginning ready for baling.
Raymond having joined me in the sand box had taken to mowing more Sudex. At least I didn’t have to get into that. Time on my hands I loaded three high moisture hay bales onto the implement trailer tagging after his pickup. I still figured, “It’ll be another hour before were dry enough for a dry bale.” Somehow knowing I was going to miss supper I continued figuring, “It were time I go home for a soda to tide me over until I were to catch up with a late supper at that.”
Stepping back out of the house I got a phone call. One I was to return after dark. I returned to field to bale. I rolled a bale, it cheeked roughly a low 18% to 20% for a high moisture content, I rolled another it also checked in the same parameters. They were perfect for Leaf hanging onto the steams baling. I was in alfalfa (clover) and eagerly took to my task at hand. Get this field baled before dark.
The 1850 Oliver with the Hydra-drive direct drive locked out of it was pain in the derriere drive this day, especially with three two sharp down grades. The Hydra transmission locked in low is a free wheeling down hill ride, and one to be reckoned with.
The heavier hay areas I baled in 3rd gear, lighter areas in 5th gear for a couple rounds until I settle into forth gear for all except the down grades and those I shifted back down into 3rd for on over the top start on their down hill runs at them. Fun, fun, fun.
Was getting onto dusk when I pulled back into my yard. I checked on the ladies whereabouts and the fences workings before coming into house. I wanted a beer while. While I took a couple stiff swigs. I also contemplated the aromas coming from the kitchen. Frieda had outdone herself today putting together an all fresh garden vegetable venison stew. Between sundown, a beer, and a belly satisfying supper I was out like a light. And an Opps! Sorry Jack, as I never made that return phone call.
So this writing is a day late, but not so late to answer the “stupid is…..” Part of the way through my hay baling knowing I’d better take my medications I searched my pocket for my prepacked days pills. I found two empty pill bottles. Two, mmm? I thought I must have taken them and gave them no further thought, discovering the pills in another pill bottle only this very next morning it's….stupid does. BGKC.

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Paula said...

You been driving over cactus and mesquite like John? He just blames low or flat tires on Wal*Mart.